Fresh Lettuce

  • Vegetables, Salad
  • Crisp and mild, soft and buttery
  • Bland
  • Music fertilizer
  • 1-2 weeks stored in cold room
  • Perak
  • Malaysia

Product details of Fresh Lettuce

UsageLettuce is a vegetable grown abundantly and utilized all over the world in various dishes. Known particularly for a distinct, light green color and crunchy, moist texture, that is frequently described as “crisp”, lettuce is a frequent choice for cooking various recipes anywhere you look.

In contrast to certain other vegetables, lettuce grows in large heads with broad leaves and hardly any external stem, which allows it to retain large amounts of moisture while growing. Alongside a naturally clear or bland flavor with little odor, this makes it an ingredient that is good on its own, but a great complement to many other ingredients in any other kind of dish, even ones that seem to be spicy.

It seems that if you work in the kitchen often, it is a good idea to have a head or two of raw lettuce around. But how do you store them? Here is a good way to keep lettuce fresh, with each leaf intact, springy, and moist until they are needed.

1) Prepare a large bowl or a clean, plugged sink, as well as a basket/strainer.

2) Cut the very ends of each fresh lettuce stem off.

3) Fill the bowl or sink with cold water and soak the fresh lettuce inside to remove grit and dirt.

4) After they are washed, remove each raw lettuce leaf and place them in the strainer. If necessary, don’t hesitate to cut each washed lettuce leaf to allow them to fit in the strainer without being bent or bruised.

5) Dry the fresh lettuce throughly and cover them with damp kitchen paper towels before placing them in the refrigerator.

When prepared like this, raw lettuce can stay fresh for around 5 days. As such, it’s a good way to keep unused lettuce in the best condition for the next time you want to cook a vegetable dish!


  1. Controlled Growing Environment: City Yinyue Farm, based in Malaysia, grows all its quality produce inside indoor settings. Conditions such as temperature, humidity, and lighting are all precisely monitored and controlled, alongside water and soil nutrients and acidity. These add up to ensure the most consistent quality for every fresh lettuce grown at City Yinyue Farm.

  2. Musical Accompaniment: Several studies have proven the effectiveness of playing melodious music towards growing plants, increasing their health and rate of growth. In line with the controlled growing environment of City Yinyue Farm, they also employ this unconventional but distinctly effective method to promote growth and quality in all their produce.

PackagingCity Yinyue Farm’s fresh lettuce is delivered with a standard shipment size of 1x20ft container, though there is no minimum. Each head of lettuce is delivered fresh from the farm.

Storage InstructionsCity Yinyue Farm’s fresh lettuce should be stored in a refrigerated environment before use, preferably in a refrigerator’s crisper drawer if you have one. In this way, it can be kept up to a maximum of 2 weeks.

Fresh Lettuce Overview

Lettuce is a vegetable that graces tables across the world, with its texture and flavor complementing many dishes, from a garnish to ordinary salads or meat dishes like the American BLT and lettuce wraps, all the way to local recipes like kerabu or rojak.

Originating in marsh-like environments with loose soil and lots of moisture, lettuces naturally do well when planted in similar surroundings whether in gardens or farms, and retain moisture well even when plucked and refrigerated. Considering their versatility, they are particularly suited to be part of dishes that may seem overly dry or spicy, or otherwise have a firm texture.

But that’s not all! Just like other vegetables, adding lettuce to your diet has several pronounced health benefits:

 Dietary benefits of lettuce:

 Improved hydration

 Increased bone strength from vitamin K

 Improved vision from vitamin A

 Better sleep quality

With all these benefits in mind, City Yinyue Farm’s fresh lettuce is a valuable, nutritious, and tasty part of a healthy diet. Order some today, and taste the difference in their innovative organic growing methods.

Fresh Lettuce Specifications

- Grown at and shipped from City Yinyue Farm in Perak.
- Fully organic products, grown in controlled conditions in indoor farms.
- Delicious and healthy, fine specimens with many dietary benefits.

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