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Precious* IG-Knight

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Precious Health Products 
Singapore     Gold Merchant
Certified By:
New Zealand - Federation Of Islamic Association Of New Zealand (FIANZ)

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Brief Description:

Men should be more proactive in caring for their health. With women staying healthy beyond their reproductive years, Men shouldn’t be left behind.
The testosterone level in men which peak around 20 years of age declines with age about 2% a year. As they get older, many men’s testosterone level would have fallen below the deficiency threshold, which makes supplementation essential.

IG-KNIGHT helps support the increase of testosterones level thus increasing vitality, stamina and libido.

IG-KNIGHT is a special combination of 7 well-known traditional ingredients to support Men’s Health.

Detailed Description:

Singapore:  $56.00 per bottle (Free home delivery in Singapore).
Malaysia: RM120.00 per bottle (Free delivery thru courier for Malaysia).

Enquiry in Malaysia:
Khairul 016-744 5351 / 017-765 7886 / 07-512 5351.
Yein Shahzrein
013-360 5543.

Made In: New Zealand.
Produced in a GMP certified plant.
Certified HALAL by FIANZ (The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand).

Contain 60 soft gels.

 is a natural dietary supplement combining SEVEN (7) powerful, well-trusted herbs known for its aphrodisiac properties specially formulated for the well-being of Men.

Recommended Intake:
Male Adult: 1 to 2 capsules daily after food.

Regular use of Precious* IG-KNIGHT will help to:
- Increase male testosterone level thus increasing sexual drive.
- Increase virility and stamina.

- Boost overall energy level and the MALE CONFIDENCE.
- To achieve satisfaction and confidence in the sexual relationship.

People with high blood pressure or heart conditions should consult their health  professional.

Individual results may vary. Information is provided for informational purposes only.  It is not meant to substitute for medical advice provided by your physician or other medical professional. Information and statements contained herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Company Profile
Company Name: Precious Health Products
Address: No. 05-02, Yu Li Industrial Building, No. 37, Lorong 23 Geylang Geylang Geylang 388371 Singapore
Description: PRECIOUS HEALTH Products is founded and registered in Singapore in 2004, Business Registration Number 53028551K. From its beginning till today, Precious Health Products import and retail GMP and HALAL certified Health Supplements from New Zealand under its brand name PRECIOUZ*. Precious Health Products is a 100% Muslim owned Company with its commitment to HALAL certifications benchmarking on World Standard Quality. Our HALAL certification comes from Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand – FIANZ. Our mission is to provide the Muslim Community (especially) and the general public: Quality, Affordable and HALAL Health Supplements from a certified good source. Currently, all our products are classified with the Health Science Authority of Singapore – HSA. In 2009 till today, we successfully managed to get our brand PRECIOUZ* established in Brunei. And at the moment, there is an interested party who wants to establish our brand in the Philippines, Insya-Allah.
Website: http://www.daganghalal.com/Directory/CompanyDetails.aspx?cid=3637
Contact Person: Mr. Abdul Rashid Abdullah
Telephone No: +(65) 6844 6474 / 8583
Fax No: +(65) 6844 6474
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