Baby Likes Tomato Pasta Chicken - Halal Organic Baby Food for Babies 7+ months

  • Baby Likes
  • 5060486400010
  • Textured baby food for Stage 2 Weaning
  • Tomato Pasta Chicken
  • Halal chicken meat with organic pasta, organic veggies, organic fruit, organic herbs and spices
  • 32 x 39 x 19 cm
  • 130 grams x 58 pouches per carton; 45 cartons per pallet; 20 pallets per 20’ FCL; 900 cartons per 20’ FCL
  • 130 Gram
  • 12 months from time of manufacture
  • Halal and organic certificates
  • France
  • Port of Le Havre

Product details of Baby Likes Tomato Pasta Chicken - Halal Organic Baby Food for Babies 7+ months


 Usage: After opening your tomato pasta for baby pouch from the box, you may take it out and use your dominant hand to twist from the opposite side. Your other hand should be holding the baby food to make sure it doesn’t fall over. This toddler meal can be prepared by standing the pouch under the hot water or squeezing the spaghetti sauce into a pan and heating the meal. This baby food should last you for about 12 months and must be refrigerated upon opening. When feeding your baby, you need to be certain that the tomato sauce is too hot or not. The baby pouch must also be kept away from the baby’s reach as it may harm the toddler and causes choking. 


Certifications: The DCZ SORBAJ Enterprises has gained three certifications.


· Halal Quality Control (HQC): This institution of Halal food is the oldest in Europe and was founded in the Netherlands, in 1983. Halal Quality Control’s headquarters are in Osnabrück and was available for their clients worldwide in 2014. The institution is acknowledged internationally and authorized certification body, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, and Europe, just to name a few. Industries that are suitable to accomplish these Halal certifications are animal products and meat processing, herbal products, chemical and biochemical products, cosmetics, and many more. DCZ’s tomato pasta for baby is approved to be safe for Muslim consumers by HQC.


· Organic Farmers & Growers CIC (OF&G): This institution is the biggest endorser of organic land in the UK. The first body to be permitted by the government in the UK for organic investigating of food purification and preparation were OF&G. For the inspection and acceptance of fertilizer and biofertilizer (from anaerobic digestion), OF&G has worked with Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd (REAL). OF&G’s headquarters are in Shrewsbury and Shropshire. OF&G also serves across Northern Ireland and Great Britain, alongside the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Half of the land in the UK was authorized by OF&G. DCZ’s tomato pasta for the baby was also approved by OF&G due to its ingredients being mostly farm-grown vegetables and containing 100% halal chicken. 


· EcoCerT: EcoCert is an organic recognition institution, established in France, in 1991. Although the institution originated in Europe, it handles the analysis of over 80 countries, resulting in the institution becoming one of the biggest organizations in the world. Although ECOCERT mainly approves food and food products, the company is also in charge of approving textiles, cosmetics, detergents, and perfumes. The institution investigates about 70% of food industries in France and 30% worldwide. ECOCERT is also a dominant certifier of fair-trade food, textiles, and cosmetics, as per ECOCERT Fair Trade standards. DCZ’s tomato pasta for the baby was also approved by EcoCert.


Packaging: This tomato pasta for the baby pouch is sold in 130 grams X 58 pouches per carton; 45 cartons per pallet; 20 pallets per 20’ FCL, 900 cartons per 20’ FCL and 266 ounces.


Dimension: This tomato pasta for baby’s dimension is 32 x 39 x 19 cm and 9335 inches.


Storage instructions: You must chill the tomato pasta for baby pouch in the refrigerator after opening it. This baby food can be consumed for only 12 months’ time frame. After opening the sauce, it must be given to your baby within 24 hours.


Shipping details: The shipping detail for tomato pasta for the baby pouch is a 1 x 20 foot container, but open for negotiation.


Tomato benefits for babies


Babies from the age of 6 months are encouraged to eat tomatoes. This is the age when toddlers are ready for solids, and tomatoes are a great addition to your baby’s diet. However, your baby should be consuming foods that are packed with iron and protein. These are very important elements in foods and must be introduced to toddlers, especially during the weaning stage. Specifically, Tomato purees or mashes without their skin are the ideal form of tomatoes to feed your toddlers. When your baby is in the stage of led-weaning, peeled tomatoes are also ideal for your kids’ consumption. 


Tomato pasta overview


Most common pasta recipes often require minimal effort. Ingredients such as canned tomatoes or ready-made pasta of desired flavours in a can are very popular as it is very convenient for busy people. However, kinds of pasta, when cooked with natural and organic products such as hand-picked tomatoes without preservatives, can give you good nutrition and become a healthier option. Pasta is solid food you can introduce to your toddlers and ideally fed when they reach 7 months. It is recommended to cook the pasta in the form of sauce so it can be mashed and avoid choking hazards for your toddlers. There are many shapes of pasta you can choose from to feed your babies such as elbow-shaped, bows, and stars. Tomato pasta that contains no added flavours or preservatives is ideally what parents should be feeding their toddlers, to ensure babies are getting the nutrition they deserve. 


Baby Likes Tomato Pasta for Baby Specification


- This tomato pasta for baby pouch is suitable for 7-month-old toddlers.

- This baby food contains organic vegetables. 

- Chicken meat that is 100% organic and verified by Halal Quality Control (HQC).

- This toddler’s meal is textured. 

- This baby food is very suitable for stage 2 weening babies. 

- This baby food contains halal chicken meat with organic pasta, organic vegetables, organic herbs, organic fruits, and organic spices. 

- This product’s net content weight is 130g.

- This baby food must be refrigerated after opening.

- This tomato pasta for baby food shelf life is 12 months. 

- This tomato pasta for baby food is 266 ounces.

- This baby food is 9335 inches and 32 x 39 x 19 cm.


Ingredients: Organic vegetables 27% (carrots, onions), organic tomato puree 22 %, organic cooked pasta 21%, (organic durum wheat semolina, organic dried egg white) (gluten, egg), water, halal chicken 11%, organic cheddar cheese (milk) 3%, organic basil, organic garlic, organic black pepper.


CAUTION: Please check the pouch’s temperature before feeding your baby. The cap of the product could be dangerous and cause choking for the baby. Please keep the pouch out of reach. If the pouch looks inflated or damaged upon arrival, do not use it and kindly return the item to the address below. 


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