Nature's Gem Coconut Cooking Oil | Coconut Cooking Oil Malaysia

  • Nature’s Gem
  • Liquidy & smooth
  • Neutral
  • Coconut cooking oil from 100% matured coconut
  • 2L per bottle, 6 bottles per carton, 1239 cartons per 20ft container, 2549 cartons per 40ft container
  • 2 Litre
  • Halal & meSTI
  • Malaysia
  • Port of Penang

Product details of Nature's Gem Coconut Cooking Oil | Coconut Cooking Oil Malaysia

Coconut Cooking Oil Malaysia: Nature's Gem Coconut Cooking Oil

"Cooking Oil Has A Unique Fatty Acid Profile"

Coconut oil is very different from most other cooking oils because of its unique fatty acid profile.

Fatty acids are about 90% saturated. But coconut oil is probably the most unique because it contains a high content of saturated fat lauric acid, which makes up about 40 percent of its total fat content. This makes coconut oil highly antioxidant at high temperatures. Therefore, it is ideal for high-temperature cooking methods such as frying.

Coconut oil is rich in several uncommon saturated fats. These include lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids. Lauric acid is a rare saturated fat that appears to improve the composition of blood lipids.

Why So Special Of Coconut Oil?
An Astro AEC program called "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor" invited 94 volunteers aged 50-75 and tested the effect of different fats on the volunteers' cholesterol levels.

The volunteers were divided into 3 groups: "eating 50 grams of high-quality coconut oil", "eating an equal amount of high-quality olive oil every day for 4 consecutive weeks", and "eating untreated salted butter". Before the volunteers started the experiment, we took their blood samples, especially their LDL and HDL levels.

The results of the trial showed that the volunteers who ate the butter had about a 10% increase in bad cholesterol and a 5% increase in good cholesterol. The olive oil volunteers had a slight decrease in their bad cholesterol levels and a 5 percent increase in their good cholesterol levels. But most surprisingly, not only did their bad cholesterol levels not rise in the group that ate coconut oil, but their good cholesterol levels also rose 15 percent.

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