Bin Maleeq Chocolate Milk Spread - 350g

  • 100 Carton(s)
  • Chocolate
  • Contains no beans. Suitable for anyone who have beans allergy
  • 350g X 12 bottles per carton
  • 350 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Bin Maleeq Chocolate Milk Spread - 350g

Usage: Made with the aim of convenience in mind, this luscious Chocolate Spread by Bin Maleeq is designed to provide you with a quick and easy spread that can be whipped up in a matter of seconds. Simply unscrew the plastic top that is sealed shut by twisting it the anticlockwise direction with slight pressure. Once opened, cut through the protective layer of tin foil to reveal the delicious spread within. With a spoon or a butter knife, help yourself to a generous heaping, dollop of velvety chocolate spread and evenly spread it out onto your loaf of choice. Don’t be fooled by the descriptions and limit yourself to only eating the chocolate spread with bread, this decadent treat can be used in a variety of different ways. Mix a spoonful of the spread into your frosting or buttercream to make an easy and effortless version of chocolate frosting. Melt a couple spoonful of the chocolate spread and dip your baked goods into it for your very own homemade chocolate fondue. It can also be added into beverages to make your very own chocolate milkshake or smoothie.

Certifications: The following accolades and accreditations are given to the Bin Malik Global manufacturing company as a form of recognition for its stellar example in both the exceptional customer service provided and the extensive line of products offered:

  1. JAKIM Halal certified: As overseen and approved by the JAKIM committee, this product has been awarded the Halal certification to indicate that the make of this product from creation to distribution has been in compliance with the regulatory standards enforced by both the Shariah committee and the local authorities, thus making this decadent chocolate spread safe for consumption by Muslims worldwide.

Packaging: Packed in a grip size, semi-sturdy plastic bottle, the soft choco spread is tightly sealed off with a plastic unscrewable top that is fortified with a solid crown cork. With a little bit of pressure applied anti clockwise, the top can be easily unscrewed to reveal the chocolate spread inside.

Storage: As with most types of spreads, the sweet chocolate milk spread tastes best when stored at room temperature of about 23 to 26°C or 73.4 to 78.8°F. This is the ideal sweet spot for spreadable goods like chocolate spreads, butter and also peanut butter that will bring out the natural flavours in these goodies. For those who prefer a chilled version of the smooth, nutty spread, it can also be refrigerated 3 to 4°C which will give the spread a slightly hardened texture and a lot more bite.

Chocolate Spread Overview:

Food items like spreads and jams were popularized in the early 90s by working parents and caretakers who were looking for fast and easy mealtime alternatives for their children. With the existence of spreadable condiments like butter, peanut butter, jam and other variations of the same kind, mealtime prep has never been easier for not only parents but also for the kids themselves. What better way to teach self-authority and independence to your growing children other than getting them to fix their selves some easy breakfast or lunch? For the more ambitious ones who wish to take it a step further, may do so with the sheer versatility of this buttery chocolate mix, stray away from the plain loaf and introduce your spread to other goods. Drizzle a squiggle of chocolate sauce over a stack of pancakes, waffles or even your favourite flavour of ice-cream. Or better yet, make your own chocolate flavoured ice-cream by mixing in several scoops of the rich chocolate spread into your ice-cream maker. Evenly spread it out over lightly browned toast, or even over French toast for that crunchy textural assimilation. You may also take the fancy route and dip your fruits or croutons into the moist chocolate for that at-home fondue feel that you may be after. Either way, it is no secret that something as rich and decadent as a chocolate spread cannot be consumed on a daily basis and therefore, if it is only meant to be had as an infrequent indulgence, then why not make the best of it and go all out for each meal and experiment with the mind-boggling tastes and textures elevated by a humble chocolate spread.

About Bin Malik Global:

Bin Malek Global, founded in mid-2019, is a prominent supplier and manufacturer of premium instant beverages and FMCG goods. With the majority of the establishment's clientele being from the 'baby boomers' age group, the rebranding of and existence of Bin Maleeq came about with the sole objective of becoming appealing and relatable to the 'millennials'. The company's inclusive and convenient products, such as the Goat's Milk with dates and chocolate spread, attempt to cater to younger brains with quick and easy beverages like the 3 In 1 Latte blend. With the long term goal of becoming the top household name of high quality FMCG goods, Bin Malik Global hopes to branch out into several mainstream markets and establish a social media presence to not only further engage with its loyal clientele, but also to appeal to the younger age group.

Halal Chocolate Spread Specifications:

- Net weight of 350g (12.3oz
- Shelf life of 2 year
- Without additional bean
- Chocolatey tast
- Zero trans fa
- Minimum order of 100 carton
- JAKIM Halal certifie
- Easily spreadabl
- Quick and easy consumption

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Bin Malek Global Sdn Bhd

  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
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  • Manufacturer,Exporter
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