Coconut Cooking Oil 2Liter (67.63 US FL OZ) (CCO)

  • 10 Carton(s)
  • Medetop
  • Oily
  • Suitable For Vegan
  • 2 Kilogram
  • Best before 24 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Coconut Cooking Oil 2Liter (67.63 US FL OZ) (CCO)

Usage: The following guideline serves as a guide on the usage of Medetop Halal Coconut Cooking Oil 2L (67.63 Fl oz). Trying to enjoy healthy eating habits but finding it hard to move on from fully stopping eating oily food? By using a cooking oil that is made of coconut, you can still enjoy the oily food you love but still be living a healthy lifestyle.

Ways to use coconut cooking oil:

  1. Cooking: Using coconut oil as a substitute for making food that requires massive amounts of oil. This can lead to a healthier version of the cooking as the oily fat from normal cooking oil will be substituted for coconut cooking oil, which is better.
  2. Salad Dressing: When making a homemade salad, by mixing coconut-based cooking oil, vinegar, lime juice, or other spices and herbs, it will make for a good salad dressing and is much healthier than using regular cooking oil.
  3. Popcorn: It can be used to enjoy a batch of popcorn when you want to enjoy a good movie session. Just add a bit of coconut-based oil that is made for cooking onto your popcorn and enjoy a healthier but still delicious snack.
  4. Beverage: Add a tablespoonful or spoonful of coconut cooking oil into your smoothie or coffee or tea for a boost of healthy fats, and a creamier and more flavorful beverage.
Do remember that coconut cooking oil is high in saturated fats, so be mindful to use it in moderation as part of your healthy diet.

Certification: Since the creation of their company, Hydenz Global Industries, and their brand Medetop have been awarded certifications for their accomplishments:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Since they only used coconut as the means of making their cooking oil, they have been awarded a Halal certificate to show the authenticity of their product, from processing to manufacturing to shipping.
Packaging: Packed with the purpose of easy storage and a big amount, Medetop brand coconut cooking oil was packed into a square-shaped bottle that is easily stored and has a large quantity of 2L (67.63 Fl oz). For each store that is thinking of bulk-purchasing the product, the minimum booking for the Medetop coconut oil used for cooking is 10 cartons.

Medetop Coconut Cooking Oil 2L Overview

Everyone wants to stay healthy, but not everyone can have the discipline to stop eating oily foods. With Medetop 2L cooking oil made from coconut, you can get the nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy the taste of oily foods and beverages. Medetop cooking oil is 100% purely made from mature coconut, meaning that the coconut oil is non-hydrogenation trans-fat free. Coconut cooking oil is also high in saturated fats. According to the manufacturer,  it is also high in Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), which are quickly metabolized by the body. This means that it is quickly absorbed by the body to give a quick source of energy, but it does not store fat in your body. This would mean that people who want to do heavy work or exercise can eat oily food without having to worry about the fat that comes from the cooking oil. Other than that, it can also help those with a weak heart, who are trying to stop oily food intake but having a hard time fully stopping from taking oily cooking.

Choosing to use coconut cooking oil for everyday cooking is much better when you try to live a healthy lifestyle. And Medetop’s brand of coconut cooking oil will let you enjoy the satisfaction of oily foods with its 2L (67.63 Fl oz) coconut cooking oil. It also has a long shelf life of 24 months, meaning even if the coconut oil used in cooking is not commonly used, it can still last a long time.

About Hydenz Global Industries

Hydenz Global Industries is a company that was established in Kuala Lumpur in 2011. Their company mission is to supply health-packed food, supplements, beverages, and personal care products made 100% from mature coconut to customers. Their company offers products such as coconut cooking oil, virgin coconut cooking oil, coconut skin serum, instant coconut beverage, and more. From their products, they highlighted four items that they believe are what they are offering to consumers which are natural ingredients, high-quality products, best services, and affordable prices.

Coconut Cooking Oil 2L Specifications

  1. 100% purely made from mature coconuts

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Hydenz Global Industries

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  • Malaysia
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