Blender Shaker

  • TKO
  • 500ml capacity
  • Malaysia

Product details of Blender Shaker

TKO Blender Shaker Bottle of TKO Nutrition Malaysia becomes ideal if you're looking to mix up your supplement powder. The products manufactured by TKO Nutrition Malaysia, including the TKO Blender Shaker suitable for protein shakers, supplement shakers.

Whether you mix your supplement powder with milk or cold water, this blender shaker is a great choice ever! This Blender Shaker Bottle can provide you with an authentic experience for your supplements mix. Moreover, this blender shaker bottle is easy to clean, and it is BPA-free. Therefore, this TKO Blender Shaker Bottle is high-quality and is safe for the customer to use. TKO Blender Shaker is not only for you to mix your supplement, but it also ensures your body is fully hydrated, especially during the hot day. 

Here, TKO Nutrition Malaysia introduces you to the most aesthetic premium Blender Shaker ever! They are perfect for mixing up your supplement shake every day just in simple ways. It is time to invest in yourself in TKO Blender Shaker!

HOW TO USE TKO Blender Shaker?

Add a scoop of your favorite powder supplements into TKO Blender Shaker. Then, mix with the liquid of choices, such as cold water or milk, into your supplement powder. After that, you can shake the Blender Shaker Bottle up to ensure your powder supplement is mixing effectively.

Product Specifications of TKO Nutrition Blender Shaker Bottle

- Curved edges for easy grip

- 500ml Capacity

- BPA and DEHP free

- Metallic Spring

- Screw Cover

- Overflow Resistant Cover

- Dishwasher Safe

- Filter included

- Printed with TKO Nutrition’s Logo

- Designed in Malaysia

TKO Blender Shaker Bottle Overview

TKO Blender Shaker is a product manufactured by TKO Nutrition Malaysia which is very durable for use as the blender shaker bottle is BPA-free. The powerful mixing system of this TKO Blender Shaker uses of metallic spring to mix your supplements well - found only in TKO Blender Shaker. The product of TKO Nutrition Malaysia- Blender Shaker rests assured that your supplement is completely crushed and effectively mixed.

TKO Blender Shaker gives you an aesthetic bottle look and provides you with a good taste of your supplements mix. Why choose TKO Blender Shake? The blender shaker is made with premium quality materials, a screw cover, overflow resistant cover, and a filter included.

Besides, this blender shaker bottle has specially designed with curved edges. It is easy to carry and convenient. For aesthetic reasons, the blender shaker bottle has measurement markings beside the shaker bottle to ensure you are getting the optimal mix for your supplements.

In addition, this blender shaker bottle is easy for you to clean. Just add water and drops of soap into the blender shaker. Then, shake your TKO Blender Shaker Bottle until it is clean. Rinse with clear water, and it gets done nicely! Furthermore, TKO Blender Shaker Bottles are also dishwasher safe for your convenience.

Apart from that, TKO Nutrition Malaysia likes its supplements shaken, not stirred. Hence, TKO Blender Shaker is ready for you to mix your supplements powder well. This 500ml capacity of a TKO Blender Shaker Bottle makes mixing up your favorite supplement only as easy as 1 to 2 steps.

From now, start to say Hello to smooth; and great-tasting supplements drinking experience just with TKO Blender Shaker. TKO Blender Shaker Bottle is your perfect choice for a better shaking experience! If you want a smooth, delicious shake every time, choose TKO Blender Shaker from TKO Nutrition Malaysia!

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