KLFC Frozen Chicken Boneless Leg - 2 KG

  • KLFC
  • Frozen
  • Original
  • Storage at -18’C
  • 2 Kilogram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia
  • Halal certified
  • Malaysia

Product details of KLFC Frozen Chicken Boneless Leg - 2 KG

Usage: Commercially available boxes made of cardboard are mostly used to package materials and items from around the world. When you ordered our frozen boneless chicken leg meat, a cardboard container will create an experience for you. Your chicken meat will be protected from damage during delivery by the box being taped shut after you receive the packaged contents. You can use a knife or scissors to open the box's seal. These two items are sharp tools that you can use to open the box. You can now open the box and remove our halal frozen boneless chicken leg meat using these two items.
To prevent the chicken flesh from spoiling at the 18 °C temperature, you can store extra leg meat in your freezer. As an alternative, you might cook with the frozen boneless chicken leg or prepare stews or chicken soup with it. You won't have access to our whole chicken meat for more than a year.
Certificate: Upon our establishment, we successfully obtained the Halal certificate from JAKIM. With this acknowledgement, we can convince our consumers to buy with us, especially our Muslim consumers. All of our products, including our frozen boneless chicken leg meat are Halal.
  1. JAKIM Halal Certificate: We have been verified by JAKIM and deemed eligible to own this certificate. Our frozen boneless chicken leg is halal-certified.
Feature: The importance of storing food at the right temperature is that they stop bacteria from growing and keep your food from becoming bad. Prevent cross-contamination between fresh foods like fruits and vegetables and possibly dangerous items. Our frozen boneless chicken leg is recommended to be stored at 18 °C.
Net Weight / Unit: The total weight of the products remains unchanged after establishing the tare weight. The container is appropriate for holding food because of its density and availability of nutrient-dense components. Our frozen boneless chicken leg weighs 2 kg.
Shelf-LifeFor example, depending on the market, different food goods have different shelf lives. The length of time you may anticipate for a product to exist, develop, and endure while still being safe for use is the general definition of a product's life span. This frozen boneless chicken leg should only be stored for a year.

KLFC's Frozen Boneless Chicken Leg Overview

Simply put, frozen chicken is a chicken food item that can be purchased at the grocery store and is freezer-friendly for several months. It is more prone to drying. When frozen chicken is thawed too quickly, it loses moisture and becomes tough and chewy. It stops being gentle and delicate. Due to its exceptional nutritional richness, chicken is recognised as a well-rounded diet and a better alternative to red meats. Understandably, chicken continues to enjoy such widespread popularity in the poultry industry given its many benefits. Our frozen boneless chicken leg is a part of the poultry industry. Because it contains less saturated fat than red meats like hog or beef, chicken, whether frozen or fresh, is typically a healthier option. The misconception that fresh meat is healthier than frozen meat may also have its roots in the widespread but false notion that processed meat, which is often packed with unhealthy amounts of salt and other preservatives, includes frozen meat. Although commercially frozen chicken can occasionally be injected with a saline solution with a high salt concentration, frozen chicken doesn't need any preservatives because its low temperatures stop the growth of microorganisms that cause rot. The same goes for our frozen boneless chicken leg; the nutrients you're seeking are still there.
The duration of storage is the primary distinction between the fresh and frozen chicken. While frozen chicken can be stored in your freezer for several months, the fresh chicken should only be kept in the refrigerator for two days at most before eating. Fresh chicken can also be frozen at home to extend its shelf life, although as was already said, doing so may cause the chicken meat to lose a considerable amount of its nutritional value. The texture of the cooked chicken may be another distinction between the fresh and frozen chicken. Any texture variations, however, are merely a result of how quickly the frozen chicken meat is thawed; as a result, the chicken meat will cook up harsher and dryer. If you let frozen chicken slowly thaw in your refrigerator, the moisture from the melting ice crystals can be reabsorbed by the flesh, keeping its texture when cooked. Fresh chicken vs. frozen chicken is a divisive and age-old debate. 

Frozen boneless Chicken Leg Specification:

- Our frozen boneless chicken leg has an original taste.
- You may keep our frozen boneless chicken leg at 18 °C.   
- The net weight for our frozen boneless chicken leg is 2 kilograms.   
- Our frozen boneless chicken leg is 71 ounces.   
- 12 months is the limit for our frozen boneless chicken leg.   
- We are Halal certified.   

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