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AH Star Global Resources
AH Global is a service provider for Islamic cleansing services / sertu and also produces high quality products (clay) and the technology needed to perform Islamic cleansing works. The service is branded as Compliance Islamic Cleaning, or CIC in short. Equipped with advanced technology,product knowledge and expertise in CIC, AH Global has the advantage to give better solution to clients to have a clean and pure environment in their daily life in compliance with the Sharia principles without any doubts.

Our Islamic cleansing work has been recognised by Jakim. AH Global provides a wide range of CIC services and products namely:

1) Commercial Shipping Industry - AH Global performs Islamic cleansing services for kitchen areas for ships.

2) Oil and Gas Industry - performs Islamic cleansing services for oil rig, kitchen and platform.

3) Food and Beverage Industry - ensuring that all equipment used and restaurant areas are shariah compliant.

4) Logistics Industry - offering Islamic cleansing services for shariah compliant trucks and containers.

5) Manufacturing Industry - AH Global offer an Islamic cleansing services for shariah compliant machinery and equipment monitored and approved by JAKIM / JAIN.

6) Building Management Industry - AH Global offer Islamic cleansing services to the building area to be managed.

7) Housing Cleaning Services - AH Global offer an Islamic cleansing service to the area of house to be occupied for a new house or existing house.

You can also visit our page at http://www.facebook.com/islamiccleaning to see our sertu projects and our clients.

Services provide peace of mind for clients to consume the services as per our S.O.P (Standard Operating Procedure).

The process of sertu is simple - 1) sertu is used only for the cleansing that involves the highest level of impurity or what is called mughallazah in Islam that is concerning the involvement of dogs, pigs and its descendant. 2) sertu or purification with soil is a way to nullify the germs and illnesses that such impurity holds. 3) the only way to clean the germs and illnesses that can be borne by mughallazah is using sand, clay or soil. The process of sertu is to cleanse (wash) the affected area of parts seven times where one wash using mutlak water mixed with soil and six washes with mutlak water.

Please ensure the following must fulfill after the sertu process:

1) The company must ensure that all product ingredients and raw material used are Halal compliant.

2) Only Halal foods and drinks are to be served. Pork, lard and other by products and alcohol are not to be served.

3) All meat or poultry used must be slaughtered by qualified Muslims.

4) Animal based ingredients, such as gelatine and shortening, must be derived from a Halal source.

5) All crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils and equipment, chillers, freezers and cold rooms must be sertu by appointed personnel if they have been used previously for preparing food with pork.

6) Halal food must be prepared and stored separately from non Halal food and items with proper signs to distinguish them.

Once the sertu requirements set by appointed personnel are met, Sertu certificate indicating the name, date and location of the sertu will be issued. Regarding the certification, if any contamination from non-halal elements reports by or from the authority within the giving period the validity of the certification automatically invalid and must do sertu again, if not the certification valid forever. For your information, Islamic cleaning / sertu is as ad-hoc Halal certification.

As a muslim; it is beyond that; Islam requires physical and spiritual cleanliness as it has to ensure our bodies, clothes, houses and community to be clean for all human beings.

Sertu is not only for Muslim’s consumption, all human being deserves sertu services that is known to be the best, most hygienic practice to consume.

Malaysia standard stated that every contamination with extreme najs should undergo this procedure in compliance with Halal industry requirement.

Why sertu? This is a method that owes a symbolic purpose as required by Islam to purify and cleanse one’s body, items or area. If the said body part, area, rooms, items or location were to be in contact with a dog or pig which in Islam is categorised as heavy najis sertu cleansing is applied as a means to purity and cleanse. It also provide a peace of mind in faith.

Our sertu team members are professionally trained and our company are authorised sertu service provider by jakim and jain. We have a team of experience sertu practitioners. Trained and certified as sertu crew with various other certification such as risk management, safety marine and engineering to provide advise and proper care of the process area. We also adopt standard operating procedures to our work process to ensure minimal impact and unnecessary downtime to our clients. We also works hand in hand with Halal Consultant in providing a one stop advisory and action process in attaining Halal certification both locally and internationally.

We help businesses to prepare themselves for sertu to eliminate doubt. We are aware that, although the process is simple but businesses usually experienced difficulties in identification of subhah and get the premise up to make for thoyibban factor.

You can rely on our vast experience in sertu experience to prepare yourselves for the journey.
Products / Services: Compliance Islamic Cleaning / Sertu Services for Residential, Industry & Technology In Sertu Perspective Training, Compliance Islamic Cleaning / Sertu Services for Logistics Industry, Compliance Islamic Cleaning / Sertu Services for Manufacturing Industry
Gold Merchant
Xinle City Hongyuan Carbon Black Sales Center
Products / Services: A4 Copy Paper, Office Paper 80g, A4 80GSM Office Paper, Copy Paper, A4 Copier Paper 80GSM 75GSM 70GSM, 41% SL 480g/L 360g/L Glyphosate
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Founded in December 2009 by a group of experienced technopreneurs and Halal specialists, DagangAsia Net Sdn. Bhd. was setup to manage and operate the e-Commerce and Business portal services for DagangHalal.com. Since its inception in January 2008, DagangHalal.com had successfully collaborated with numerous international trade fairs, government agencies to promote Halal business globally. During the same period, DagangHalal.com had grown rapidly to become the World's No.1 Halal business portal.
Products / Services: JAKIM Certification Program for Restaurant & Outlet, Silver Merchant E-Commerce Website, Kosmo! Full Page Full Color x 6, DagangHalal.com Merchant Signup (Ramadhan Promo)
South Africa
Silver Merchant
MMD Management Consulting
MMD Management Consulting provides a comprehensive working approach in supporting initiatives such as development, legislative changes, migration and upgrades primarily to ensure that the required market needs of the Employee Benefits User Community are met MMD Management Consulting has been established to meet the growing demand in the South African market for skills and services pertaining specifically to Employee Benefits MMD Management Consulting has grown from a small beginning of 4 staff to a staff complement of 43 strong in 2005 The employees of MMD Management Consulting have a wealth of Employee Benefits experience across a wide range of platforms and systems.
Products / Services: Training and Development, Compensation Management, Corporate Finance, Project Finance
Silver Merchant
Golden Brain Multimedia Education Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
20 years of teaching experience in mental arithmetic, Golden Brain Multimedia Education Corp. was successful to obtain national and international awards during our research and development period. After continuous research and innovation, Golden Brain Multimedia Education Corp. is successful to combine the advantages of Multimedia Technology with traditional teaching method, created a brand new Diversification Multimedia Teaching Platform, teacher easier to tutoring and student learning more efficiency, it was success to break through the operating barriers of traditional learning center.
Products / Services: Mental Arithmetic
Silver Merchant
Leebook Reader Sdn Bhd
Leebook Reader Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Hup Lick Publishing (M) Sdn Bhd operating on e-commerce basis. As an online bookstore, Leebook.com.my has been operating for about 10 years, supplying educational reading materials, learning pads and toys online. Leebook Reader Sdn Bhd is also the distributor of ‘The Young Scientists’, a children science magazine in Singapore.

Hup Lick Publishing (M) Sdn Bhd is an established publishing company with a history of more than 30 years. It publishes a great variety of books with special emphasis on educational books and magazines for school children with more than 50 products which include reading materials, activity books and supplementary workbook exercises as well as periodicals on various subjects for pupils.
Products / Services: The Young Scientists Level 4, The Young Scientists Level 2, The Young Scientists Level 3, The Young Scientists Level 1
Silver Merchant
IMP Solution For You Enterprise
IMP Solution For You Enterprise is a manufacturing, trading company, selling foods, beverages, and cosmetics products.
Products / Services: Caliph Goat - Goat Milk Nutrition Dates & Raisins, Hawani Walidah, Hawani Hannah, Fateh Oil- Multipurpose Oil
Trade Merchant
Yayasan Restu
Restu Foundation was established in 1988 as an organization does not reap any benefits under the Companies Act 1965. The main mission of the establishment is to spread the message of Islam to the world, to strengthen the faith of Muslims and Islam reviving the arts.

In 1994 Yayasan Restu Malaysia created history by becoming the first foundation in the country to produce copies of the Qur'an manuscripts, something that never attained since the fall of the government of Malacca 500 years ago.

A total of 1.8 million ringgit (about half a million US dollars) has been spent on research work that covers the art of copying and beautify Al-Qu'ran, the study of Malay culture and Islamic cultural studies worldwide.

Yayasan Restu has dedicated his energy to compose and record the traditional motifs of Malay culture which clearly influenced by the Islamic culture for every state in Malaysia.

2000 was a special year in which Restu Foundation has succeeded in producing and distributing the Koran Musyaf Malaysia to the public. Good and positive response has led to a special issue of the Qur'an Musyaf Malaysia Taba'ah 'Ain At-Taqwa, which saw its launch in 2003.

Yayasan Restu has held a series of art exhibitions of the Qur'an as early as 1998 again in and outside Malaysia. The aim is to expose people to the arts of Islam Islam and creative work carried out by the foundation. Yayasan Restu also has exhibition and production of art known as the Selangor Islamic Arts Park Complex (Riyadh Fannil Islam), which is adjacent to the State Mosque, Shah Alam.

Yayasan Restu work was supported by the Malaysian government, the Prime Minister, former Prime Minister and Minister of the Selangor. Encouragement and support had been given to foundations to produce more products related to Islamic art.

Yayasan Restu currently hosts more than eleven different fields related to Islamic art for the development of science through art college preparation Islam.
Products / Services: Quranic Museum
Trade Merchant
Al-Qafilah International (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Al-Qafilah International (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a growing company focusing in training, event organising and consulting in the niche area of the halal market and the gold dinar economy. On August 2009, Al-Qafilah International (M) Sdn. Bhd. was appointed “Halal Training Partner” to Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) commissioned in providing HDC training system. Since then Al-Qafilah International (M) Sdn. Bhd. had successfully organized various projects including Go-Halal Seminar Series and Gold Dinar Miniseries seminars. Since her establishment, Al-Qafilah International (M) Sdn. Bhd. has systematically compiled data and intelligence about the halal market and halal economy covering thousands of halal food producers, service providers and the gold dinars proprietors.
Products / Services: Go-Halal Seminar & Workshop Series, Gold Dinar Minisiries / Minisiri Dinar Emas, SME Go-Glokal

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