Pauls Whipping Cream - 250g

  • Pauls
  • Cream
  • Sweet
  • 100% Australian Cream
  • 250 Milligram
  • 6 months
  • Halal Certified
  • Australia

Product details of Pauls Whipping Cream - 250g

Usage: Check the package and see if the whipping cream is in a good condition or not. Do not use opened or unsealed lids because microorganisms may have entered. If the whipping cream bottle is in good condition, check the expiry date. Expired whipping cream must be thrown and is forbidden to be used. If the Pauls whipping cream has not yet reached the expiry date, you may use the whipping cream.

Pauls whipping cream has many ways to use, whether you want to use the whipped cream to decorate cakes or muffin, or to use it for baking and many more. But make sure to whisk the heavy cream properly using a food processor, a classic stainless steel whisk, a hand electric mixer, a stand mixer, an immersion blender, or a high-speed blender– up to you.

Simply cut the edge with a pair of scissors and pour the heavy cream into a stainless steel bowl. If you are able to whisk the whipping cream using a classic stainless steel whisk, whisk the cream until it becomes solid and soft. After that, pour the whipped cream on top of the cake and use a spatula of stainless steel to spread the whipped cream all over the cake. Once done, the cake can now proceed with designing and decorating.

Certification(s) and Award(s):

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Paul whipping cream is now available for Muslim consumers as we have given halal certification from JAKIM. Quality Bakers Concept Store is now supplying halal whipping cream to everyone specifically for Muslim bakers out there.

Packaging: Came in 250ml (8.45 fl oz), this Pauls whipping cream is using recyclable bottle to preserve not only the cream but to help the earth and animals out there from danger. The packaging can also be used to store the remaining creams without leaking. High-quality packaging and safe-to-use whipping cream.

Shipping: 1 x 20 feet container for minimum order or 1 x pallet as a trial selling point and LCL (Less than Container-Load).

Storage Instruction(s): To ensure the Pauls whipping cream can be used for up to six months, make sure to store the heavy cream properly. After using the cream, the best way to preserve the cream is to store the heavy cream inside your refrigerator. Low-temperature refrigerator is good to prevent microorganisms from living and this can help the 100% Australian fresh milk whipping cream from rotten.

If you have not opened the bottle, store the cartons inside a room-temperature place, whether in a cabinet or a specific place in your house. If you store the whipping cream inside your refrigerator, your refrigerator might be too occupied with lots of things thus, usually, unopen whipping cream can be stored in a room-temperature place.

Pauls Whipping Cream Overview

Not sure which type of whipping cream should be used for your cake decorations? Not sure if the whipping cream found on any other platform is halal or not? Do not worry! Introducing our Pauls whipping cream, halal whipped cream and is using 100% Australian fresh milk to produce the whipping cream. Not only thick, but the whipping cream is rich in flavour. Best to use in chilled whipping cream, our cream does not have any preservatives added, no colour added and even no artificial flavour added. Not only that, but Pauls whipping cream is also gluten-free whipped cream which means the whipping cream is good to consume on a gluten-free diet.

Pauls Whipping Cream Specification(s)

Usage Instructions

- Checked the whipping cream bottle to see if it is damaged or not.
- Checked the expiry date to avoid expired whipping cream.
- Cut the bottle’s edge using a pair of scissors.
- Pour Pauls whipping cream inside a stainless steel bowl.
- Use a stainless steel whisk to whisk the cream until it becomes stiff and soft.
- Pour the cream on top of a cake.
- Use a stainless steel spatula and spread the heavy cream evenly.
- The cake is ready for the next process.

Storage Instructions:

- Opened Pauls whipping cream should be stored inside a refrigerator.
- Unopened whipping or heavy cream can be stored in a room-temperature place.

Other Specifications:

- 250ml (8.45 fl oz) Pauls whipping cream.
- 6 months of shelf life.
- 100% made with Australian fresh milk.
- Originally from Australia.
- Halal Pauls whipping cream.
- Gluten-free whipping cream.
- No preservatives added, no colour added and no flavours added whipping cream.

Ingredients: Cream, Milk, Emulsifiers (471, 433, 472b), Thickener (407).

Nutrient information (per 100ml / 3.38 fluid ounces):





 Fat Total


 Saturated Fat


 Trans Fat












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