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Product details of Nippon Micro Oil Filter

Usage: If the engine is the heart of the car than the micro oil filter is like the vehicles kidney. The microfilter is also in charge of lubricating the engine for optimum performance. A considerably important component of any car, the micro oil filter helps keep the oil that runs into the engine from being contaminated with outer abrasive elements.

Many contaminants can enter your vehicle's engine oil and most are rather harmful to the performance of the car. The most destructive are dirt, fuel, water, glycol, wear debris, and especially the wrong type of oil. The other two most common harmful agents are dust and silicon. All these components have different sizes and shapes and can have a rather abrasive effect on the micro oil filter. So having an effective micro air filter will be able to remove more of the contaminants that engines absorb.

The Nippon micro oil filter is a mechanical instrument that can block out contaminants such as dirt and unburned fuel. The device can keep out unwanted particles whilst ensuring the smooth and clean circulation of engine oil. In general, the Nippon Micro Oil Filter can be used on cars and motorcycles.

All Nippon micro oil filters contain a few key components. The tapping plate where the oil filter begins and ends. Tiny holes on the edge of the oil filtration allow for the free-flow oil. These threaded holes are where the oil flows through to the head of the engine.

Next, the anti-drain back valve is a silicon valve with a flap that makes the oil move forward instead of backward. This drain-back can cause the engine to stop.

This Nippon micro oil filter is equipped with bypass valves that prevent the collapse of the oil filter. On a cold day, it is advised to never rev the engine as this may damage the micro oil filter. Turn on the engine so to warm up the thick viscous flow of the engine oil before taking out your vehicle.

Although some may be under the impression that oil changes should be made once in a while, this, however, is a false claim. Planning to save money this way can have the opposite effect.

Certifications & Practices: All the Nippon micro filters have been accredited with the following certificate:

  1. ISO 9001 Certificate: The ISO 9001 is an international standard that features the requirements of the quality management system (QMS). ISO, or (the international organization of standardization) encompasses global federal bodies that determine the right practices used and standards of all products manufactured by the company. All Nippon micro oil filters have been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate for their compliance with the ISO.

Packaging: All Nippon micro oil filters are packaged in a yellow box with the dimensions of 7.87 x 7.37 x 7.37 cm (3.10 x 2.90 x 2.90 inches). The cardboard boxes are embossed with green-coloured descriptions. The micro oil filter is wrapped with a black silicon encasing. For safe delivery, all packages of the Nippon micro oil filter are wrapped in a plastic stretchable filament that acts as a plastic protection encasing for all shipments to your doorstep.

Micro Fuel Filter Product Overview

When choosing the right micro oil filter for your automobile, go ahead and consider the threads and designs on the micro oil filter. This will help you identify which micro oil filter will best suit your vehicle. You may want to consider referring to your car’s owner’s manual or checking a parts catalog. Using the wrong type of oil filter can cause oil to spill out from the engine, and a wrong fit can cause it to fall off. Both can cause major damage to your car’s engine.

The outside of the micro oil filter is designed with a metal can and a sealing gasket to ensure the oil filter does not fall off from the engine’s mating surface. At the base of the plate is the gasket and the inside is filled with perforated holes.

Overall, the more money spent means the better quality product for your car. In this case, this can be very true. For instance, lower-priced micro oil filters can have shredding, light gauge metal, and low-quality gaskets can have a detrimental reaction to your vehicle. So, the best bet is to research the right air filter that will suit the performance that you want for your car.

LGK Auto Company Overview

An auto parts supplier, LGK Auto is currently distributing Nippon micro oil filters throughout numerous countries around the globe. Nippon Micro Filter Co. Ltd. is an automotive auto-parts manufacturer based in Japan. The company takes great pride in being able to deliver automobile parts that can help reduce greenhouse effects. Nippon Micro Filter Co. Ltd. has been at the forefront of trying to champion the reduction of greenhouse gases caused by cars. A leading brand in car auto-parts, the company hopes this change with mean a better future for the next generation to come.

Nippon Micro Oil Filters Product Specifications



 Nippon Micro

 Model Number:


 Product Dimensions:

 7.87 x 7.37 x 7.37 cm (3.10 x 2.90 x 2.90 inches)

 Net Weight/Unit:

 68 grams (2.40 ounces)


 1 product per box


 For car maintenance

 Product of:



 ? Maintains effectiveness of your vehicle

 ? Filters out small particles

 ? Improves the performance of your car's engine


 ? Anti-drain back valve avoids back-pressure and leakage

 ? Burst resistant steel canister

 ? Strong oil filter element



 Cleans oil that passes through the filter

Shipping Details:
For shipping purposes, there is a minimum order of quantity of 1 pallet x 20 feet container for all orders of the Nippon micron oil filter. Our aim at LGK Auto is to provide all clients with customer satisfaction that rivals our competitors. So you can rest easy with our dedicated sales team ready to serve you!

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