Orinice Cappuccino Brownies - 250g

  • Orinice
  • Soft crunchy
  • Sweet and coffee
  • Brownies
  • 10 boxes per carton, 15 carton per pallet
  • 250 Gram
  • 3 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Orinice Cappuccino Brownies - 250g

Usage: The following set of instructions serves as a guideline to making the most of the chewy Cappuccino Brownies in order to be able to fully maximise and enjoy consuming these delicious chocolatey treats. Upon purchasing the crumbly latte brownie bars, cut the sealing tape off of the container’s lid. Once the sealing tape has been removed, the lid covering the cream cheese layered brownies can be accessed from the top. It is pertinent to be noted that the container of java-infused baked nougats should be carefully stored once opened to prevent the possibility of foreign objects or even insects entering the inside of the container. Made with the highest quality bean juice as the base for the brownie, and a generous helping of a cream cheese layer melted over the top, these caffeinated brownie bites can be eaten on their own as per the recommendation, or can also be paired with other sweet confections or as part of a high-tea gathering.

Storage: The glossy espresso flavoured brownies are recommended to be kept as is, at room temperature of about 23°C to 26°C (73.4°F to 78.8°F), and consumed within a few days to enjoy the brownies at their best quality. However, storing the bite-sized confections in the refrigerator will allow for a much longer best-by date, and can be stored for up to a week. It can also be frozen in the freezer but this may cause the fudgy brownies to lose their signature crumbliness and become icy instead. Opting for a cool, dry location is the best bet for the dense java-flavoured desserts.

Certifications: The Orinice branded fudgy brownies and all other byproducts of CTS Cookies have been recognised with the following certifications in relation to its featured products and services provided as can be observed below:

  1. JAKIM Halal certified: The JAKIM-approved Halal certification is awarded to businesses and FMCG manufacturing brands that have completed the entire process from manufacturing to distributing their products in a way that complies with the regulations and laws enforced by the local authorities and the Syariah committee, which makes the product safe for consumption by all Muslims around the world.

Cappuccino Brownies Overview:

If you love coffee and chocolate but can never have the two together, then it is time to rejoice at the CTS’ Cappuccino Brownies made to satisfy all your caffeinated chocolatey cravings. Made with a crumbly cafe noir-infused brownie base and a rich layer of cream cheese with a chocolate glaze over the top, this decadent and filing recipe does a magnificent job of hitting that sweet spot of fudgy and cakey, that is a no-miss technique. With an intense espresso flavour that helps in bringing out the intricate flavour profiles of the chocolate, these crackling brownie bites are suitable to be had at any event or gathering, particularly those involving adult company. Full of energising brain juice, not only will these delectable mini bites give you the zazz quota for the day and keep you on your toes, but they will also satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings all day long with a mild sweetness that does not overpower your tastebuds. Whilst a finger-licking treat on its own, these mini bakes also pair well with hot beverages such as the traditional cup of joe, hot chocolate, or even a with a glass of milk that might be suitable for much younger mouths. Keep a stash of these Cappuccino Brownies at work or in the car for an emergency pick-me-up caffeine shot that is sure to energise you for the rest of the day, or simply as a treat to reward yourself after a long day of gruesome work.

About CTS Cookies:

Knowing your market and your clientele is vital in not only being able to manufacture and produce the desired type of goods but also in ensuring that the needs of the consumers are met, as can be seen being employed by CTS Cookies. Founded over 20 years ago in 2000 by Siti Fatonah binti Sukani, the company has become a well-renowned household name within the baked goods and confectionaries industry. Made 100% by Bumiputera Muslims, all of the delicious treats that are byproducts of the establishment are JAKIM Halal certified and are safe to be consumed by the entire household without any qualms. Striving to appeal to the younger masses, CTS Cookies has got its sights set on millennial cookie lovers by constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to innovate a humble baked treat into delicious biscuits with modern decor.

Orinice Cappuccino Brownies Specifications:

- Net weight of 250 g (8.81 oz)
- Shelf life of 3 months
- Soft and crunchy texture
- Tastes sweet with a hint of coffee
- Fudgy brownie base with a cream cheese layer on top
- JAKIM Halal certified
- Ready for immediate consumption

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  • Malaysia
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