DASTO Crunch & Munch Bar | Halal Crunchy Granola Manufacturer Malaysia

  • Nutty and Crunchy
  • Vanilla Flavour
  • Transfat free and cholesterol free
  • 35g x 6 bars per pack, 210gm x 24 packs per carton, 50 cartons per pallet.
  • 210 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of DASTO Crunch & Munch Bar | Halal Crunchy Granola Manufacturer Malaysia

A protein bar is designed to be portable, mouth-watering and packed with nutrients. It often acts as a wholesome snack to achieve the daily protein requirements and as a source of nutrition, particularly for those who lead an active and hectic lifestyle. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, consuming protein bars as a pre or post-workout snack can enhance performance and help recover muscles. A protein bar can act as a fuel to recharge energy after a sharp decline in glucose when exercising.

Dasto Protein Bar Overview


Dr Aishah Solution introduced this protein bar, DASTO Crunch & Munch Bar, to provide healthy food that is composed of varying nutrients for consumers to maintain a healthy diet and weight management. DASTO Crunch & Munch Bar, also known as the Dasto Protein Bar, is a low-sodium whole-grain goodness for a healthy and wholesome snack. Dasto Protein Bar is made with natural ingredients such as oats, sesame seeds and raisins. A blend of these natural ingredients in Dasto Protein Bar may offer essential nutrients acquired in a day.

Furthermore, the Dasto Protein Bar's nutty and crunchy texture satisfies our taste buds while providing a sense of fullness. It is a perfect meal replacement or easy breakfast for those who are looking for an alternative to nutrient-dense goodness or on-the-go food. This Dasto Protein Bar is in a universally liked aroma, which is vanilla flavour. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Dasto Protein Bar is the best protein bar that may provide high-quality protein for muscles to better recover after a workout.

A bar of Dasto Protein Bar consists of 146 kcal, 4.2 g of protein and 22.5 g of carbohydrates, which only makes up around 14% of the recommended daily caloric intake. It is suitable to be consumed by people who are managing their healthy weight since it is low in calories. This Dasto Protein Bar may bring satisfaction to the stomach and prevent overeating.

Usage: Open the box of DASTO Crunch & Munch Bar. Take out one Dasto Protein Bar and tear the plastic packaging of the protein bar. The Dasto Protein Bar can be consumed right off the bat for the savoury and crunchiness of the bar. Another alternative to serving this Dasto Protein Bar is to add extra ingredients such as fresh fruits and honey for a good sense of hierarchy and a mellow taste. Place the Dasto Protein Bar on a plate. Cut the fresh fruits such as strawberries, kiwis and bananas into slices. Add the fresh fruits to the Dasto Protein Bar and it is ready to be served. It may be served as a breakfast, brunch, tea break or as a refreshment.

Certification: All the products of Dr Aishah Solution, including DASTO Crunch & Munch Bar, have been awarded a Halal Certificate Malaysia by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). The products have met the requirements of Islamic law to be consumed by the Muslim population. Besides, the Ministry of Health Malaysia has approved Dr Aishah Solution’s products as safe for consumption and has certified them with a MeSTI certificate.

Packaging: Each box of DASTO Crunch & Munch Bar contain 6 bars of 35g Dasto Protein Bars, each in individual packaging. It is recommended to be purchased by retailers and distributors in cartons (24 packs per carton) or pallets (50 cartons per pallet) for an exclusive corporate discount.

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