Frozen Golden Pomfret Fish

  • 20ft containers & 40ft containers
  • Fish
  • Cook all tastes, according to the chef
  • Frozen and fresh ; Edible and need to keep in low temperature.
  • Frozen product’s shelf life minimum is 1 year
  • Penang, Malaysia
  • Malaysia

Product details of Frozen Golden Pomfret Fish

Usage: As with other frozen kept fishes, the frozen golden pomfret needs to be properly defrosted before being used for cooking to avoid any harmful effects to your health such as salmonella and other food-related poisonings and diseases. Here are the steps on how you should defrost the golden pomfret fish.

  1. Prepare a food container that is large enough to fit the fish inside. If a large container is being used, a few of the fish can be thawed in the same container, however, this might slow down the defrosting process as there would be less water for the pomfret fillet’s cold temperature to be displaced to.
  2. Before putting the frozen filleted pomfret into the container, seal it in a plastic bag or Ziplock bag. Pour cold water into the container until the golden pomfret is fully submerged. If parts of the fish surface over the water, the defrosting of the fish would be uneven, thus affecting its texture, taste, and appearance.
  3. The time needed for the frozen golden pomfret to thaw properly is dependent on the amount of water in the container, and the quantity and size of the pomfret fillet left in the container. The frozen fish should be soft within a few hours. As the fish is being defrosted, remember to repeat the cycle of changing the water with new cold water to ensure it is kept under its safe temperature to prevent harmful bacteria growth.

The golden pomfret is a versatile fish, present in seafood recipes spanning multiple cultures’ cuisines. Let’s look at several recipes that may pique your interest to cook with the filleted pomfret. 

  1. Firstly, the golden pomfret fillet can be made into a steamed dish. This Chinese dish is flavorful due to its ingredients consisting of ginger, scallions, and soy sauce. Not very difficult to make, this style of meal rewards you with a tender and juicy fillet perfect for dining as the side to a serving of steamed rice.
  2. Another dish that is commonly made with the use of pomfret fillets is Indian curry. Rich with savory flavor, this recipe requires quite several spices. They are cumin, coriander, and turmeric among other optional spices. Marinate the golden pomfret in them before cooking it in a tomato-based sauce. The golden pomfret curry matches well with rice and also popular naan bread.

While these 2 are popular choices of dishes when using the filleted golden pomfret, there are still many cultures that integrate them into their cuisines such as Filipino cuisines, Malay cuisines, and many more. Another easy way to cook the frozen golden pomfret is by simply making it grilled or stir-fried. Although dried golden pomfret may seem easy to make, it requires patience.

Packaging: As the fish may vary in size and weight, it can be ordered in a minimum amount of at least 20 feet containers or 40 feet containers. The supplier also provides filleting, cleaning, and other services for the product.

Storing Information: The fish should be kept frozen under temperatures of 0°c or 32°f inside a freezer for it to stay edible for at least 12 months. The taste and quality may still deteriorate slowly over time even though it is still edible, hence it should be finished off as fast as possible.

Nutrients: Similar to most other fishes, the frozen golden pomfret is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B12 and D, phosphorus, and selenium. This will help you in repairing damaged tissues, improve heart condition, improve brain activity, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system. Unlike a lot of mass-distributed fishes, the golden pomfret is low in fat, making it a good choice for those looking to lose weight. 

Certificates/Claims: The frozen golden pomfret supplied by Jaya Maju Food Supplies Sdn Bhd has been awarded 4 certificates due to the standard of quality it is distributed in.

  1. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI): The presence of this certification ensures that it is being processed through strict hygienic control and documentation set by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MoH).
  2. JAKIM Halal certificate: Through the acquirement of the MeSTI certificate, the production of the golden pomfret is eligible to apply for the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) Halal certificate. This certificate verifies that the processes involved in handling the product are shariah compliant.
  3. Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP): Having processed the frozen golden pomfret with a consistent outcome for a minimum of 12 months through its excellent methods, the product has been GMP approved.
  4. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP): The production of fresh ingredients, in this case, the golden pomfret, has been evaluated to ensure it is safe for consumption.

Frozen Golden Pomfret Overview

The frozen golden pomfret is a famous freshwater fish found in the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean. The seafood is known scientifically as the Trachinotus Blochii and as ikan bawal in Malay. The fish appears to be oval-shaped, slightly translucent and can grow up to 90 cm (35.43 inches) in length. It can be easily mistaken through its name with the golden pompano, which is a fish more commonly found in the Atlantic Ocean instead while having slight similarities in appearance. However, they are of different species and are different in size, where the pompano frows up to about two-thirds of its length.

Considering that it may be slightly high in price than other fishes sold in the market, the nutrients it is rich in makes up for it along with its mild taste that is perfect to be made as the core of very strong flavored recipes such as Southeast Asian cuisines and Indian Cuisines.

About Jaya Maju Food Supplies Sdn. Bhd.

Founded in 1998, the Jaya Maju Food Supplies Sdn Bhd now owns a 45000 square feet land processing factory along with 2500 metric tons of storage facility. As of now, the company’s output is about 1000 metric tons consisting of sea-based products as it aims to provide seafood of the highest quality to local and international markets.

Frozen Golden Pomfret Specifications

- Origin: Malaysia
- Taste: Mild
- Texture: Tender
- Packaging: Non-standardized, Filleting, cleaning, and other services are provided
- Place of Service: Penang, Malaysia
- Minimum Order: In at least 20 feet or 40 feet containers.
- Shelf Life: 12 months minimum


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