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Chongqing ChangXin Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd. 
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Brief Description:

We recommend Tung Oil instead of linseed oil, varnish, lacquer or shellac. The largest application for the oil is paint and varnish, and also wide utilized by soap ,inks, electrical insulators.

We are pleased to offer as follows:

Re: Chinese Tung Oil Export Grade


Color: Not darker than Gardner 8 .

Specific gravity (20/4*C): 0.9360--0.9395

Refractive Index (20*C) : 1.5170--1.5225

Iodine Value: 163--173

Saponification value:190--195

Moisture & Admixture (max): 0.3%

Free Fatty acid (max) : 4%

Worstall's Heat test (max): 7.5minutes

Model Beta tung oil test: Negative (no crystalizion)

Packaging in new drum, 190kgs net each.

15.2mts ( 80Drums, 1x20FCL )

We selling into Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Gemery, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Ukrane, Iran, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Canada etc

Company Profile
Company Name: Chongqing ChangXin Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 1908,Huachuang Hotel,No.10,Honghuang Road,Jiangbei District Chongqing Chongqing 400010 China
Description: Chongqing ChangXin Vegetable Oil Co.,Ltd.,located in the western centeer city of China-municipality ChongQing which is the special-place of tung-oil in China,is the largest and professional vegetable oil fuel manufacturer in the southwest of Chian, 250KM away from the downtown, 300KM away from the Jiangbei International Airport. Founded in 1998,It's Areas more than 3000M. There are 1 Oil Center Laboratory, 4 Edible vegetable oil production line, 4 Edible vegerable oil production line-packing, 6 Workshop. Sesame Oil 1 workshop, Canola Oil 3 workshop, Soybean Oil 2 workshop, 2 Tung oil production line, 4 workshop. The annual production can achieve about 11,000 tons. There are more than 100 workers, among whom 20 are engaged in technical and management work. Main products: Tung Oil, Company have registered trademark: "WANGJIAZUI". Meantime, we are honor to be a long-term supplier of many famous companies in middle and large domestic cities. Our principles: Innovation, high quality and customers first, intergrity, sincerity. That means: being innovative and positive, keeping promise & being honest and faithful to customers, trying every best to get a higher promotion of company. We got the self-export rights in 2007 and were authenticated by ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Certification, QS Quality Certification, CNASL002-Q Quality Certification etc. We have developed good fame and deep trust with customers and also have got lots of city & district-level awards since the company was built, such as, "keeping Promise & Obeying Contract", "Paying Taces Positively and Punctually", "Completely Faithful to Consumers", "ChongQing Famous Brand", etc. Our goals: To get a leading Chinese Tung Oil brand and be one of the largest & professional supplier in China. We have been ready to cooperate with you for our mutual ready to cooperate with you for our mutual benefit and further development.
Website: http://en.changxinoil.com/
Contact Person: Johnson-Yang
Telephone No: 86-023-67851693
Fax No:
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