Dutch Lady Full Cream - 200ml

  • 1 Carton(s)
  • Dutch Lady
  • Liquid
  • Creamy
  • Full cream
  • (200ml x 24 bottles) per carton, 10 cartons per pallet
  • 207 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Dutch Lady Full Cream - 200ml

Usage Instructions: The Dutch Lady Full Cream can be had by itself in two ways. Firstly, you can have it simply by just drinking it straight out of the box. Simply get one from the carton, tear the straw off the box, and unseal it. Then, simply poke the sharp end of the straw through the aluminium-sealed hole of the milk box and you are good to go. Another way that you can have it is by using it as a dipping condiment. Being kept cold, it is a very pleasing additional flavour to eat with different types of biscuits such as crackers, chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, chocolate wafers, and many more. Adding a creamy taste and soothing texture to the cookies.

Other than that, you can attempt to make a milkshake using the Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk. Firstly, get 2 cups of vanilla ice cream and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Pour the vanilla extract, ice cream, and half a cup of the Dutch Lady Full Cream 200ml into a blender. Mix it over high speed until the texture becomes smooth and creamy. Lastly, pour it into a tall glass and add a few ice cubes if you want to and it can be served immediately.

In addition, you can prepare the Mexican dessert flan. In the beginning, warm a cup of sugar and a fourth of a cup of water in a pot over medium heat. Up until the sugar melts and turns golden brown, continue stirring. Caramel should be poured into a cake pan and swirled to cover the bottom. Then, combine 2 cups of Dutch Lady Full Cream, 4 eggs, 1/2 cup sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract in a blender. Place the cake pan with the batter inside it on a baking sheet. Then, pour hot water until the cake pan is half full and bake it for about an hour at 176°C or 350°F. Let it rest and cool down for about 2 hours before serving it.

Certification(s) and mentioning(s): The manufacturer has acquired some important certificates, showing that their processing traditions are of high standards.

  1. Halal JAKIM: Given that no shariah laws and standards were compromised in the production of the 200ml Dutch Lady Full Cream dairy, the halal certificate was awarded by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department.

  2. HRDF & ZOHL Consultancy’s Management and Retail Operations: The manufacturer has attended a Management and Retail Operations course that was organized by the Human Resource Development Federation and ZOHL Consultancy Sdn Bhd in 2021.

Packaging Information: For the packaging, each carton contains 24 bottles of 200ml Dutch Lady Full Cream. Each pallet contains 10 cartons. Each box of milk is blue, featuring the Dutch Lady brand logo on top with “Full Cream Milk” labeled on the bottom right of the box on top of a picture of a glass being poured with milk. 

Storage instructions: It is advised that the Dutch Lady Full cream is kept in a dry space away from direct contact with sunlight under refrigerated temperatures (4 °C or 39.2 °F). Only then the product can last its full shelf life of 12 months. However, once opened, it is advised that the Dutch Lady Full Cream is consumed in less than 3 days as opened cartons of milk do go rotten very quickly.

Benefits: Milk, as many know, has a lot of health benefits for us. The Dutch Lady Full Creamer contains a healthy amount of protein, calcium, and vitamins A & D3 to help you go through your daily expeditions.

Dutch Lady Full Cream Overview

Milk today has come from many sources. Naturally, we get them from livestock such as cows, goats, and even camels. However, even though vegan milk from various types of nuts is on the rise, there is no doubt that Dutch lady full cream is still the main choice for many.

A Dutch Lady full cream milk is a halal popular drink for people of all ages. Be it for a breakfast mixed with your cereal, a dipping condiment for grandma’s cookies, or for an amateur barista to make a small milkshake, it truly is versatile as a beverage. It also serves as a key ingredient in a lot of recipes, especially desserts, such as cakes, icing cream, milkshakes, ice cream, and many more. Furthermore, Dutch Lady Full Cream milk provides consumers with a handful of benefits such as satiation, strengthening bones, improving heart health as well as improving muscle growth from its nutritional value that is rich in vitamins D3 & A, protein, and calcium.

About Munaja Jaya Resources

Founded in 2013, aiming to go big in the industry and to educate more people on the benefits of drinking Dutch Lady Milk products, the company has supplied only fast moving consumer goods that they deemed the best quality for their customers.

Dutch Lady Full Cream Specifications

- Origin: Malaysia
- Minimum Order: 1 carton
- Weight: 207g per unit
- Shelf life: 12 months if kept properly or 3 days after the seal is broken for each unit.
- Nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Calcium, Protein

Ideally served:

- Best served cold
- Breakfast, teatime, supper
- Dipping condiment for biscuits
- As a dessert topping

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Munaja Jaya Resources

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