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  Sembilu 2005
Classification :

General Release :
24 March 2005

Produced By :
Sandlife Records

Director :
Datuk Yusof Haslam

Story :
Datuk Yusof Haslam

Producer :
Datuk Yusof Haslam

Executive Poducer :
Ismail Mustapha

Join Publisher :
Lotus Five Star AV (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Cast :
Vincent Chong (AF), Hetty Sarlene, Juliana Banos, Khai (AF), Erra Fazira, Ziana Zain, Abby Abadi, Zed Zaidi, Azza, Aznah Hamid, Aziz Singah, Salleh Yaacob, Shaiful Hashim (Buzen), Angeline Tan, Johan Abdullah, Nursyeila, Shaheera, Diana Johor
Product Description:

School is a place for students to acquire knowledge. All the good and bad things happen during school day is an invaluable experience. That's what is faced by Salina, a form six student at a secondary school and three students who are close friends; Vince, Zek, and Khai.

While Marina (Salina sister) is already past age of 30 years old but not yet married. Salina is over controlled by Marina and this has made Salina feel uncomfortable.

As a student who is really dedicated to succeed, Salina often asking help from Vince, a smart student in the same school. Vince's father is an Englishman and his mother is a Chinese.

Vince and Salina's camaraderie is envied by many boys, especially Zek and Khai, they felt so challenged even Vince is their close friend. The same goes to a female student (Julia) who is actually has feeling for Vince.

A lot of funny things happen. Miss Erra, Salina's homeroom teacher who is very constant in monitoring the development of her students in studies. Salina and Vince relationship become closer from day to day. Zek, Khai and Julia are become more jealous and have planned several ways to separate Salina and Vince, but failed.

However, their wonderful times turn into a tough days when Marina and her family refuse to accept Vince due to differences in culture and ethnicity. The same goes to Vince's family who is not happy to see Vince's relationship with a Malay girl. What will happen next? Can Salina and Vince achieve their dreams and hopes? Can these two love birds to be together, while they are completely from a different culture and generation?

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