Gluten free Amazake Ice Gelato as vegan food
  • No additives are used during the production process
  • 82 Milligram
  • 72
  • Japan

Product details of Gluten free Amazake Ice Gelato as vegan food

This plant-based ice cream uses no sugar and is free from all the 27 major allergens recognized in Japan.


Its main ingredient is amazake, a sweet rice-based drink, which we source from a Japanese brewery. It is free of sugar, milk or eggs, and still has the sweetness and richness of regular ice-cream, thanks to the natural taste of amazake.


No additives are used during the production process, so this ice cream should appeal to the most health-conscious of us.


Those looking to reduce their sugar intake, to find vegetarian options, look no further!

Not only that, but since it is also alcohol-free, it can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages, from children to the elderly.


There are two sizes currently available— 82ml (2.8 fl oz) for individual servings and a 2L (67 fl oz) vat— so it can be sold both for retail and commercial purposes.


In addition, as an OEM, we can produce private branding packaging and various serving sizes to order. We can also be flexible with costings and minimum order quantities.



  • Japan
  • Japan
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