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About Us

Budayatama Corporation Sdn.Bhd., a wholly family-owned founded by Tuan Haji Nasuha Kasian, prides itself as being the pioneer and leader in the herbs and spices based industry with more then 108 types of products being distributed. The company produces an extensive selection of herbal health products under C.T. Herbs Spices "Organic Natural Herbs" trademark and distributes a wide range of raw spices and spices seasoning powder using the "Mak Siti" trademark. It's plantation is located at the 12th Mile of Jalan Muar Pagoh in the State of Johor, Malaysia. The plantation land covers an area of over 3200 acres, known to be the largest Herbs and Spices Plantation in Asia, producing 6 to 10 metric tonnes of raw herbs and spices each day. The plantation is planted with 135 types of herbs collected from all over the world. It uses purely organics system of cultivation, without using chemical fertilizers and herbicides., producing herbs free from chemical contamination. The herbs are harvested and dry-processed using a latest technology to prevent the loss of natural nutrients, thus maintaining high nutritional quality of its product. Blending and packaging are done immediately after drying to reduce any product contamination and to maintain freshness of the product. Under the guidance of its founder, plantation owner Tuan Haji Nasuha Kasian, the company's continuous efforts to maintain the highest quality of its products, fresh and free from any preservatives and colouring agents has achieved a remarkable success. Its workforce of dedicated employees, most whom have been with the company since formation are themselves a specialist in the domain of spices and herbs, are a contributory factor to the success of the company today. Over the years, the company have invested a significant amount of capital in terms of research and development. Its continuing investment in producing better and new herbal products shows its commitment to better health for you and your family.

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    • SERICO Herbal Tea Plus,GORA Herbal Tea Plus,ALLSPICE Herbal Tea Plus,NONI Herbal Soup Plus
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    • Less than 10
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Telephone No:
Ladang Rempah Ratus & Herba, Batu 12, Jalan Muar-Pagoh, 84500, Muar
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