KAF Green Vegan Sambal 250g

  • 1 Carton(s)
  • KAF
  • Smooth
  • Tangy and spicy
  • Chilli Sambal
  • 250g x 48 packets per Carton
  • 250 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Halal Certificate
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of KAF Green Vegan Sambal 250g

  1. Open the lid of this vegan sambal bottle and make sure it is only from the KAF brand

  2. Scoop as many spoonfuls of sambal as you want into your cooking or dish; if you want it spicier, add more

  3. It's done, and you can start enjoying this dish with vegan sambal as a condiment!
Historically, sambal has been employed as a garnish of choice for any dish. It goes great with noodles, broth, stews, pork, risotto, and sometimes omelette. Sauces, relishes, dips, and condiments can benefit from the sambal's spicy and flavorful addition.
In addition, we'll provide some helpful hints and sample recipes for preparing and enjoying Vegan Sambal, a product of the KAF brand. If you're vegetarian or vegan and want to try one of Malaysia's most popular breakfast dishes, nasi lemak, but you're not a fan of meat or chicken, you can also use this Vegan Sambal to make fiery fried mushrooms or tofu. I see; well, do you like sambal belacan? This vegan sambal can be used as a sambal sauce or to prepare sambal belacan. This vegan sambal is also fantastic when combined with ketchup or mayonnaise to create a chilli dip for toast or hamburgers.
Certification: Trustable accreditation has been conferred to MOLF Enterprise, paving the way for the industry to continue its food handling and manufacturing activities:
  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: It's a brilliant thing that people know about issues like the pervasiveness of fake JAKIM halal verification. However, some of them also have thoughts that if the certification does not come from JAKIM, but it is still stated as halal,  whatever can be consumed so long as the license says that it is shariah compatible. Realizing that exclusively only halal from JAKIM may be verified as buyers, specifically Muslims who have been compelled to adhere to religious constraints, MOLF Enterprise went above and above to get a Halal certification from JAKIM, making it possible for Muslims all around Malaysia to enjoy its Vegan Sambal. 
Packaging: If your chores surpass the 9-to-5, you need this Vegan Sambal. For the simple reason that this sambal is excellent for everyone and can be taken abroad. Each bottle is hermetically wrapped and measures 250g (8.82 oz). Vegan sambal can be purchased in a box of 48 individual packets. Supplying at least 48 packages of this 250g (8.82oz) sambal in a carton is necessary.
All new products, including MOLF Enterprise's Vegan Sambal for the KAF, will come in sturdy containers. With that approach, we know our customers' packages will return home, specifically your places, without a fuss. That is to say, and you can forego the time-consuming mental debate and instantly select this delicious Vegan Sambal delicacy on our site. We promise they will appear in peak style in your mailbox. This occurs since your feedback on our products is of immense value to us.
Shelf Life: We can verify that the Vegan Sambal of the KAF brand is devoured to the maximum extent possible by preserving it prudently and gracefully. This sambal has a total storability of 12 months, or one year, from fabrication. However, ignoring how to keep it fresh will make it expire hastily. Strictly heed the keeping advice thus that you may utilize this vegetarian sambal for approximately a year.
Storage Instruction: Keep MOLF Enterprise with KAF brand vegan sambal in a chilly, wet place, preferably at room temp. Avoid exposing these sambals to harsh sunshine and warmer gases if you prefer them to last as long as possible. Vegetarian sambal will last for at least a year if maintained adequately, giving you and your family plenty of time to enjoy it.
The vegan sambal supplied by the KAF should be stored in a sealed container. The longevity in the fridge could be up to 12 months.  Keeping the sambal in a container that can be placed in the freezer will allow it to last for a more extended period. Twelve months is also the maximum time vegan sambal may be stored without losing flavour.

MOLF Enterprise’s Vegan Sambal’s Overview

Traditionally, sambal is an Indonesian chilli sauce or puree that combines several hot chillies with other components like shrimp pulp, clove, ginger, shallot, onion, coconut sugar, and lemon zest. Sambal is a Javanese term adopted into Indonesian (sambal). The cuisines of Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and Sri Lanka all use elements of this ingredient, which has its roots in Indonesian cooking. With expatriate Indonesian communities, it has additionally reached the Netherlands.
Fresh veggies, barbecued salmon, smoked fish, cooked chicken, crushed chicken, and diverse soto soups benefit from adding sambals, which come in various flavours. Most of Indonesia's 212 sambal varieties may be traced back to Java.
The warung, rural bazaar, and retail grocery now stock many kinds of prepared, pre-packed, quick, or ready-made sambal. Most sambal is sold in bottles, while some companies are sold in plastic or aluminium packets. Rapid sambals sold in bottles are typically made using machinery, resulting in a smoother structure, more uniform substance, and heavier fluidity (similar to tomato sauce). Most sambals created the old-fashioned way, with a pestle and mortar, have a rough structure and solidity because of the grinding process. KAF's Vegan Sambal by MOLF Enterprise is one of many bottled sambals on the market.


About MOLF Enterprise

MOLF Enterprise has been a go-to supplier of sambals like this Vegan Sambal throughout the company's founding in 2017. MOLF Enterprise, formerly based in Manjalara, has received a perfect 5-star rating on Panda and Grab. Of their best offerings are genuine items that taste well, are made using secret recipes, and may be personalised.


Additional Information For MOLF Enterprise's Vegan Sambal



 Chilli, Onion, Vegetable Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate

MOLF Enterprise’s Vegan Sambal’s Specifications

  1. Label:KAF
  2. Has chilli sambal attribute with smooth surface
  3. Has tangy and hot tang
  4. Legal verification: Halal by JAKIM
  5. Shelf Life: A year / 12 months
  6. 250g (8.82oz) for each bottle
  7. One carton: 48 bottles x 250g (8.82oz)
  8. Min order: One (1) carton
  9. From Klang port
  10. Merely food by a firm from Malaysia land

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MOLF Enterprise

  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • Business Type
  • Manufacturer
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