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China steel manufacturer HaijunSteel(Mail: haijungroup AT haijunsteel DOT com) is a subsidiary of Rizhao Haijun International Group Co., Ltd, located in the east end of the New Eurasia Continental Bridges, facing Japan and Korea across the sea. HaijunSteel employs 13,000 people, including 113 inspection personnel. The plant has the Japan physical X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, Swizerland ARL direct reading spectrometer, microcomputer control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, etc, which can be used in inspection and testing of iron, billet steel and rolled steel 16 kinds of chemical composition, mechanical property, and surface quality. HaijunSteel adopts the advanced H-type steel complete production equipment from Italy Danieli company, the first-stage project production capability is up to 2.8 million tons, already formed the scale of 1.2 million tons and 800 thousand tons H-type steel. The leading product H-type steel includes HW, HM, HN series, which dimension is H100mm-H350mm. As a economical cross-section steel, H-type steel is widely used in industrial and civil building, railway and bridge construction, municipal construction, nuke industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace industry, petro chemistry and expressway and so on. HaijunSteel sintering plant can produce 15 million tons of sinter, 150,000 tons of pellets every year. HaijunSteel ironworks annual output of 7.5 million tons of hot metal. Blast furnace equipment all used PW bell-less top, Blast furnace used the hydraulic machines of clay gun in the same side and hydraulic opening machines, Axial fan with the compressor. Pulverized coal injection system used a production capacity of 33 tons/hour of the two-speed grinding, tons of pulverized coal injection amounted to 150kg of iron. Billet steel plant can produce 7.5 million tons, in addition to the production of ordinary carbon steel, quality carbon steel, low alloy high strength steel, but also the production of low carbon steel, X65 pipeline steel and weathering steel below. H-H beam steel production line there, it can produce HW, HM, HN specifications of the three series of 19 H-beam steel and 1.3 million tons of flange bean, of which H192x198 light-gauge steel section. HaijunSteel bar factory has a production line, spiral plate production line, can produce the national standard, Japanese standard, British standard 12-40mm and with ribbed steel bar 16-50mm of the 120 million tons, and production of high-intensity three threads steel. HaijunSteel high speed wire rod plant with high-speed wire production line, can produce 5.5-16mm smooth wire, 6.0-14mm rebar 300 million tons of steel to carbon steel, quality carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, cold heading steel, welding steel, spring steel, alloy steel and finished products are a direct rolling. HaijunSteel with a 1580mm hot rolled steel production line, can produce a width of 700-1430mm, thickness 1.2-16mm of coil 250 million tons. Steel grade of plank stuff is main based on ordinary carbon steel plate structural steel, quality carbon structural steel, low alloy high strength steel. In addition, there are granulated blast furnace slag four production lines in our plant, which adopts the imported LM56.3+3S of large-scale slag roller-style mill equipment. The Four lines planed annual production capability is 4.8 million tons, with the product fineness of 450m2/kg and the granulated blast furnace slag according to GB/T18046-2008 of S75, S95.S105 standard and the BS6699 standard. Mail: haijungroup AT haijunsteel DOT com

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Guihe Edifice, No.207 Yantai Road, Rizhao, Shandong, 276800, Rizhao
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