Peanut Cookies - 300g

  • 1 20ft container
  • Crunch
  • Peanut
  • ready to eat
  • 300gm x 24 bottles
  • 300 Gram
  • 18 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port of Penang

Product details of Peanut Cookies - 300g

Usage: The peanut cookie from Youme Foods is a convenient ready-to-eat biscuit. All you have to do to enjoy it is first, peel off the tape that is attached to the lid. Remove the tape, take off the lid, and carefully take one of the cookies from the bottle. And that's it! The biscuit is now ready for your consumption. If you do not want to eat it on its own, you can also match it with a cup of tea, milk tea, coffee or any other beverage of your choice because it goes well with almost all drinks. You may also offer it to your friends and family when you are hosting a gathering. Your guests will definitely love the classic nutty cookies.

For those who have peanut allergies, though, please avoid consuming it as this cookie contains peanuts that can trigger an allergic reaction. 

Certificate(s): Youme Foods has received several accreditations since its establishment. They put an effort in trying to guarantee the safety of all their products including their delicious peanut cookie by gaining the certificates. 

  1. JAKIM Halal Certificate: Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, also widely known as JAKIM is an agency that is involved with all Islamic matters in Malaysia. The things they oversee includes the food and beverages that are safe for muslim consumption. JAKIM Halal is recognised in several countries like the USA, Indonesia, Singapore and many other countries. JAKIM’s halal standards are based on shariah law which have strict requirements. Youme Foods has received a halal certification from JAKIM, indicating that all of ingredients used in their products have been inspected and are safe for muslim consumption. Muslims from all over the world are able to consume the peanut cookie due to JAKIM halal being recognised globally. With this, this product by Youme can be recognised as Halal Peanut Cookie. 

  2. MeSTI Certification: Makanan Selamat Tanggunjawab Industri or "Food Safety is The Responsibility of The Industry” is a project started by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health (MoH). The aim of it is to make sure all food produced is safe to consume by all Malaysians. They introduced a system of planned practices that is documented and guarantees that any particular type of food will not harm the consumers when eaten. Youme Foods has received the MeSTI certification for passing all the requirements set by the MoH. Thus, customers should not worry about consuming this Peanut Cookie as they are made in a safe and controlled environment.

Storage Direction(s): Youme Foods suggests keeping the peanut cookies in a cool, dry environment when storing them. In the kitchen cabinet, for instance, would be excellent. It has an 18-month shelf life when properly stored. To prevent the biscuits from going bad, you need to make sure to tighten the bottle lid back on after eating. 

Packaging: This peanut cookie has a weight of 300g (10.6oz) per bottle. And it is packed in 300g x 24 bottles. All customers are required to order a minimum quantity of one 20ft (6.1 metres) container. You may also mix with other products from Youme Foods to fill the container. LCL is also available upon request. Just kindly drop us a message and we will accommodate your needs. 

All of your orders will be packed carefully with all the required packaging materials to avoid any damages to the products. Youme Foods will make sure all the peanut cookies will arrive in the best shape possible. So, put your worries to rest! 

Peanut Cookie Overview

Youme Foods' peanut cookie is loaded with flavours and will melt in your tongue. Although it has a slight crispy texture, once eaten, it will crumble. It is among the most well-liked treats served during the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday. But it can also be served for occasions like birthdays, tea parties, anniversaries, and more. This biscuit can be served whenever and however you wish!

This traditional Chinese peanut cookie is made with only the finest ingredients to guarantee that their consumers receive a high-quality snack. Its main ingredient, roasted ground peanuts, gives it a strong, nutty flavour that is palatable.

Baking cookies might take a lot of time and effort because you must follow the instructions exactly. It's a time-consuming process, and mistakes are common which is not ideal for people who lead a busy life. That is why Youme Foods offers you their ready to eat peanut cookie. You can now enjoy these delectable treats without going through the time consuming process. The recipe used for this biscuit is a traditional recipe that has been used for many years. The authentic flavours would undoubtedly bring back your old memories of Chinese New Year celebrations. 

About Youme Foods

Youme Foods initially started in July, 2016 as a manufacturer of flour confection products. Currently locating at No. 28 & 30, Lorong Perwira Indah 3, Taman Perwira Indah, 14100 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, they offer a wide range of products such as Yam Cookies, Peanut Cookie, Sesame Cookies, Coconut Cookies, Durian Cookies, Oat Cookies, Green Pea Cookies, Cheese Cookies, Green Tea Cookies, Lavender Cookies and many more. Moreover, all of their products are halal-certified from JAKIM and MeSTI-certified from the Ministry of Health of Malaysia. 

In order to compete in the competitive market, their selection of cookies ranges from the traditional recipes to the newest flavours. This enables them to market their products, including peanut cookie to people from all ages. Moreover, their products are also naturally vegan-friendly. Allowing all kinds of individuals to enjoy the tasty cookies.

Youme Foods’ products like peanut cookie, durian cookies, and green tea cookies are packaged in various types of packaging including plastic bottles, cans, paper boxes etc. Currently, their goods are mostly bought by wholesalers, retailers and importers. 

Peanut Cookie Specification(s)

- Made in Malaysia
- JAKIM Halal and MeSTI-certified
- Weight: 300g (10.6oz) per bottle
- Ready-to-eat peanut cookie
- Crunchy texture
- Shelf life: 18 months

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