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About Us

Are you daGO?

daGO means thirsty in Kelantanese dialect (Kelantanese dialect is one of the dialects in Malaysia). The word 'da' itself also carries a meaning. It means 'Yes' in Russian, and the word 'GO' means Move' in English, and in combination, it means "Yes Move!" With daGO, you will get "THE MOVE" you needed.

We at daGO envision positive and active lifestyle communities around the globe. Hence, we think of you when we mix all ingredients…

daGO is an innovative isotonic drink inspired by the benefits of Malaysia's local herb java ginger / temulawak and the advancement of nanotechnology in Malaysia of which we sweetened the drink with nano sugar for a healthy diet.

pssssttt sweetness is for the energy pump.

It comes with the big responsibility in making sure that the consumers will not only quench their thirst but must as well consume low sugar products too. Hence, with the existence of nano sugar we can reduce the usage of normal sugar by 80% whilst keeping the taste and sweetness of sugar.

Since java ginger / temulawak is scientifically proven as an antioxidant and can accelerate muscle recovery. daGO is first offered as a Sports Drink. More varieties are planned to be innovated under daGO.

Java Ginger / Temulawak

Premium and Halal java ginger or scientifically named as Curcuma Xanthorrhiza is used to accelerate muscle recovery after training. It is scientifically proven to act as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory too.

Nano Sugar

Premium grade of nano sugar is used in daGO because it promotes low calories and blood sugar levels with 80% lower in calories compared to white sugar.

The sweetness of 1 tablespoon of nano sugar equals to 5 tablespoons of white sugar. Less sugar means less obesity risk and other chronic diseases.

100 g of nanosugar = 399 kcal (1676kJ)

1 teaspoon of nanosugar = 0.8 kcal

For diabetic patient, kindly consult with sports nutritionist, dietitian or attending doctor before consumption.


The amount of energy in an item of food or drink is measured in calories. "Energy in is the energy you put into your body in the form of calories from foods and beverages. "Energy out' is the calories you burn for basic bodily functions such as your heart beating or breathing and from physical activity.

daGO Sports Drink contains more than 2.5% of energy for every 310 ml intake

Pick your energy balance with daGO.

Energy Balance - Energy Intake (Calorie) - Energy Expenditure

Positive Energy Balance = > Energy intake - < Energy Expenditure (weight gain)

Negative Energy Balance = < Energy Intake - > Energy Expenditure (weight loss)

Our Product Highlights

Unique and Refreshing Flavor Drink
Health and Wellness Benefits
Latest Trends, Technologies, And Advancements Drink
Premium Quality Ingredients: Nano Sugar

Company Overview

    • Business Type
    • Manufacturer
    • Year Established
    • 2021
    • Main Products
    • Carbonate Isotonic Drink
    • No. of Employees
    • Less than 10
    • Target Markets
    • Malaysia
    • Contract Manufacturing
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    • Main Markets
    • Southeast Asia,Malaysia
    • Annual Revenue
    • Below US$1 Million


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