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  • 2 Kilogram
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Product details of Seng Wang Barbecue Charcoal - 2kg

Usage Instruction: Barbecue charcoal is common for grilling and smoking food outdoors. Charcoal imparts a unique flavour to your food and creates a great ambience for outdoor gatherings. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use BBQ charcoal effectively:

  1. Selecting the Grill: Before you start, ensure a grill is suitable for charcoal cooking. Options include traditional charcoal grills, portable grills, and smokers, each catering to different cooking needs and preferences.

  2. Preparing Your Grill: Proper grill maintenance is crucial for a successful barbecue. Start by cleaning the grill grates to remove any residue from previous uses. A wire brush works well for this purpose. If you're using a smoker, follow the manufacturer's instructions for setup to ensure optimal performance.

  3. Arranging the Charcoal: For direct grilling (cooking food directly over the coals), spread a single layer of charcoal evenly across the grill's BBQ charcoal grate. For indirect grilling (cooking food away from the direct heat source), create two zones on the grill: one with barbecue charcoal on one side and an empty space on the other. This setup allows you to control the cooking temperature more effectively.

  4. Lighting the Charcoal: There are several methods for lighting charcoal briquettes. A charcoal chimney starter is a popular choice, where you fill the chimney with barbecue charcoal, place crumpled newspaper underneath, and ignite the newspaper. When ready, the BBQ charcoal will light from the bottom and can be poured onto the grill. Alternatively, an electric starter is a heating element designed to ignite the BBQ charcoal briquettes. It should be placed in the centre of the charcoal and allowed to heat until the coals ash over. While lighter fluid is an option, it should be used sparingly, as excessive use can impart a chemical taste to your food.

  5. Waiting for the Coals to Ash Over: Patience is key once the bbq charcoal grill is lit. Wait for the coals to ash over, turning a greyish colour on the surface. This usually takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes, depending on various factors such as the type and amount of charcoal briquette used.

  6. Spreading the Coals: Spread the barbecue charcoal evenly across the grilling area using long-handled tongs to ensure consistent heat distribution.

  7. Starting the Grilling Process: With the BBQ charcoal properly arranged, it's time to start grilling. Place your food on the grill grates directly above the charcoal. Don't forget to adjust the grill's vents to control the temperature. Wider vents allow for higher heat, while partially or completely closing them reduces the heat.

Mentioning(s): Seng Wang is committed to using only the finest methods in making BBQ charcoal, giving our customers the greatest possible grills.

  1. Rough, Hard Exterior:  The rough exterior of barbecue charcoal aids in the ignition process. It provides more surface area for the initial flames to catch, allowing quicker and more reliable lighting.

  2. Cube Shaped:  Due to their uniform size and shape, charcoal cubes are simple to light, shortening the time you must wait before you can start grilling.

  3. Concentrated Long Burning:  BBQ charcoal designed for concentrated, long-lasting burns offers a sustained heat source, allowing for extended cooking sessions compared to regular coals.

  4. No Eye Irritation:  Barbecue charcoal formulated to reduce eye irritation undergoes a thorough manufacturing process that eliminates impurities, such as dust and volatile compounds.

  5. Efficient Burning:  Efficient barbecue charcoal briquette products often produce fewer pollutants and emissions during combustion, making them more environmentally friendly.

  6. Safe For BBQ Usage:  Safe barbecue charcoal is typically free from harmful additives or binders that could release toxic fumes or chemical residues when burned.

  7. Safe For Industrial Usage:  Industrial processes that require precise temperature control and combustion rate benefit greatly from the steady and predictable burning of safe BBQ charcoal.

  8. Without Any Chemicals:  Barbecue charcoal grills without chemicals enhance the natural flavours of food without artificial or unwanted interference, ensuring a pure and authentic taste.

Packaging Information: The primary purpose of BBQ charcoal bags is to protect the charcoal from external elements that could affect its quality. This includes moisture, which can reduce the effectiveness of the coal, as well as contaminants like dirt and dust. A well-designed bag keeps the barbecue charcoal dry and clean, ensuring it remains in optimal condition until it's ready to be used.

For further information on the BBQ charcoal grill package, please see the following:

Net weight

2kg (70.55oz)

Minimum order quantity

2kg (70.55oz)

Storage Information: Storing barbecue charcoal is crucial to maintain its quality and effectiveness over time. Here are some essential tips on how to store it:

BBQ charcoal is highly porous and susceptible to moisture absorption. Moisture can make the coal less effective and even cause it to become unusable. Store barbecue charcoal briquettes in a dry place, ideally indoors or in a waterproof container.

Then, seal the BBQ charcoal bags tightly after each use. This prevents moisture from entering and helps preserve the charcoal's quality. You can use bag clips or fold and secure the bag with tape.

Barbecue Charcoal Overview

In outdoor culinary ventures, the choice of barbecue charcoal plays a pivotal role in shaping the success and satisfaction of your endeavours. Whether you are at the helm of a bustling restaurant, orchestrating the perfect catering experience, or fueling a thriving barbecue business, the quality of your charcoal is the cornerstone of your culinary excellence.

At our core, we offer a diverse array of top-tier BBQ charcoal products meticulously curated to meet the distinctive demands of businesses like yours. To provide a transformative culinary experience, we prioritise taste, convenience, and versatility, ensuring our charcoal products align seamlessly with your culinary ambitions.

Our charcoal bricks are a steadfast choice for those seeking extended cooking durations. These bricks are meticulously crafted to facilitate slow-cooking meats and maintain an indirect heat source, catering to your restaurant's or buffet's meticulous standards. In the world of swift culinary execution, our instant-lighting charcoal products offer expediency, ideal for rapid turnaround restaurant orders, ensuring that efficiency aligns with exceptional flavour. 

Boost the quality and diversity of your catering menu with our premium barbecue charcoal products. From succulent steaks and savoury sausages to impeccably grilled chicken and tantalising smoked meats, our charcoal is the secret ingredient that enhances your culinary offerings.

Our dedication to safety and purity is unwavering. All our BBQ charcoal products are crafted to be natural and free of chemicals, allowing you to concentrate on crafting delectable dishes without worrying about harmful additives. We firmly believe in elevating the essence of natural flavours and providing instant and consistent heat.

Regardless of your culinary specialty, whether it's wings, thighs, or whole chickens, our charcoal briquette empowers you to achieve your desired results with precision. Your grill becomes a canvas, and our charcoal serves as your brush, facilitating the creation of culinary masterpieces.

Picture hosting unforgettable garden parties, beach barbecues, and backyard gatherings that etch indelible memories into the minds of your guests. Our barbecue charcoal is the key to transforming these events into joy and culinary excellence moments. Whether you are a seasoned griller or an impassioned enthusiast, our BBQ charcoal is the clandestine ingredient for success.

Incorporate the irresistible aroma of grilled and smoked dishes into your family gatherings, picnics, and beach outings. Forge memorable moments with your loved ones while savouring delicious grilled meats and foods.

About Seng Wang Trading

At Seng Wang Trading, we believe in catering to your unique preferences. We offer a wide array of charcoal types to suit your specific needs. Whether you are seeking the rich, smoky flavour of hardwood charcoal, the reliability of briquettes, or the natural charm of lump charcoal, we have the perfect match for your grilling or smoking desires.

Bbq Charcoal Specification

- The BBQ charcoal has a hard and rough texture.
- Barbecue charcoal cannot irritate the eye.
- The BBQ charcoal grill is suitable for outdoor gatherings.
- Barbecue charcoal briquettes are made from natural ingredients.
- No chemical composition in the charcoal briquette.

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