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Product details of Ilaj Health Drink Powder - 25g

Usage Instruction: The groundbreaking health drink powder provides a synergistic array of vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in a simple, straightforward package. The drink powder is designed with health in mind, encourages a balanced diet, and increases energy levels. The carefully selected recipe has been shown to improve health in all areas. An in-depth guide to buying energy drink powder is provided below.

  1. Initial Inquiry: Don't hesitate to contact the sales team if you're interested in ordering nutritional drinks but have specific preferences for things like base (fruit juice, coffee, or tea), quantity, packaging, or customization. Given that the availability of the factory's ingredients dictates whether the health drink powder foundation will be made of fruit or not, this decision must be made ahead of time.

  2. Product Consultation: The experts at Ilaj Food Tech will look into various health drink powders, such as fruit juices, coffee mixes, and teas, that fit your brand's target demographic and overall health function formula.

  3. Quotation and Proposal: To ensure transparency and competitive pricing, our team will provide a comprehensive proposal outlining the price, minimum order quantities, customization charges, and additional services when it comes time to manufacture the health drink powder.

  4. Contract Negotiation: The specialists will review the quote, agree on the conditions, draught the contract, and check that the health drink powder's foundation, formulation, packaging, delivery schedules, and interests are all defined.

  5. Purchase Order and Payment: Once an agreement has been reached, a purchase order (PO) for health drink powder can be issued, and we will provide the customer with information regarding payment and the various payment alternatives available to the client's company.

  6. Production and Quality Assurance: Skilled R&D personnel will develop health drink powder goods depending on client desire, following rigorous quality assurance criteria after obtaining a purchase order and payment.

  7. Packaging and Shipping: Ilaj Food Tech will package and send your health drink powder per your instructions to guarantee its safe delivery. 

Certification(s) & Mentioning(s): To successfully market and promote health drink powder goods to discerning consumers and esteemed merchants, Ilaj Food Tech promises strict adherence to all relevant procedures, including certification.

  1. JAKIM Halal Certification: The JAKIM Halal certification guarantees that all stages of the health drink powder's manufacturing and distribution adhere to the strict Halal guidelines.

  2. GMP Certification:  By earning GMP status, Ilaj Food Tech has proven its commitment to providing customers with high-quality health drink powder. This seal of approval attests to the high standards by which we source, formulate, produce, package, and test the quality of our drink powder mix.

  3. MeSTI Certification:  Ilaj Food Tech's dedication to providing our customers with a health drink powder of the greatest possible safety, hygiene, and quality is shown in the MeSTI accreditation.

  4. Botanic-Based Ingredients:  Our health drink powder is a natural alternative to synthetic energy supplements, and its botanical-based ingredients can help you maintain a more balanced and healthy outlook on life.

  5. Personal Laboratory for R&D: The R&D facility makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and methods to develop healthy drink powder formulas that are both effective and harmless.

  6. Customize Formulation:  Through in-depth consultation with our patrons, Ilaj Food Tech develops individualised health drink powder solutions that preserve the individuality of our clientele's brands and appeal to their intended markets.

Packaging Information: Ilaj Food Tech offers flexible packaging solutions for health powder drink products, including plain or printed sachets and canister bottles. These packaging options align with brand identity and meet customer needs, ensuring a lasting impression and enhanced visibility.

  1. Our health drink powder sachets come in various sizes, including 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, and 25g, offering versatility and convenience for on-the-go consumption. Choose between plain sachets for a minimalist look or print sachets to showcase your brand logo, tagline, or custom design. Printed sachets are a powerful marketing tool, ensuring your health drink mix stands out on shelves and leaves a lasting impression on customers.

  2. We offer canister bottles with 200g or more storage capacity for clients seeking a substantial health drink powder packaging solution. These sturdy, reusable bottles provide ample storage capacity, easy pouring, and controlled dispensing. Customize the canisters with your brand's label or logo, reinforcing brand loyalty and enhancing the water-soluble energy drink product's appearance.

Check out the table below to get a sense of how much health drink powder you'll need for your company.

1 sachet

25gram (0.88oz)

1 box

7500 sachets or 500 bottles

Storage Information:
Ensuring the proper storage conditions for health powder drink products is imperative to uphold their quality and optimise their efficacy. Ilaj Food Tech advises implementing optimal storage conditions, characterised by a cool and arid environment, coupled with hermetically sealed containers. It is advisable to store the health drink mix product in a controlled environment characterised by cool and dry conditions, maintaining temperatures within the range of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius (equivalent to 68°F to 77°F). Refraining from subjecting the nutritional drinks to freezing temperatures and avoiding exposure to pungent and overwhelming aromas is advised. Lastly, consuming energy drink powders before expiration is highly recommended to ensure their quality and safety. 

Health Drink Powder Overview

Are you searching for the perfect product to enhance your business and cater to the growing demand for healthy, instant, and delicious drinks? Look no further than our exceptional health powder drink. With its irresistible flavours, many health benefits, and versatile applications, this drink powder mix is an absolute game-changer for your business.

Indulge your customers' taste buds with an array of delectable flavours, including rich chocolate, zesty orange, succulent strawberry, refreshing watermelon, a tantalizing mixed berry blend, and much more! Our health drink powder offers a flavour for every palate, ensuring repeat business and customer satisfaction.

Empower fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals with Ilaj Health Drink Powder. Packed with essential nutrients, including glucose, vitamins, and minerals, it provides an instant energy boost, replenishes electrolytes, and aids post-workout recovery. Your customers will appreciate the boost of energy and endurance to maximize their gym sessions.

Staying hydrated is crucial during summer, with soaring temperatures and increased physical activity. The health drink powder quenches thirst and helps regulate body heat. Whether it's a refreshing cold drink or a revitalizing smoothie, our nutritional drinks keep customers hydrated, cool, and energized.

Ilaj Health Drink Powder is a dietary supplement in a convenient sachet or pouch format. It is sugar-free and made with natural, multigrain ingredients that provide a balanced nutrition profile. Health-conscious individuals will flock to your business from kids to adults for this healthy and guilt-free beverage option.

The instant nature of our health drink powder makes it a convenient choice for people on the go. Whether they're running between meetings, gaming for hours, or simply seeking an instant energy boost, this health drink mix is the perfect solution. It can be effortlessly mixed with water, milk, or fruit juices, offering endless possibilities for creative recipes and refreshing concoctions.

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your business with Ilaj's exceptional health drink powder. Stay ahead of the competition, attract health-conscious consumers, and cater to their nutritional needs with this refreshing, nutritious, and versatile beverage option. Become a trusted source of instant health and vitality today!

Health Drink Powder Specification

- Energy drink powder can cater to all communities, including Muslim people.
- Nutritional drinks are made from natural ingredients with no synthetic components.
- Offering a sugar-free option ensures that the health powder product aligns with dietary preferences
- Health drink powder providing a variety of flavours allows consumers to choose their preferred taste.
- Health drink powder can easily be mixed with water, milk, or fruit juices.

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