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Product details of Ipro Aesthetic Beauty Eyeliner Embroidery

Usage: Ipro Aesthetic Beauty's eyeliner embroidery is a cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance of the eyes by applying semi-permanent pigment to the outer half of the upper and lower lash lines. The purpose of this technique is to create the illusion of thicker, deeper, more natural looking eyes. Eyeliner embroidery can be done either by machine or by hand. Compared to hand embroidery, machine embroidery is favoured for its speed, accuracy and reduced discomfort. 

Before having your eyeliner tattooed, it is essential that you have a consultation with your esthetician to discuss the style of eyeliner you desire, your medical condition, history of allergies or previous reactions to cosmetic procedures.

Avoid blood-thinning medications or alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to surgery to minimise bleeding and bruising. Arrive at your appointment with clean eyes and no make-up or skin care products.

Carefully follow your esthetician 's aftercare instructions to promote proper healing and prolong the life of your eyeliner. This may include avoiding excessive moisture in the treatment area, avoiding sun exposure, and avoiding abrasive skin care products.


  1. JAKIM Halal Certification: Our eyeliner embroidery services are certified by JAKIM Halal, ensuring that they comply with halal standards and principles. This certification signifies our commitment to providing safe and ethical cosmetic procedures that are permissible according to Islamic guidelines. Customers can trust that our eyeliner embroidery treatments meet stringent quality and hygiene standards while adhering to halal requirements. 


  1. Enhanced appearance: Eyeliner embroidery creates the illusion of thicker, darker, and more defined eyes, providing a subtle yet impactful enhancement to one's overall appearance.

  2. Time-saving: With semi-permanent eyeliner, individuals can save time in their daily makeup routine by eliminating the need to apply eyeliner regularly.

  3. Smudge-proof: Unlike traditional eyeliner, which can smudge or wear off throughout the day, eyeliner embroidery provides a long-lasting, smudge-proof solution, perfect for those with active lifestyles or oily skin.

  4. Water-resistant: Eyeliner embroidery is water-resistant, making it ideal for occasions such as swimming, workouts, or humid weather conditions, where traditional makeup may wash away.

Post-Care Guidelines: Caring for your eyes after eyeliner embroidery is essential to ensure proper healing and maintain the longevity of the procedure: 

  1. Keep the area clean: Gently clean the treatment area with a mild, non-abrasive cleanser. Use clean cotton pads or swabs to remove any debris or build-up around the eye area.

  2. Avoid excessive moisture: Avoid getting the treated area excessively wet, especially in the first few days after the procedure. Avoid swimming, saunas, hot tubs or steam baths to prevent premature fading or smudging of the eyeliner.

  3. Avoid rubbing or scratching: Resist the urge to rub or scratch the treated area as this can disrupt the healing process and may cause pigmentation loss or irritation.

  4. Avoid sun exposure: Protect the treatment area from direct sunlight and UV rays, which can cause premature fading of the pigment. Wear sunglasses when outdoors and apply broad-spectrum sunscreen around the eye area.

  5. Be gentle when removing make-up: When removing make-up, be gentle around the eye area and avoid rubbing or pulling on the eyeliner. Use oil-free make-up removers and avoid waterproof formulas as they are irritating to the skin and may cause allergies.

Eyeliner Embroidery Overview

Eyeliner embroidery, also known as semi-permanent eyeliner make-up, is designed to enhance the appearance of the eyes by applying semi-permanent pigments to the upper and/or lower lash line to create the illusion of thicker, deeper, more defined eyes. Whether machine-operated or hand-operated, eyeliner tattooing is an easy way to beautify your eyes. 

One of the main advantages of eyeliner tattooing is that it saves time and eliminates the need to apply eyeliner every day. In addition, eyeliner tattoos are long-lasting, ensuring that your eyes are well-defined and will stand up to daily activities and environmental factors without smudging or fading. In addition, the colour, thickness and shape of the eyeliner can be adjusted according to personal preference for a natural and striking effect. Its waterproof properties make it suitable for a variety of activities, including swimming or wet weather conditions. Apart from its practical benefits, eyeliner embroidery can boost self-confidence by enhancing the appearance of the eyes, providing a subtle but highly impactful boost to an individual's overall beauty. 

All in all, eyeliner tattooing offers a convenient, customisable solution for shaping the contours of the eyes, making it a popular choice for those looking to simplify their makeup routine or easily enhance their natural features.

About Ipro Aesthetic Beauty

Ipro Aesthetic Beauty is located in Klang, Selangor which is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty with comprehensive expertise. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals in the field of beauty care, ensuring an exceptional experience for our clients. We pride ourselves on utilizing high-quality products and delivering tailored services to meet individual needs. Specializing in the art of tattooing and offering a variety of beauty treatments such as eyeliner embroidery, we guarantee personalized services and stunning results for our clients. While our primary market is in Asia, we cater to clients from all backgrounds, providing first-class service and expertise to help you effortlessly achieve your beauty goals. Whether you're seeking subtle enhancements or dramatic transformations, Ipro Aesthetic Beauty is committed to delivering excellence in beauty care. 

Eyeliner Embroidery Specifications

  1. Cosmetic procedure
  2. Semi-permanent pigment
  3. JAKIM Halal certified
  4. Enhanced appearance
  5. Time-saving
  6. Smudge-proof
  7. Water-resistant
  8. Keep the area clean
  9. Avoid excessive moisture
  10. Avoid rubbing or scratching
  11. Avoid sun exposure
  12. Be gentle when removing make-up

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