CAS 20150-34-9 Ferrous Glycine Sulfate/Ferrous Bisglycinate

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Product details of CAS 20150-34-9 Ferrous Glycine Sulfate/Ferrous Bisglycinate

Ferrous glycine is used widely as third-generation organic iron at present. Nutritionists unanimously recognize it is absorpt quickly in the animal intestinal tract, higher utilization rate, with good functions of blood-producing and oxygen-carrying. After the organism absorb ferrous glycine, can convert into more heme rapidly. Ferrous glycine has a outstanding effect for improving animal fur and growth performance.

No general iron iron taste, is tasteless, soluble organic iron, soluble in water. To avoid phytic acid on iron absorption barrier, the absorption rate of about 3-5 times of ferrous sulfate, fair promote calcium, zinc, selenium and other various elements of absorption, does not lead to food color or taste. Physiological function: improving iron deficiency anemia.

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