Buttercup Luxury Spread - 250g

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  • Hard cream
  • Salted butter
  • Ready to use
  • 250 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Halal
  • Malaysia

Product details of Buttercup Luxury Spread - 250g

Usage Instructions: History shows that the first usage of butter dates back to 8000 B.C. in Africa, where a lone sheepherder realised the sheep’s milk he had kept in his sheepskin makeshift flask had curdled and turned to yummy buttery goodness. This accident soon became the main way of making butter which developed to using a pouch to churn the milk and separate the fats. Today, the humble butter is made from the milk of goats, sheep, yaks, cows, and even buffaloes.

The buttercup luxury spread has a multitude of ways to be used in the kitchen. The most common way of using pure butter has to be slathering the golden yellow goodness on a warm piece of toast. There is nothing better than biting into a crispy slice of toast oozing with melted butter to start your morning with a smile. However, some of us shy away from consuming butter too often due to its calorie content, you’d be surprised to find that a little dollop of butter can go a long way in adding richness to a simple and ordinary dish.

If you’ve ever bit into a peanut butter sandwich and realized you can’t move your mouth? Well, you’ll never have to face that issue with the Buttercup luxury spread. A lot smoother in texture and easily spreadable on bread or dinner rolls, if anything, this Buttercup luxury spread is sure to leave you wanting more rolls at the dinner table.

You can also cook up a storm by adding a handful of chopped herbs to some melted Buttercup luxury spread. This herb butter concoction can be used for a variety of different things such as to marinate meat or just as a spread for garlic bread. Another fun way to utilize the salted Buttercup luxury spread is to drizzle a tablespoon or two of this nutty melted butter on some freshly popped microwave popcorn. That’s sure to make your movie night a delight!

The most essential baking ingredient, butter is often used in baking cakes, bread, or cookies. This Buttercup luxury spread is a versatile ingredient that can be used to enrich sauces such as veal marsala or butter chicken. Honestly, the sky’s the limit with this Buttercup luxury spread in your refrigerator.

Certifications & Practices: As a company that caters to a variety of baking goods, Quality Bakers Concept Store is a wholesaler that mainly distributes Halal products. As such, the buttercup luxury spread is one of those products that stand out from other competitors for their exceptional standards or practices.

  1. HALAL Certificate: The Halal Certificate is essential to cater to the Muslim community. As such, the Buttercup luxury spread has undergone stringent audits by the Department of Islamic Development in Malaysia to allow for the safe consumption of this luxury butter spread. The accreditation was awarded to the Buttercup luxury spread for complying with the standards and practices deemed permissible by the Syariah law (Islamic law).

  2. Trans-Fat Free: Unique to other luxury spreads sold in your local supermarket, the Buttercup luxury spread uses palm kernel and palm oil as one of its main ingredients. Known to be worse than saturated fats, trans fat is commonly found in meat or dairy products. This Buttercup luxury spread contains less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving considered safe to consume by labeling laws.

Storage Instructions: Since dairy products such as margarine and butter contain high content of fat, such products can melt quickly if not stored in the refrigerator. To avoid your Buttercup luxury spread from losing its block form, consider warming the blade of a butter knife under the stove. Next, using the heated knife, cut a piece of the Buttercup 250g luxury spread needed and place the rest in the refrigerator immediately. This will help you keep the Buttercup luxury spread fresh and maintain its shape. The Buttercup luxury spread must be stored in the chiller between the temperatures 0°Celcius - 5°Celcius.

Packaging: Each block of the Buttercup luxury spread weighs 250 grams (8.82 ounces) and is wrapped in aluminium foil to preserve the quality of the butter. Unlike wax paper, the aluminium foil prevents outer odours from the fridge to penetrate the Buttercup luxury spread butter.  Although some may think this will not matter if the butter is being used in cooking, the last thing you want is for your cookies to smell of curry or fermented shrimp paste. This Buttercup luxury spread is able to keep fresh and last longer than the average butter spreads available in the dairy industry.

Buttercup Luxury Spread Product Overview

The Buttercup luxury spread 250g distributed by Quality Bakers Concept Store, contains quality ingredients such as milk fat and soy lecithin. In fact, another unique feature of the Buttercup luxury spread is the number of vitamins it contains ranging from vitamin A, B1/Thiamin, B2/Riboflavin, B6, B12, D, E, and Niacin.

Unlike margarine, which can easily be spread on toasted bread, the Buttercup luxury spread will need to be kept outside at room temperature for 30-45 minutes to soften before use. Of course, this is totally depending on the climate in your area. For instance, a more humid environment will soften the Buttercup butter a lot faster.

Overall, this Buttercup luxury spread is popularly used in baking a wide variety of food ranging from confectionaries to savoury meals. However, if you’re planning to cook with this Buttercup luxury spread, do take note that the spread already contains salt so you will need to make necessary changes if you want to reduce the salt intake. Instead of using 2 tablespoons of butter, you can switch it up by adding a tablespoon of butter to a tablespoon of olive oil or vegetable oil instead. This way, you still get the nutty flavours of the robust Buttercup butter spread with less salt content to fit your dietary standards.

Quality Bakers Concept Store Company Overview

As a wholesaler of baking supplies, Quality Bakers Concept Store takes great pride in distributing quality bakery goods to the food service industry. The company has been at the forefront of championing affordable bulk order prices for everyone. Along with the Buttercup luxury spread, you can also find a wide range of baking essentials such as cooking chocolate, whipped cream, sauces/syrups, cheeses, biscuits, and even cupcake paper cups.

Buttercup Luxury Spread's Specifications


 Product Barcode:

 8888 0103 2045 3

 Product SKU:



 Cooking, Baking, and Spreading.

 Product Dimensions:

 10.0 cm x 5.7 cm x 4.1 cm (3.94 inches x 2.24 inches x 1.61 inches)


 Contains Vitamin A, B1/Thiamin, B2/Riboflavin, B6, B12, D, E, and Niacin.

 Shelf Life:

 15 months

Shipping Details:
For delivery purposes, each carton of the Buttercup luxury spread contains 60 packs of the Buttercup original salted butter. All blocks of Buttercup luxury spread are bubble wrapped and arranged neatly in the Buttercup carton with a total weight of 15 kilograms. The Buttercup luxury spread is shipped in a carton with the dimensions 31.4 cm x 21.3 cm x 26.3 cm (12.4 inches x 8.4 inches x 10.35 inches). Before shipping, all cartons are wrapped with a stretchable plastic film to protect all content within.

Ingredients: Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Milk Fat, Milk Product, Salt, Soya Lecithin, Permitted Emulsifier, Flavourings, and Colouring (Beta Carotene).

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