Julie's Cocoro Vanilla Wafer - 480g

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  • A crunchy dark coloured wafer roll made with dark cocoa powder, this rich chocolatey snack is subtly
  • 100g x 24 Boxes / Carton
  • 480 Gram
  • Between 9 to 15 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Julie's Cocoro Vanilla Wafer - 480g

Usage: From Julie’s Manufacturing comes yet another decadent and quick snack, Julie’s Cocoro vanilla-filled, cocoa wafers. Rolled to perfection with sweet and smooth vanilla frosting on the inside, these wafers are rich and deep in flavour, with an ample amount of chocolatey goodness in every bite. With each of the wafers being made with premium ingredients like high-quality cocoa, it would not be an overstatement to expect superiority in every little morsel.

Simply tear off the ridge of the plastic packaging that is located both at the top and bottom of the package. Grab your rich Julie’s Cocoro wafers by the handful and go to town on them for your instant chocolate and vanilla fix. Or, you can also take a more refined approach and have your wafers alongside any preferred dessert like a sundae bowl or a soft serve, as the ideal accompaniment and as a crunchy snack for a variety in texture.

Certifications: Julie's Manufacturing takes great delight in having acquired numerous honours that attest to the exceptional quality of both their products, such as the wafers of Julie’s Cocoro, and their services, and are listed below as proof of legitimacy:

  1. JAKIM Halal certified: The JAKIM Halal certificate is given to businesses and facilities that are found to be in line with local Islamic and Shariah regulations as stipulated by the government, such as Julie's Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and all of its byproducts, such as the Julie’s Cocoro vanilla wafers. 

  2. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified: All Julie's Manufacturing Sdn Bhd food products have been duly certified as safe for eating by the systems implemented by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point certifications' markers.

  3. ISO 22000: The Cocoro wafers from Julie’s, as well as all of the other products, have been certified safe for consumption and use in all types of dietary requirements, as evidenced by the ISO 22000 certification markers.

Packaging: Each of Julie's Cocoro wafers is carefully sealed within compact convi-packs made of Polypropylene plastic, making it impervious to water and other exterior elements. The wafers are wrapped in a consumer-friendly package that is both sturdy and tear-proof and can be opened easily.

Storage: The vanilla-filled wafers of Julie’s Cocoro taste the best when it is at their peak of freshness and crispness. To further ensure this, the sweet cocoa treats should be stored in a cold, dry place. After opening, it is important to keep the wafers in an airtight container away from direct heat and water sources to ensure the deliciously crispy texture of the wafers is maintained in the best possible condition.

Julie’s Cocoro Overview: 

Wafers and crackers coated with chocolate and similar other variants of sweet substances such as honey or various spreads have been around for a very long time and have also been a favoured delicacy amongst the general public, especially amongst children and teenagers. Generally known to have thin, delicate layers with crispy and crunchy exteriors, with either empty or filled interiors, wafers or even crackers are small, bite-sized snacks that can be carried with ease, on-the-go.

Similar to this imagery of quick and easy snacks, Julie’s Manufacturing has also been extremely dedicated and focused on curating and manufacturing ideal snack products that range from biscuits to wafers to cream and hollow sandwiches. Julie’s Cocoro dark cocoa wafers are one of such line of products that are enjoyable by adults and children alike, where the excellence of the product undoubtedly speaks for the quality and the excellence of the product.

What truly makes the chocolate wafers of Julie’s Cocoro versatile and preferable by many is its rich yet subtle flavours that can easily merge and blend with almost all other extra ingredients and elements, for both desserts and also for savoury products. Simply have your Julie’s Cocoro crisp wafers alongside any type of dessert or you can go the extra mile and grind the wafer sticks to be used as a breading for your preferred choice of protein or meats, for those more ambitious culinary undertakings.

About Julie’s Manufacturing:

Su Chin Hock established Julie's Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, often known as Julie's Biscuits, in 1981. Julie's has been steady in meeting the demands of constantly expanding domestic and international markets since 1985. It is Malaysia's largest biscuit exporter and one of the top three brands in the local biscuit business as of 2016. 

Throughout the manufacturing process, Julie's maintains an unrelenting commitment to quality and food safety, and all products are manufactured in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point-certified plants, and no artificial colorings or preservatives are used in the making of the biscuits to preserve customer health. 

Julie's products come in a range of packaging types, such as tins, containers, and compact practical packs. With a varied line of products such as cheese sandwiches, cream crackers and one of the crowd favourites, Julie’s Cocoro vanilla wafers or other similar varieties often also known by the term ‘love letters’, are among just some of the few crowd pleasers within the varied types of snacks from this establishment.

Julie’s Vanilla Wafers Specifications:

  1. Net weight of 480g (17oz)
  2. Shelf life of 9 to 15 months
  3. Crunchy texture
  4. Sweet and creamy taste
  5. Made with rich dark cocoa powder
  6. Filled with vanilla-scented cream
  7. Contains allergens of gluten, peanuts, and soya
  8. Ready to eat out of the package

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