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Introduction to Penang International Halal Hub
Penang International Halal HubPenang, as the most progressive state in Malaysia, has initiated the development of Penang International Halal Hub to serve the growing global consumer demand for Halal product, service and solutions. For the second smallest state in Malaysia this is a natural progression as it leverages of more than 35 years of manufacturing excellence. In support of Malaysia’s vision to be the world Halal leader, Penang aims to exploits its competitive advantages to promote Halal industries as an engine of growth and generate sustainable economic value for the state. A strong tri-partite model of collaboration among government, private and academic sectors formed the basis of the PIHH.
administrative structure. The PIHH Task Force and PIHH Steering Committees for the Halal Clusters was set up to mould the policies and direction for PIHH to become the leading hub in the country and region.

The seriousness of the Penang State Government is reflected in its decision to form an agency named PIHH Development Sdn Bhd, also known as Halal Penang, to spearhead the coordination and facilitation of the promotion and development of the Halal industries in Penang. Halal Penang works in tandem with the State’s investment promotion agency, investPenang, Penang Development Corporation (PDC), State Religious Department (JAIPP) as well as the federal authorities such as Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) and JAKIM. Through these working relationships, the State government envisaged lifting the Halal industries to greater heights.

Penang International Halal Hub is not just another halal hub or park in Malaysia. We take pride in understanding the needs of investors and businesses; link them with the most integrated supply chain solutions whilst maintaining the most conducive investment environment.

Halal Clusters
PIHH is focused on promoting and driving the growth of the following Halal Clusters:

Halal Manufacturing Industries
The Penang State has dedicated 130 acres of prime land for the development of the Halal Integrated Park within the vicinity of the high-tech Penang Science Park. The Halal Park is conceptualised to provide an incubation system, shared facilities, test labs, warehousing and cold chain services and networking infrastructure for enhanced traceability and link to the global market. Close proximity to the seaport and airport, as well as easily available local suppliers will ensure that investors can effectively operate in a short turnaround time.

Halal Logistics
PIHH provides value-added services for the industries’ supply chain needs through its international seaport and airport. Halal warehouse and cold chain facilities will be provided through the upgrading of the Penang Port as the dedicated Halal Port. Investors can take advantage of the extensive ground infrastructure connecting the importers and exporters of the northern region of Malaysia as well as the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) areas.

Halal Agro-Based Industries
PIHH is the central point in the sourcing of high-quality Halal agri-and agro-based ingredients and raw materials through its linkage with all Halal parks in the Malaysia and the IMT-GT region. An integrated cattle rearing, abbatoir and meat processing project is in the pipeline to produce high quality Halal meat under the flagship of Juru Beef. The Juru argricultural area has been earmarked for this project. The existing primary production will be advanced further to cater to the downstream production particularly for cosmetics & personal care products, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices sectors.

Halal Life Sciences
Halal life science is one of the emerging sectors that PIHH continues to focus on. The emphasis is on a holistic approach and advancement in biotechnology, wellness and medical products and services for the benefit of the Muslim consumer in particular, and global consumer in general.

Halal R&D
PIHH provides the catalyst to the R&D advancement by providing a virtual link to connect investors to some of the advanced Halal R&D centres in the region i.e University Science Malaysia; Halal Products Research Institute, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia; Halal Science Center, Chulalongkorn University and Halal Food Science Center, Prince of Songkla University. More university-industry linkage with Halal research centres around the world will be forged for investors to leverage on for product and process innovation and improvement.

Islamic-Based Financial Services
PIHH is the gateway to global Islamic financial services. It has a vibrant Islamic banking, insurance and financial industry with the presence of international financial institutions and offshore banking facilities. PIHH works closely with leading financiers in Malaysia and Middle east to make the Islamic funding and financing accessible for Halal investors.

Halal Tourism and Hospitality
Georgetown City of Penang, a UNESCO World Heritage City, is a veritable melting pot of cultures, customs, food and heritage buildings. To ensure that leisure oriented Muslim tourist can fully enjoy the sights, scenes and shopping in Penang State, PIHH offers Halal and family-concept values towards satisfying the need for Halal food and hospitality services. Niche Halal-concept hotel chain and eateries will be in the limelight in the near future.

Halal K-Workers
PIHH is cognizant that skilled and capable human resources are the pillars of any industry. The State is collaborating with various training providers and academies such as Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC), to develop modules and skillsets in Halal management system for processes, quality assurance, auditing and certification. The goal is to develop a sustainable pool of knowledge workers and professionals for the Halal industries.

For More Information, please contact:

Penang International Halal Hub PIHH Development Sdn Bhd

c/o Office of the Sate Minister for
Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs
Level 53, KOMTAR, 10503 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604-650 5135
Fax: +604-261 8727
Email: info@halalpenang.com
Website : www.halalpenang.com


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