Orinice Semperit Cookies - 250g

  • Orinice
  • Soft crunchy
  • Sweet and chocolate
  • Brownies
  • 10 boxes per carton, 15 carton per pallet
  • 250 Gram
  • 3 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Orinice Semperit Cookies - 250g

Usage: These Semperit Cookies with the trade name Orinice are as delicious as brownies and are ready to eat as you open the package. Every nibble of these Semperit Cookies will have you savouring the decadent sugary and chocolate taste. When you have one of these Semperit Cookies, you will crave extra. The step is to take the Semperit Cookies out of their pouch and eat them.
If you want to splurge, experiment with the recipe for these Semperit Cookies and see how far you can push it. Some examples of upgrading your Semperit Cookie eating experience and trying out new recipes are provided below.
If you want to splurge, experiment with the recipe for these Semperit Cookies and see how far you can push it. Some examples of upgrading your Semperit Cookie eating experience and trying out new recipes are provided below.
  1. If you're tired of the same classic breakfast of plain toast soaked in your morning coffee, spice things up by adding these Semperit Cookies.
  2. Putting Semperit Cookies topped with rainbow sprinkles on a cake is a fun way to experiment with new flavours and decorate your masterpieces.
  3. Alternatively, combine these Semperit Cookies with frozen yoghurt and enjoy the crunchiness of the cookies with every bite of the semperit.
Certification: To assure that no one will ever question the legitimacy of CTS Cookies' product, they have earned a pinnacle certification:
  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Let's say a business gets a Halal certification from JAKIM to guarantee that its packaging, processing, and other services correspond to the rules established by the shariah. If so, it could be beneficial for their clients, particularly Muslims, to purchase their desserts. Muslims must respect their religious edicts by abstaining from food forbidden by their faith; hence they need to check to see whether a business has the JAKIM Halal certification. Due to JAKIM's confirmation of its halal validity, this Semperit Cookies product from CTS Cookies is trustworthy, mainly for Muslims.
Packaging: These Semperit Cookies were packaged using a meticulous technique. This is because you may carry it everywhere you walk, as you can notice from the package. When you're ready for some snack and don't feel like cooking, pick a box of Semperit Cookies and head out. It is elementary because CTS Cookies created a characteristic that makes this treat ready to be eaten. Each packet of Semperit Cookies from the supplier weighs 250g (8.82oz) net weight. Additional packaging for these Semperit Cookies includes ten boxes per carton and 15 cartons per pallet.
Say that you have ever had a great desire to purchase this Semperit Cookies product but are still determining which label to choose. In that scenario, you may always select the Orinice brand since it seldom lets you down. Simply request the Semperit Cookies, and we will immediately deliver what you asked for. Additionally, it would help if you weren't scared to buy Orinice's Semperit Cookies from us since we are highly experienced in handling all the packaging. As a result, we always ensure that the dessert will arrive at your doorstep in a peak shape so that the value will not be affected.
Shelf Life: If you can vaguely recall how to store the Semperit Cookies product from previously, you may retain them for up to three months. This is why you must adequately keep this product; otherwise, its survival rate will shorten and become useless in three months.
Storage Instruction: Before keeping the Semperit cookies, you must make sure they are chill. Then, please keep them in a sealed jar, such as Tupperware, at ambient temperature. If you have any additional cookies, preserve the distinct varieties apart. This is because cookies with intense scents, like molasses or peppermint, may contaminate other tastes and aromas. To counteract this, keep each cookie flavour in a separate sealed jar. If you have a few Tupperware jars, put one ice pouch for every flavour before putting the bags in the pot. This will make the most of your collection capacity while keeping tastes distinct. 

Semperit Cookies’ Overview

A cookie, sometimes known as a cracker or a biscuit, is a sugary baked or fried treat that is generally compact and thin. It often includes wheat, sugar, eggs, and some sort of fat, margarine, or oil. Extra components like currants, cereals, white chocolate, almonds, etc., may be present.
A cookie,  like custard scoops and Cheerios, with meringue or marmalade fillings and occasionally topped with chocolate or any sugary covering, is a type of biscuit or cookie. When cookies are dipped in liquids like dairy, espresso, or any drink, the sweets in the confectioneries are dissolved, releasing additional flavour and loosening the consistency of the cookie. In supermarkets and vending machines, you may buy biscuits baked in factories. Both patisserie and coffee shops provide freshly made cookies.
Now, for all sorts of festivals or occasions, people in different nations have begun experimenting with changing the design, decoration, and cooking method of cookies per their particular cultures or traditions. Semperit Cookies will undoubtedly become a well-liked delicacy or treat, mainly for individuals who celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, just like they do in Malaysia. Visitors will also continually seek it whenever they visit a neighbour's or family member's home. Whether it is the holiday season or just a regular day, most people will undoubtedly choose to consume Semperit Cookies due to their alluring buttery scent and delicious texture, filling the space of your mouth makes you become enamoured with it.
Wheat flour, maize starch, custard powder, sugar, and butter are the ingredients in Semperit Cookies. To make the dough, these elements are combined. The dough is flattened, cut into little chunks, and baked till light brown. After it has warmed to an average level, the semperit dessert is fit for consumption.

About CTS Cookies

Cookies that are both crisp and contemporary in design and unique for the cookie-crazed youth of today. A genuine flavour is still there—wholesome, halal-certified, and kosher biscuits baked entirely by Bumiputera Muslims.
Siti Fatonah, a Malay Muslim, came up with the name ORINICE as a portmanteau of the words "original" and "nice." A well-known brand of cookies is called CTS cookies.

CTS’ Semperit Cookies’ Specifications

  1. Label:ORINICE
  2. Has chilli sambal attribute with smooth surface
  3. Has tangy and hot tang
  4. Legitimate verification: Halal by JAKIM
  5. Shelf Life: 3 months
  6. 250g (8.82oz) for each pack
  7. One carton: 10 boxes x 250g (8.82oz)
  8. One pallet: 15 cartons
  9. Merely dessert by a Malaysia's business

>CTS Cookies

CTS Cookies

  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • Business Type
  • Manufacturer,Distributor/Wholesaler
  • Membership
    • Gold Supplier
    • Gold Supplier
  • Verified Supplier
  • Verified Supplier
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