Picogram Ultrafiltration Water Filter Set - 8 Inch

  • Picogram
  • Water Filters
  • Ultrafiltration
  • 14 x 35 x 28 cm
  • 3 Kilogram
  • Korea Halal, NSF and ISO Certified
  • South Korea

Product details of Picogram Ultrafiltration Water Filter Set - 8 Inch

Usage: The 8-inch Picogram's korea filter set is the best way to get clean, cool water in the convenience of your own home. This premium filter set is made specially to work with the well-liked Coway Neo and Ferry Petit Dispensers, guaranteeing a flawless fit and top performance. Our filter is unique because of its cutting-edge technology and excellent filtration capacities. With each drink, the Water Filter Set efficiently removes pollutants, toxins, and unpleasant odors from your water. This results in a fresh, clean taste. High-quality sediment filters are used in the first stage of filtration to effectively remove bigger particles like sand, dirt, and rust, laying the groundwork for the following filtration stages. Next, the chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other contaminants that might alter the flavor and odor of your water are relentlessly eliminated by the activated carbon filter. Therefore, you and your family will drink water that tastes fantastic and is better for you.

The Filter Set also comes with a cutting-edge nanofiber membrane filter that efficiently traps small pollutants like bacteria, cysts, and microplastics to guarantee that your water is free of dangerous toxins. This amount of filtration is particularly important today because of the rising concern about water quality. The Water Filter Set offers outstanding performance in addition to being simple to install and maintain. You can easily change the filters and maintain your water dispenser operating properly thanks to its user-friendly design. Additionally, the filter set is strong and long-lasting, giving you access to clean, fresh water for a considerable amount of time before needing replenishment. The Water Filter Set is an investment in your loved ones' health and happiness. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are giving your family the best drinking water possible. Abandon bottled water and welcome these extraordinary water filtration sets with ease and affordability. With the 8-Inch Picogram Korea Filter Set, you can upgrade your Coway Neo and Ferry Petit Dispenser and enjoy clean, refreshing water like never before. Here is where your path to a healthy way of life begins!

Certifications & Mentioning:

  1. Compatibility: The Water Filter Set is specifically designed to be compatible with Coway Neo and Ferry Petit Dispenser, which can be found commonly in households with a water dispenser. It ensures a perfect fit, hassle-free installation, and optimal performance, making it a reliable option for those with these types of water dispensers.

  2. Advanced Filtration Technology: The 8-Inch Picogram Korea Water Filter Set incorporates advanced filtration technology to provide superior water purification. It provides a filtration process that effectively removes impurities, contaminants, and unpleasant odors, resulting in water that is clean, refreshing, and safe to drink.

  3. Exceptional Water Taste And Quality: Due to its advanced filtration technology, the quality and taste of the water that is dispensed from the dispenser are much better than before. It not only looks good but the taste and smell are also fantastic.

  4. Korea Halal: This water filter set is safe to use as the water filter set has received Halal certification from Korea. Halal from Korea is recognized to be safe to use in Malaysia as its close to the standards set by JAKIM.

  5. NSF Certified: NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation, and receiving their certification means that the water filter set has met their standards for health and safety. The process doesn’t only relate to the product itself but also the processing and manufacturing process of the product. It is also an ongoing event where the company is regularly audited to receive their certification, so receiving their certification means that the manufacturing process of the shipment is always safe.

  6. ISO Certified: ISO Certification is a seal of approval from a third-party body that a company runs to one of the international standards developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  By receiving this certification, it means the company is serious about maintaining appropriate specifications for every product, service, and system.

Picogram's 8 Inch Water Filter Set

Our business takes great pleasure in providing premium water filter systems that deliver outstanding performance and a number of advantages to our clients. We are dedicated to producing goods that not only improve drinking water quality but also support a healthy way of life and a sustainable environment. The 8-Inch Picogram Korea Filter Set, one of our flagship items, was thoughtfully created to offer an unmatched filtration experience. This filter set has several advantages over competing products on the market, making it the best alternative for anyone looking for clean, refreshing water. The Water Filter Set's cutting-edge filtering technology lies at its core. It efficiently eliminates pollutants, toxins, and bad odors from the water using a multi-stage filtering process, guaranteeing that you and your family can get clean water. By thoroughly filtering the water, bacteria, cysts, microplastics, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are all removed, ensuring that the water you drink is secure and healthful.

The Water Filter Set is notable for its affordability and ease. Its user-friendly design makes for simple installation and maintenance, which makes changing filters a cinch. You can put an end to time-consuming duties and challenging procedures. Additionally, buying a water filter system will allow you to use less bottled water over time, which will save you money in the long run. This helps to decrease plastic waste, which is good for the environment as well as your money. In relation to the environment, our business is dedicated to encouraging sustainability. You are moving in the direction of a greener future by selecting the Water Filter Set. You may help save the environment and cut down on plastic waste by cutting back on the usage of single-use plastic bottles. A tiny adjustment might have a significant effect. Our business is committed to offering premium water filter systems that offer outstanding performance and several advantages. Due to its cutting-edge filtering technology, exceptional taste and water quality, ease and cost-effectiveness, and dedication to environmental sustainability, the Water Filter Set distinguishes out from competing products. We take pleasure in providing consumers with goods that go above and beyond their expectations and enhance their lives. Consider purchasing our superb water filter set and discover the difference for yourself.

About Speak Furniture

Speak Furniture is a retailing company that was established in 2021. They are the authorized reseller of Picogram, a water filtration brand that was developed in Korea. The purpose of the company is that they want to encourage users to change their water filters on their own and save money. Their motto is “Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less?” As their company is still new, they are still wet behind the ears, however, they believe they can become a better retail company in the future if more opportunities come their way.

Picogram's 8 Inch Water Filter Set Specifications

- Brand Name:
- Service Type: Water Filters
- Feature: Ultrafiltration
- Dimension: 14 x 35 x 28 cm
- Net Weight/Unit: 3 Kilogram
- Certification: Korea Halal, NSF, and ISO Certified
- Country of Origin: South Korea

Picogram's 8 Inch Water Filter Set Additional Information:


 Options  Explanation

 Option 1) 3 pieces + spanner (features 3 filters DS / UF membrane set)

 Option 2) 6 pieces with full accessories (features 6 filters of DS / UF Set with 1 year use together with accessories)

 Option 1) 1x sediment, 1x UF membrane, 1x silver post-carbon block x1 & 1x spanner

 Option 2) 4x sediment, 1x UF membrane, 1x silver post-carbon block, 1x spanner, 16pcs elbow fitting, 1.6m tube hose & 32pcs fitting grip

 Function of Filters:  1) Natural DS Carbon Filter: 

 - Remove rust, sand, dust, impurity with 5-30 μ m size
 - Protect other catridges to make longer life

 2) Natural Silver Post Carbon Block Filter: 

 - Reduce chlorine taste & odour
 - Reduce an organic compound (VOCs) and Trihalomethane (THM)
 - It has anitibacterial effect

 3) Natural UF Membrane Filter

 - Reduce cyst, minute bacteria
 - Leave minerals
 - Certificated media-NSF42 (Material extraction)

 Seller's Recommendation:   To be cost-effective, buyers are highly recommended to DIY the installation and filter replacement by following the guideline and user manual provided.


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