Goodmorning VPlus 18 Grains Premium - 1kg

  • GoodMorning
  • 9555788100189
  • Powder
  • Original flavour
  • Helps to support development of strong bones and teeth
  • 170 x x 170 cm
  • 1 Kilogram
  • Between 9 to 15 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Goodmorning VPlus 18 Grains Premium - 1kg

Usage Guidelines: Energise your mornings with the vibrant and revitalising embrace of Good Morning Vplus! Unleash a wave of invigoration and nourishment that will set the tone for your entire day. This extraordinary plant-based meal replacement powder is more than just a routine – it's a declaration of your commitment to holistic well-being.

Are you ready for the Good Morning Vplus experience? It's as easy as 1-2-3! Start by measuring out two scoops of this nutritional dynamo, brimming with essential plant-based nutrients and goodness. Now, imagine the synergy as you delicately introduce these nutrient-packed scoops to 200 ml of warm or hot water. With a confident stir, you'll witness the transformation, as the powder gracefully melds with the liquid, creating a symphony of flavours and textures.

But hold on, we're not stopping there! Your preference for an icy rendezvous is not just a whim; it's a brilliant option! Feel free to toss in a handful of ice cubes and watch as your Vplus concoction becomes a cool, refreshing delight – a splash of zest to awaken your senses.

And the magic continues: Good Morning V plus isn't just designed for one, but for all. From the most devoted of vegetarians to the radiant glow of expectant mothers, from the vigilant warriors managing diabetes to the health-conscious individuals seeking control over blood pressure and cholesterol levels – Vplus extends its benefits to every corner of your life. It's not just a meal; it's a comprehensive solution to elevate your vitality.

So, rise and shine with the assurance that your day is infused with the goodness and energy you deserve. With Good Morning Vplus, you're not merely commencing your morning – you're launching a voyage towards optimal health and vigour. Embrace each sip, each stirring, each moment of this remarkable ritual, because with Good Morning Vplus 1kg in weight, you're not just embracing a meal; you're embracing a lifestyle of unwavering health and boundless enthusiasm!


  1. Halal JAKIM Certified:  Kickstart your mornings with the invigorating power of Good Morning Vplus, a plant-based meal replacement powder that's more than just a meal – it's a commitment to purity and authenticity. Our Halal JAKIM certification is your guarantee that every sip you take resonates with the highest halal standards, infusing your day with a burst of energetic confidence that your nourishment aligns perfectly with your beliefs.

  2. HACCP Certified: Elevate your breakfast routine to a new level of safety and quality with Good Morning Vplus. Our unwavering dedication to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards ensures that every serving is a symphony of precision and excellence. Feel the exhilarating surge of assurance as you blend health and taste, knowing that each scoop is a testament to our rigorous commitment to your well-being.

  3. ISO 22000 Certified: Indulge in a breakfast experience like no other, backed by the gold standard of food safety. Good Morning Vplus proudly carries the ISO 22000 certification, a testament to our relentless pursuit of global food safety management systems. With each sip, immerse yourself in an energetic river of confidence, knowing that you're embracing a product that's not just delicious, but a testament to our dedication to your health and satisfaction.

  4. GMP Certified: Embrace the dawn of a new day with the vibrancy of Good Morning Vplus, a celebration of Good Manufacturing Practices that's set to redefine your mornings. Our GMP certification is a declaration of our commitment to excellence in every aspect of production. As you savour each mouthful, let the energetic aura of precision and quality fill you with unwavering confidence – because your breakfast should be nothing short of extraordinary.

  5. KKM Certified: Energise your mornings with the essence of vitality and well-being, fueled by the endorsement of Malaysia's Ministry of Health. These plant based meal replacements wear the prestigious KKM certification with pride, ensuring that your choice is not only delicious but also aligned with the highest health standards. With every sip, revel in an infusion of energetic confidence, knowing that your breakfast is backed by the utmost care and expertise.

  6. MeSTI Certified: Awaken your senses to the pinnacle of food safety and quality with Good Morning Vplus. Our MeSTI certification is a badge of honour, symbolising our dedication to Malaysia's Food Safety Information System. From every carefully selected ingredient to the final sip, our commitment to your well-being is unwavering. As you embark on your morning journey with Vplus, let the energetic waves of reassurance wash over you, knowing that you're nourishing yourself with the very best.


  1. Asia Pacific Super Health Brand: Rise and shine with the ultimate morning companion, Good Morning Vplus – a beacon of vitality proudly crowned as the Asia Pacific Super Health Brand. Feel the energetic pulse of distinction as you dive into a breakfast experience that encapsulates the pinnacle of health and well-being. With every sip, you're not just nourishing your body; you're embracing a legacy of excellence that resonates across the region.

  2. Leader of Health Food Industry Award: Energise your mornings with the resounding victory of this best dairy-free meal replacement – a powerhouse that stands tall as the leader of the health food industry. This accolade is a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting a meal replacement powder that transcends expectations. From the first taste to the last, bask in the energetic glory of a product that has rightfully claimed its throne in the realm of wellness.

  3. Asia Halal Brand Awards – Best Grains-Based Product: Best Grains-Based Product: Embark on a taste journey that's not just nutritious, but celebrated as the epitome of excellence. Good Morning Vplus, the proud recipient of the Asia Halal Brand Awards for Best Grains-Based Product, is a symphony of flavours and health. Feel the vibrant surge of confidence as you embrace a breakfast that's not only delectable but also impeccably halal-certified. 


  1. 18 Multi-grains: Unleash a powerhouse of nourishment with the dynamic blend of 18 invigorating multi grains in every sip of Good Morning Vplus. Each grain is a vibrant testament to our commitment to your holistic well-being, fueling your day with boundless energy and vitality.

  2. Boosting Circulation and Oxygen: Elevate your mornings with the energetic embrace of beetroot, a natural dynamo that ignites circulation and infuses your body with revitalising oxygen. Feel the surge of life coursing through your veins as you indulge in the vibrant essence of this vegan meal replacement.

  3. Natural Fragrance, Better Vision: Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma and vision-boosting prowess of goji berry. Every sip is an aromatic journey, complemented by the unwavering confidence that your vision is nurtured and fortified with each delightful moment.

  4. Source of Protein: Ignite your strength with the rich protein source present in Good Morning Vplus. Feel the energetic vitality as your muscles and body thrive on this essential nutrient, powering you through your day with unwavering confidence.

  5. Source of Calcium: Nurture your bones and body with the invaluable source of calcium found within this plant-based meal replacement. Embrace the vigorous assurance that your skeletal health is fortified, allowing you to stand tall and move forward with unmatched confidence.

  6. Support The Development of Teeth and Strong Bones: Revel in the radiant embrace of dental and skeletal well-being with Good Morning Vplus. Every sip contributes to the strong foundation of teeth and bones, empowering you with the energetic assurance of robust health.

  7. Improves the Function of the Cells: Fuel your cells with the boundless energy of Good Morning Vplus. With each sip, you're invigorating your body's inner machinery, experiencing a surge of vitality that resonates with the confident hum of optimised cellular function.

  8. Enhance the Digestive System: Ignite your digestive fire with the exceptional blend within Good Morning Vplus. Feel the energetic rhythm of your digestive system as it's harmoniously supported, empowering you with a feeling of lightness and vitality.

  9. Promotes the Growth of Beneficial Bacteria: Nurture your gut health with the vibrant dance of beneficial bacteria thriving in Good Morning Vplus. With each sip, you're cultivating a lively ecosystem within, energising your body and mind.

  10. Contains Antioxidant and Iron for Detoxification: Cleanse and rejuvenate with the potent antioxidants and iron in this nutritional shake. Experience the energetic transformation as these detoxifying agents sweep through your body, leaving you refreshed and revitalised.

  11. High in Dietary Fibre: Energise your digestion and overall well-being with the rich dietary fibre content of Good Morning Vplus. Each sip is a confident step towards a life of vitality, supported by the energetic boost of a well-functioning digestive system.

  12. Low Fat, No Cholesterol, No Trans Fat: Embrace the freedom of a low-fat, cholesterol-free, and trans fat-free choice with Good Morning Vplus. Feel the vibrant confidence that comes from nourishing yourself with a product designed for your energetic well-being.

  13. No Preservatives and No Colouring: Revel in the pure and vibrant essence of Good Morning Vplus, free from preservatives and artificial colouring. Each sip is an unadulterated celebration of your health, resonating with the energetic harmony of nature.

  14. Lactose Free, Gluten Free: Embrace a life of energetic vibrancy with Good Morning Vplus, a lactose-free and gluten-free elixir of well-being. With each sip, you're choosing a path of nourishment that's in perfect harmony with your body's needs.

  15. Plant-Based Meal Replacement: Fuel your day with the vibrant energy of a plant-based meal replacement – Good Morning Vplus. Each sip is a confident step towards nourishment that's aligned with your energetic and ethical values.

  16. Experts-Recommended For Medically Prescribed Nutritional Treatment: Harness the unwavering confidence of medical experts who recommend Good Morning Vplus for medically prescribed nutritional treatment. With each sip, you're embracing a solution that resonates with the energetic trust of healthcare professionals
  17. Featuring Complete & Dietary-Balanced Supplies: Dive into a wellspring of completeness and dietary balance with Good Morning Vplus. Every sip is a confident assurance that you're providing your body with a symphony of nutrients in perfect harmony.

  18. Features An In-House Certified Nutritionist: Unlock the wisdom and guidance of an in-house certified nutritionist with Good Morning Vplus. Each sip is a testament to their expertise, resonating with the energetic wisdom that shapes your well-being.

  19. Certification Sourcing from Reputable Labs: Immerse yourself in the energetic trust that stems from our commitment to sourcing certifications from reputable laboratories. With Good Morning Vplus, you're choosing a product that's backed by unwavering quality and assurance.

  20. Continuous R&D for New Ingredients: Embark on an exciting journey of innovation and well-being with Good Morning Vplus. Each sip is a testament to our continuous research and development, fueled by the energetic passion to bring you the best.

  21. No.1 Multi-Grains Beverage Brand In Malaysia: Choose the unbeatable essence of Good Morning Vplus, the No.1 multi-grains beverage brand in Malaysia. Every sip is a celebration of our energetic dedication to being the pinnacle of nourishment and vitality.

 Packaging Information: Nestled within our cherished haven, where significance graces every facet, especially in the creation of captivating gastronomic odysseys for our adored young patrons. As we sculpt the robust enclosure for our celestial Good Morning Vplus meal replacement, we engage in a meticulous dance, safeguarding its delicate aromas and unblemished magnificence, nurturing them until that ecstatic moment of savouring. Captured within a resplendent 1kg pink plastic bottle, witness the very essence of Good Morning Vplus.

Packaging Design

Packed in a 1000 g pink coloured plastic bottle


1000 g  (35.27 oz)


1700 mm x 1700 mm (66.29 in x 66.29 in)

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

1 x 20ft Container


Storage Instruction: Enhance your storage game with the spirited precision that Good Morning Vplus deserves! For all the dynamic housewives and dedicated suppliers, ensuring the optimal storage of this nutritional powerhouse is a seamless endeavour that safeguards its invigorating essence. Embrace the task with a confident stride, as you create a haven of preservation for these lactose-free nutritional drinks.

Find a cool, dry haven within your abode – a pantry shelf, a cupboard corner, or a dedicated storage spot – where temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight are kept at bay. Your exuberant dedication to maintaining Good Morning Vplus in a controlled environment ensures that its vibrant flavours, essential nutrients, and impeccable goodness remain intact and ready to ignite your senses.

Seal the vibrant 1kg pink plastic bottle with determination after each use, locking in its energetic aura. And don't be hesitant to lead the charge in rotation; the "first in, first out" principle ensures that each serving of Good Morning Vplus is savoured at its peak.

So, housewives and suppliers alike, revel in the spirited choreography of proper storage. Infuse your storage space with the same vibrant energy that Good Morning Vplus embodies, and with every sip, you'll bask in the satisfaction of nurturing its essence until the very last drop.

Overview of Good Morning Vplus

Step into a world where nature's finest offerings harmonise with scientific expertise to create a symphony of health and vitality. Good Morning Vplus is not just a meal replacement; it's a testament to the perfect blend of goodness that's 100% natural. With a tantalising medley of 18 multigrain, it's a celebration of diversity that fuels your day with boundless energy.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant embrace of nature's wonders. Beetroot takes centre stage, enhancing blood circulation and oxygenation throughout your body, infusing each moment with invigorating life. Goji Berry, the fragrant marvel, becomes your ally for better vision and an aromatic journey that transcends breakfast.

This isn't just a meal – it's your immunity booster, fortified by the nourishing touch of multi-grains and the magic of wholesome ingredients. And with an in-house nutritionist guiding each formulation, you're embarking on a journey of wellness that's crafted with care and expertise.

Picture a breakfast that's more than a meal – it's a holistic experience, complete and dietary-balanced. Each sip resonates with the confidence of certification from reputable labs, a testament to our unwavering commitment to your health. We're not content with the ordinary; continuous research and development drive us to explore new ingredients, ensuring you're always treated to the extraordinary.

Dive into the legacy of Malaysia's No.1 Multi-Grains Beverage Brand, where every sip echoes the commitment to excellence that's been recognized far and wide. But it's not just about accolades – Good Morning Vplus nurtures the very core of your well-being. It supports teeth and bone development, ignites cellular function, and harmonises your digestive rhythm, all while offering a detoxifying embrace of antioxidants and iron.

Feel the embrace of health-conscious choices – low fat, no cholesterol, no trans fat, no preservatives, no colouring. Good Morning Vplus caters to your individual needs, being lactose free and gluten free, all while championing a plant-based lifestyle. It's a meal replacement that resonates with your values and vitality, a conscious choice for your vibrant journey.

At the heart of Good Morning Vplus's creation lies a meticulous process: 18 premium grains are meticulously selected, pre-cleaned to remove impurities, and destoned to safeguard quality. A rigorous sorting stage ensures only top-tier grains proceed. Extrusion and grinding transform grains into a powdery form, which is then blended to create a specialised substitute meal formula. Rigorous sieving eliminates foreign particles, while sensory tests ensure taste and quality align with D&H's standards. Containers undergo air-blowing for purity, before quality-tested containers hold the elixir. After secondary packaging, approved meal replacements are readied for safe shipping, while unused ones find solace in storage for future development. This is the vibrant symphony of Good Morning Vplus's creation.

So, embrace the dawn with Good Morning Vplus – a symphony of taste, health, and pure joy that's more than a meal; it's a celebration of life itself.

About GoodMorning Global Sdn Bhd

GoodMorning Global Sdn Bhd stands as a testament to the visionary leadership and unwavering commitment of its founder, Dato’ Dr. Lim Sin Boon. Driven by a deep-seated belief in the power of proactive healthcare over future uncertainties, he embarked on a transformative mission to create a company that not only offered health solutions but also alleviated financial burdens. In his perspective, while insurance provides a safety net for unforeseen misfortunes, health care is the proactive shield that prevents those misfortunes from occurring in the first place. This profound insight laid the foundation for a healthcare business that would reshape the industry.

Dato’ Lim's journey took flight in 2008 when he established GoodMorning Malaysia as an MLM company. However, he soon recognized the limitations of the MLM system, where product prices were marked up, and profits skewed towards agents rather than end users. It was a pivotal moment when the idea of GoodMorning Vplus 18 Grains emerged – a product that not only aligned with his vision but also had the potential to redefine the company's trajectory. In 2012, Dato’ Lim made the bold decision to shift GoodMorning Global's structure, departing from the MLM model to create a fair and accessible pricing system. This transformation empowered consumers to access GoodMorning Vplus 18 Grains at an affordable cost, aligning with his ethos of making proactive healthcare accessible to all.

GoodMorning Vplus 18 Grains, a culmination of 18 grains and 5 active ingredients, emerged as a beacon of health and vitality. The product's 100% natural composition, devoid of preservatives, colouring, and white sugar, bore testament to Dato’ Lim's commitment to quality and wellness. The shift in the company's structure not only made health more accessible but also garnered heartfelt testimonials from individuals who experienced transformative health benefits. Dato’ Lim's resolute commitment to promoting health and wellbeing has borne fruit, with GoodMorning Vplus 18 Grains gaining prominence as a brand leader in the grains market.

Dato’ Dr. Lim Sin Boon's visionary journey exemplifies the transformative power of a dedicated individual's pursuit of proactive health solutions. His unwavering dedication to crafting a health-focused business model that offers both effective products and affordability has not only elevated GoodMorning Global Sdn Bhd but also inspired a wave of positive change in the industry. As a true visionary, Dato’ Lim continues to lead GoodMorning Global Sdn Bhd with the aim of creating a healthier and happier world, one nutritious sip at a time.

Good Morning Vplus Specifications

- Ingredients: Mixed powder of beans and grains (coarse rice, corn grits, soya bean, red rice, red bean, barley, mung bean, garbanzo bean, brown bean, almond, green bean, lotus seeds, black soya bean, white wheat, organic millet, black sesame, organic glutinous rice, organic flaxseed), fructose, non dairy creamer, instant malt extract, oat powder, fibersol-2 soluble fibre, red beet powder, isolated soy protein, fructooligosaccharide, tricalcium phosphate, soya lecithin, aquamin F, vanillin
- Certification: Halal JAKIM, HACCP, ISO 2200, GMP, KKM, MeSTI certified
- Packaging Design: Packed in a 1000 g box
- Shelf Life: 9 to 15 months
- Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): The minimum order quantity is 1 x 20ft container.
- Origin: Made in Malaysia

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