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Product details of CSF Peeled Quail Eggs - 50pcs

Usage Instruction: CSF peeled quail eggs are the perfect addition to your family's meals or your restaurant's menu. Peeled quail eggs can be utilized in a wide range of tasty preparations. Furthermore, by following our advice on using frozen meals, you won't have to stress about how to peel quail eggs fast. Here are the steps to cook egg recipes using boiled peeled quail eggs: 

  1. Cut open the packaging containing the peeled quail eggs.
  2. Rinse the peeled eggs under cold water to get rid of any leftover wrapping and to cool them down.
  3. Decide which appetizer recipes you would like to prepare. Some popular options include deviled eggs, egg canapes, quail egg salad, and more.
  4. For deviled eggs, slice each peel egg in half lengthwise and carefully remove the yolks using a spoon. Mash the peeled egg yolks with your preferred seasonings and fill the egg whites with the mixture.
  5. For egg salad, chop the peeled quail eggs into small pieces and mix with mayonnaise, mustard, chopped celery, and any other desired seasonings.
  6. Serve and enjoy your delicious quail bird egg dish!

Certification(s) & Award(s): CSF Food Industries Sdn Bhd's marketing efforts for its products, including the peeled quail eggs, have been successful in attracting customers and retailers. 

  1. JAKIM Halal Certification: CSF Food Industries Sdn Bhd ensures that all of its products, including peeled quail eggs, are released only after achieving halal status. Muslims can confidently buy and consume quail egg nutrition without worrying about any violation of Islamic law, which greatly benefits the company.

  2. MeSTI Certification: Obtaining MeSTI certification can bolster the trust of consumers in the peeled egg product. The customers can be confident that the peeled quail eggs they are buying have been manufactured in compliance with rigorous food safety regulations and have undergone thorough quality inspections.

  3. Food Safety Commitment: Producing peeled quail eggs with a commitment to food safety is absolutely essential. CSF Food Industries Sdn Bhd confidently upholds its commitment through the implementation of strict hygiene and sanitation procedures, and the utilization of quality equipment and packaging. Rest assured that your boiled quail bird egg are safe, high-quality, and healthy.

Packaging Information: Choosing vacuum-sealed packaging for peeled quail eggs is an excellent decision for CSF Food Industries Sdn Bhd. By using this method, clients can significantly increase the shelf life of their peel quail eggs while also reducing the risk of harmful bacteria growth. In addition, this method ensures that the quality of peeled eggs is maintained, making it an excellent option for any home cook or professional chef. It is absolutely essential to remove all oxygen from the packaging of peeled eggs in order to preserve their freshness and flavour. 

Shipping Information: Our retail packaging of peeled quail eggs contains 50 pieces per package. CSF Food Industries Sdn Bhd offers two wholesale purchasing options.

A 20-foot container can be utilized for shipping peeled quail eggs. In order to optimize profits, we suggest that suppliers take advantage of this shipping alternative. By placing large orders of peel quail eggs, they can negotiate advantageous pricing with the manufacturer. By stocking up on peeled egg products, stores can improve their profitability and maintain a steady supply of quail bird egg products, resulting in increased sales. 

Transporting peeled eggs via Less than Container Loads (LCL) is a viable option. This innovative food delivery method optimizes cost efficiency and minimizes storage requirements. By opting for this delivery method, we can ensure expedited delivery of the peeled quail eggs products you have ordered. This will enable your customers to receive the frozen foods they require promptly, thereby enhancing their satisfaction with our services.

Storage Information: By implementing proper storage techniques, achieving optimal freshness and quality of peeled quail eggs in a retail setting is definitely possible. Here are certain guidelines to follow:

When kept in a cool, dry place out of the sun, a peeled egg can maintain its freshness for months. This will help to prevent spoilage and ensure that you can enjoy peel quail eggs whenever you want.

Storing peeled eggs upright can help maintain the boiled quail egg’s shape and prevent any possible damage. Then, you can be confident that your peeled quail eggs will stay fresh by checking the vacuum seal of the packages to ensure it is intact and undamaged.

By rotating your stock regularly using the "first in, first out" method, you can ensure that your peeled quail eggs inventory stays fresh and up-to-date. By placing the peeled egg packages with the closest expiry date in the front, we can ensure that they will be sold before the newer packages.

Peeled Quail Eggs Overview

Since quail eggs have such a thin and delicate shells, you may stop worrying about how to peel quail eggs fast. We've already come up with a solution to this issue that should make things easier for you. Simply purchase some CSF telur puyuh kupas (peeled quail eggs).

Unlike chicken eggs, quail bird eggs have a rich and creamy texture that makes them perfect for all kinds of recipes. One of the great things about quail bird eggs is that they are incredibly versatile. Cooked quail egg can be used in a broad variety of meals, from salads and sandwiches to sushi, and fresh quail eggs can be boiled, fried, poached, or scrambled. The peeled egg can even be homemade pickled or marinated for a unique and flavorful snack.

In addition to being delicious and nutrition food, peeled quail eggs can be used to make a variety of exciting recipes. Quail egg sambal, for example, is a popular dish in Southeast Asia where hard boiled quail eggs are cooked with a spicy chilli paste and served as a side dish or topping for rice.

And if you're looking for a unique ingredient other than seafood, to add to your steamboat or hotpot, peeled quail eggs are a great option. Peeled eggs can be boiled in the soup base along with other ingredients and served as a tasty and nutrition addition to the meal.

About CSF Food Industries Sdn. Bhd

Welcome to our company, founded in 2014, we're proud to be Malaysia's first company to offer high-quality, boiled and peeled quail eggs. Our innovative shelling machines, egg peelers and vacuum packing techniques ensure that our cooked quail bird egg products are always fresh and healthy. We're committed to delivering healthy and high-quality products that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

We value high standards of food quality and safety at our organization. We don't use any preservatives, ensuring that our customers get only the best quality products. We're dedicated to continuously improving our processes and training our employees to ensure that we always deliver our products on time and to the highest standards.

Our peeled quail eggs offer an easy and convenient way for our customers to enjoy quail egg nutrition without the hassle of boiling and peeling. CSF peel quail eggs are perfect for busy individuals who want to enjoy a healthy snack or protein-rich food without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Peel Quail Eggs Specification

- Peeled quail eggs are considered a delicacy in many cultures and are often used in high-end cuisine.
- Peel quail eggs are small and have a delicate flavour that is similar to chicken eggs, but slightly richer and creamier.
- Peeled eggs are often used by chefs and home cooks to save time and make the hard boiled quail cooking process more efficient.
- A peeled egg is a great source of protein and contains essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, iron, and phosphorus.
- Salads, snacks, and even fancy breakfast meals can all benefit from the addition of peeled quail eggs.

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