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Park tenants seek enhanced environmental, economic, and social performance through collaboration in managing Halal products and resources issues. By working together, the Halal business seeks a collective benefit available in the Perak Halal Parks premise. The goal of the Perak Halal Parks is to improve the economic performance of the participating companies while minimizing environmental impact. Presently, the Perak Halal Parks are made up of the Perak Halal Park @ Tanjung Tualang and Perak Halal Food Park @ Keramat Pulai, develop and managed by the MajuPerak Holdings Berhad.

Perak Halal Park @ Tanjung Tualang

Perak Halal Park is an area of 1,140 acres located in Tanjung Tualang, Perak; segmented into two zones – the Agricultural Zone and Industrial Zone. It is designed to fulfill the needs of the Halal industry fraternity, both local and international, in seeking for an enhanced environmental, performance, and economic

The components of the park are follows:

  • Green Park Infrastructure Design.
  • Cleaner Production.
  • Accessibility of Raw Materials and Ingredients such as aquaculture & agro – culture farming, poultry & livestock farming, fresh produce of fruits & vegetables, and organic fertilizer.
  • Logistic Terminal that consists of the Halal Common Facility Centre, Cold and Dry Storage, and Bulk Packaging Services Centre.
  • Halal Management Support such as the Halal Certification, local licensing and trade incentives.
  • Human Capital Support such as a Training Centre with hostel facilities.

The development site of the Perak Halal Park is supported by two specialized parks:

  • Livestock Park (with Abattoir, Poultry Park, Collection Centre, Cold Storage Warehouse).
  • Cash Crops Park (with Orchard, Collection Centre, Warehouse, Fish Park, and Processing Area).

Another initiative of MajuPerak is the duck breeding firm incidentally one of the largest such farms in Malaysia. At this farm, two breeds of duck are reared:

  • Cross breed of the Cherry Valley and Peking Duck (about 160,000 ducks are reared as of April 2009 for meat production).
  • Khaki Champbell Duck (120,000 ducks are reared as of April 2009 for eggs production).

While difficult to ascertain from a helicopter view, it is clear that the hundreds of abandoned former tin mining ponds pocking the Perak landscape are not a natural feature. They are the unfortunate legacy of decades of tin mining in Perak. The huge oprn pits (from mining) have resulted in slurry ponds that range from a few hectares to several square kilometers.

In 1991, the total mining land in Perak alone was 2,100,490 hectares. As part of the tin-rich Kinta district, Tanjung Tualang has every potential of becoming a major food production hub: its abundant former mining land is highly suitable for agriculture, animal husbandry, and aquaculture. There have been efforts to develop this land as well as the abandoned ponds. For example, many ponds have been used for aquaculture (grass carps and tilapias). The rearing of freshwater fish in such unused pools constitutes an important low-cost production system in Perak.

When combined with duck breeding, farmers can avail of the animal manure and water to incorporate lucrative vegetable and fruits farming. In other areas, pools have been recognized as promising sources of water supply and recreational purpose. Significant results can also be produced with Perak’s homegrown fruit plantation that is situated away from plantations that is situated away from the towns. Homegrown crops like the Bidor Guava, Menglembu Groundnut, Tambun Pomelo – grows quite well on sandy soils in places like Tanjung Tualang, supplemented by fertilizers.

Perak Halal Food Park @ Keramat Pulai

The proposed site for the Perak Halal Food Park is Mukim Sungai Terap, District of Kinta, Perak, which measures about 798 acres (322.94 hectares). The Perak Halal Food Park will span about 600 acres, segmented into four zones – Industrial Zone, Agriculture Zone, Commercial Zone, and Residential Zone. The Perak Halal Food Park is strategically located 30 km away from MSC Cybercentre @ Meru Raya, 15 km away from Ipoh, 10 km away from Batu Gajah, 90 km away from Lumut, 200 km away from Kuala Lumpur, and 130 km away from Penang. It is situated on the right side of PLUS Highway at kilometer 292 to Ipoh. The nearest PLUS Highway exit is at Simpang Pulai’s plaza toll and the main access is through Jalan Ipoh – Gopeng the site is located behind TESCO Distribution Terminal adjacent to the PLUS Highway.

The four components of the park are follows:

  • Industrial Zone of 121 acres (Food processing plants, Halal gelatin industries, and Halal industrial products).
  • Agriculture Zone of 447 acres (Halal agriculture - based industries).
  • Commercial Zone of 78 acres (Halal Common Facility Centre, Cold storage, warehouses, transportation, and shophouses).
  • Residential Zone of 102 acres (New village and housing schemes).

The park will also have factory lots for Halal food product, farmstay lots, and is surrounded by structured industrial villages for Halal food production. The significance of the Perak Halal Food Park is that it is located at the heart of Perak Center of Collection and Distribution Hub, where the TEMAN, TESCO Distribution Terminal, and Perak Agro Park are located.

MajuPerak Holding Berhad is now inviting interested local and international players to participate in the logistical nexus of the Halal industry - Perak Halal Park @ Tanjung Tualang and Perak Halal Food Park @ Keramat Pulai.

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