Eureka Drinks Alert + Awake Energy Shot - 90g

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Product details of Eureka Drinks Alert + Awake Energy Shot - 90g

Usage Instruction: If you are looking to enjoy the Eureka energy drink by yourself, simply pop open the bottle and take a sip. Instead, we propose pouring a glass of Nootropic drink for each person to enjoy at a communal table after a meeting, dining out, or at a social event with family and friends. Here are the easy actions to take:

  1. Select a clean glass that is the appropriate size for your energy shot.
  2. Hold the bottle of Nootropic drink with one hand and the glass with the other hand.
  3. Slowly pour the awake energy shot from the bottle into the glass, being careful not to spill.
  4. Once the glass is filled with a natural energy shot, you can add ice or other garnishes as desired.
  5. Now, you may serve the smart energy drink with others!

In conclusion, the Nootropic energy drink with a berry flavour is a versatile and delicious beverage that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. With Eureka drink energy shot delicious taste and convenient size, it is sure to become a favourite among anyone who tries it.

Certification(s) and Mentioning (s): Beta Maju Sdn Bhd has been recognised internationally for the excellence of their Nootropic beverage.

  1. JAKIM Halal Certified: The Nootropic energy drink is Jakim Halal-approved. The Eureka natural energy shot contains no substances forbidden by Islam. Focus and Energy Supplement can confidently offer their Muslim customers now that they have received the Halal certification from Jakim.

  2. Consumer’s Choice MTPN Award:  The fact that Nootropic energy drink won the Consumer's Choice Award demonstrates that the company cares about giving its customers safe and effective brain fuel. This directly results from the company's dedication to research and developing new and improved forms of  b12 vitamin supplement products.

  3. Plant-Based Ingredients:  Eureka's smart energy drink uses all-natural plant extracts like guarana. Natural brain supplements are made from stimulating components and can be used as a substitute for synthetic stimulants.

Packaging Information: The fact that Beta Maju Sdn Bhd has chosen to package its Nootropic energy drink in high-quality bottles has several advantages.

One way to increase the energy shot product's allure is to package it in more high-end containers. People have a preconceived notion that Nootropic energy drinks packed in a fancy bottle must be superior quality. This might boost the awake energy shot product's perceived worth in the eyes of the consumer and provide an excellent first impression.

Then, premium bottles can help to differentiate the Eureka Nootropic drink from competitors. Standing out and capturing consumers' attention can be challenging in a crowded market. Beta Maju Sdn Bhd can differentiate its Nootropic energy drink from other brain booster beverages on the market by using a unique and high-quality packaging material.

Hence, premium awake nootropic energy shot bottles may help the planet in many ways. Eureka drinks’ high-end plant-based supplement packaging is now produced from recyclable materials, which helps to minimise waste and improves environmental impact. This can boost the energy drink brand's reputation as a socially responsible business while appealing to customers who value eco-friendly items.

Shipping Information: The choice by Beta Maju Sdn Bhd to require a minimum order of 6 cases of Nootropic energy drink is likely motivated by some considerations. Businesses can stay profitable while still providing competitive pricing by instituting a minimum order requirement of energy shot for new clients. It can also keep smart energy drink stock from running out or being wasted.

In terms of shipping options, Beta Maju Sdn Bhd offers two options - a 20ft container and an LCL shipment. A 20ft container option is typically used for larger orders and can offer cost savings for smart energy drinks due to economies of scale. On the other hand, LCL shipment is a shipping option where the Nootropic drink is consolidated with other shipments to fill a container. This option is typically used for smaller natural energy shot orders and can be more cost-effective for clients.

Storage Instruction(s): Energy shots should be stored properly to ensure their quality and safety. How to stock Nootropic energy drink at a grocery store properly:

Nootropic energy drink should be kept from direct sunlight and away from heat sources. Keep your awake energy shot at room temperature or even in the chiller for maximum effectiveness. 

Do not handle Nootropic energy drink roughly or excessively, as this could damage the package or the brain fuel liquid inside. Leaks and spills might compromise the Nootropic energy drink's quality and safety. Therefore, it's crucial to handle it with care.

Keeping the natural energy shot at its peak of freshness necessitates regular stock rotation. This dictates that the most recently acquired merchandise be kept at the front of the shelf and the oldest stock at the rear. In this way, you can avoid selling customers smart energy drink that has gone bad.

Nootropic Energy Drink Overview

The Nootropic Energy Drink Berry Flavour is a refreshing and delicious alert awake beverage packed with powerful ingredients to help you power through your day! This energy shot contains a unique blend of nootropics, guarana, vitamin B12, and choline, offering numerous health benefits that can enhance your mental and physical performance.

Eureka nootropic supplement is suitable for anyone who wants to boost their energy levels, focus, and productivity. Whether you are a busy professional, a student, an athlete, or just someone who needs an extra pick-me-up, the Nootropic energy drink can be a great choice for you.

The nootropic blend in this energy shot is designed to enhance cognitive function, improve memory, and increase mental clarity. Nootropics are natural compounds shown to improve brain function and performance. The ingredients in natural energy shots can help you stay focused and alert, even during challenging tasks.

Guarana, another key ingredient in this Nootropic energy drink, can quickly boost stamina and help improve endurance and physical performance. Vitamin B12 is also essential for energy production and can help to reduce fatigue and improve mood.

Lastly, choline is a nutrient crucial for brain health and can improve cognitive function, memory, and mood. Drinking awake energy shot can also help to reduce inflammation and protect against age-related cognitive decline.

About Beta Maju Sdn Bhd

Beta Maju Sdn Bhd has been held by Bumiputera people hailing from the state of Sabah since it was established in 2006. The electrical contracting and supply business was where the company got its start. In 2016, the company expanded its product offerings by venturing into the technology and construction industries. Our technology division is manned by a select group of highly skilled individuals who offer innovative biotechnology and information technology solutions.

Smart Energy Drink Specification

- Nootropic energy drink taste like berry
- Awake energy shot containing only natural nootropics.
- Nootropic drink with few calories.
- Non-carbonated nootropic energy drink.
- Natural energy shot that is vegan-friendly.
- Gluten-free  b12 vitamin supplement.
- Alcohol-free energy shot.

Nootropic Drink Benefits

- A Nootropic drink could improve memory and concentration.
- Boost your stamina with a nootropic energy drink.
- Awake energy shot has the potential to improve cognitive performance.
- Taking a natural energy shot could improve your mood and health.

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