Frugo Fruits Trading Wholesale Dragon Fruit - 2kg

  • 2 Kilogram(s)
  • 2kg
  • Fruit
  • Flesh is creamy with little seeds
  • Slightly sweet
  • Fresh and ripe dragon fruit
  • 2 Kilogram
  • 4-6 weeks
  • Selangor
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Frugo Fruits Trading Wholesale Dragon Fruit - 2kg

Usage Instruction: Discover the secrets to success in wholesaling dragon fruit. Our guide provides invaluable instructions for maximizing usage and skyrocketing sales from sourcing to marketing. Get ready to tap into the immense potential of wholesale dragon fruit and leave a lasting impact on the market.

1. Quality Inspection:

- Upon receiving the wholesale dragon fruit shipment, carefully inspect each fruit for freshness, colour, firmness, and any signs of damage or spoilage.
- Remove wholesale dragon fruits that do not meet your quality standards to ensure only the best fruit is used.

2. Sorting and Grading:

- Sort the wholesale dragon fruit based on size, colour, and quality.
- Grade the wholesale dragon fruit into categories such as premium, standard, or seconds based on appearance and overall quality.

3. Storage:

- If the wholesale dragon fruit is ripe and ready for consumption, store it in a cool place or refrigerate it at temperatures between 45°F and 55°F (7°C to 13°C).
- If the fruit is unripe, store the wholesale dragon fruit at ambient temperature until it reaches the desired level of ripeness.

4. Distribution and Sales:

- Identify your target market for the wholesale dragon fruit, such as local grocery stores, supermarkets, and restaurants.
- Contact potential buyers and showcase wholesale dragon fruit's unique features, health benefits, and versatility.
- Provide samples of wholesale dragon fruit, if possible, to generate interest and secure orders.

5. Marketing and Promotion:

- Develop marketing materials highlighting wholesale dragon fruit's nutritional value, taste, and culinary uses.
- Create attractive displays or signage to draw attention to the wholesale dragon fruit.
- Offer promotions or discounts for wholesale dragon fruit to encourage initial purchases and build customer loyalty.

6. Culinary Applications:

- Explore various culinary applications of wholesale dragon fruit to appeal to different customers.
- Create recipes and cooking tips incorporating wholesale dragon fruit into smoothies, fruit bowls, salads, desserts, cocktails, or savoury dishes.
- Share these ideas with clients to inspire them to try new ways of using wholesale dragon fruit.

Certification(s) & Mentioning(s): Frugo Fruits Trading takes great pride in applying the best procedures and adhering to rigorous standards to ensure the supply of fresh fruit, like wholesale dragon fruit, to businesses, retailers, and end consumers.

  1. JAKIM Halal Certified: Frugo Fruits Trading provides wholesale dragon fruit with a JAKIM Halal certificate, ensuring compliance with Islamic guidelines. The certification process ensures dragon fruit wholesale preparation and handling, catering to diverse market and customer needs.

  2. Fresh Hand-Picked Fruit:  When selecting dragon fruit wholesale, Frugo Fruits Trading places a premium on hand-picked fruit for maximum quality control. The team will watch the harvest and hand-choose only the best thang loy for wholesale distribution.

  3. High-Quality Tropical Fruit: Our experienced quality control team conducts thorough inspections at every process stage to ensure top-notch quality. From the moment the wholesale dragon fruit is harvested to the final packaging, our team meticulously assesses the fruit's appearance, texture, and taste. The strawberry pear that meets our stringent quality standards is selected for distribution.

Packaging Information: Frugo Fruits Trading prioritizes proper packaging to ensure the freshness and quality of its wholesale dragon fruit. The company use eco-friendly materials and methods to protect the bulk dragon fruit during transportation and storage, preserving its flavour, appearance, and nutritional value. 

The dragon fruit wholesale packaging is made from recyclable or biodegradable materials, reflecting their commitment to responsible practices. Cushioning materials and separators protect the delicate skin and flesh, ensuring optimal delivery. Each package of wholesale dragon fruit is labelled with important information, such as the origin, variety, and harvest date, allowing customers to track the freshness and make informed decisions about usage and shelf life.

We've included some additional details below to help you better plan your wholesale dragon fruit orders:

1 unit

2kg (2000g)

Minimum order quantity

2kg (2000g)


Storage Information: Dragon fruit wholesale storage guidelines are as follows:

  1. Wholesale dragon fruit should be stored at a cool 45°F-7°C (10°C) to maintain freshness, avoid extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, and avoid deterioration.

  2. Proper air circulation is crucial for dragon fruit wholesale storage to prevent spoilage and ensure fresh air circulation in storage areas.

  3. Wholesale dragon fruit thrives in low humidity environments, aiming for 80%-90% to prevent drying but avoiding exceeding 90% to prevent mould growth.

  4. Dragon fruit wholesale should be stored separately from other fruits and vegetables due to its sensitivity to ethylene gas, a natural ripening agent. 

  5. Regularly inspect stored wholesale dragon fruit for signs of spoilage, such as mould, mushiness, or odours, and remove damaged or overripe pitahaya to prevent spoilage spread.

Wholesale Dragon Fruit Overview

In the lush landscapes of Vietnam, an enchanting fruit tree thrives, captivating the senses with its vibrant colours and tantalizing taste. This tree, known as the dragon fruit plant, bears fruits with captivating pink, red, yellow, or white skins, reminiscent of an artist's palette. With a flavour profile that balances the sweetness of kiwi and the tanginess of orange, this wholesale dragon fruit offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Each dragon fruit wholesale reveals a treasure trove of delight when sliced open. The soft, succulent flesh, speckled with tiny seeds, is a testament to nature's artistry. Bite into this rare gem, and you'll be greeted with a harmonious blend of sweet and sour notes that dance on your taste buds.

The benefits of this extraordinary dragon fruit wholesale extend far beyond its exceptional taste. Thang loy is packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, supporting overall health and well-being. The high fibre and vitamin C levels in strawberry pear make it great for the digestive and immune systems, respectively, and the skin.   As a rare and exotic fruit, pitaya adds a touch of elegance to any culinary creation, elevating simple recipes into works of art.

One popular way to enjoy the wholesale dragon fruit is by incorporating it into a refreshing smoothie bowl. Blend its luscious flesh with banana, juice, and other tropical fruits, creating a vibrant and healthy bowl of goodness. For those with a sweet tooth, dragon fruit wholesale makes an excellent addition to desserts, lending its unique flavour and stunning appearance to cakes, sorbets, and more.

Frugo Fruits Trading, a reputable fruit supplier, brings the best of Vietnam's wholesale dragon fruit to global markets. With a wide range of options, including the renowned red and white dragon fruits, blue dragon, and purple dragon varieties, we provide the freshest produce for local consumption and export. 

Dragon Fruit Wholesale Specification

- Dragon fruit wholesale typically has an oval or oblong shape, resembling a large-sized pear or kiwi.
- Dragon fruit wholesale features a thick and waxy skin covered in scales.
- The pitaya skin colour can vary, including shades of pink, red, yellow, and white, depending on the variety.
- Strawberry pear offers a unique flavour profile that combines sweetness with a hint of tanginess.
- The flesh of pitahaya is soft and juicy, with a texture similar to that of a kiwi.

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