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About Us

We are a manufacturer and exporter of Agarwood ????? [also known as Aloeswood,Eaglewood, Oudh, Gaharu, ?? ???? Jinkoh (Japan), ??? Chen Xiang (China), Chim Hyuang (Korea), Pau d'aguila (Portuguese),Calambac / Bois d'aigle (French) and Adlerholz (German) and also produce agarwood related products from Thailand (?????-Thailand) in Southeast Asia region (place where produce the best Agarwood product in the world). We have an expertise in Agarwood industry more than a decade and we are able to sell and supply Agarwood products for high volume quantity to international market. Our agarwood cost is reasonable and affordable for your buying, it is direct from our own plantation. We also have Thailand tropical hardwood, Forest wood and rare wood for Seeds and Seedlings / Saplings available as:- • Teak wood (Tectona grandis) :- Teak wood Seeds, Teak wood Rhizomes. • Black wood / Siamese Rosewood (Dalbergia cochinchinensis Pierre):- Seeds, Seedlings. • Brown Salwood / Mangge Hutan / Tongke Hutan / Sabah Salwood :- Seeds, Seedlings. • Burmese Rosewood (Dalbergia oliveri Gamble) :- Seeds, Seedlings. • Iron Wood (Hopea odorata Roxb.) :- Seeds, Seedlings. • Burma Padauk / Pterocarpus macrocarpus :- Seeds, Seedlings. • Afzelia xylocarpa (Kurz) Craib. :- Seeds, Seedlings. • Dipterocarpus alatus Roxb. :- Seeds, Seedlings. • Mahogany :- Seeds, Seedlings. • Bamboo :- Seeds, Seedlings. Please contact [email protected] for availability, price and delivery

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    • Business Type
    • Manufacturer,Agent
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    • agarwood,Teak wood,Burma Padauk,gaharu
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    • Less than 10
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    • Contract Manufacturing
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Telephone No:
19/30 Soi Koobon 28, Koobon Road,Kannayao, Kannayao Bangkok 10230, 10230, Bangkok
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