Smoocht Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

  • Smoocht
  • Soft
  • Sweet
  • Made from organic crystal brown rice
  • 24 Months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Smoocht Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Usage: In search for a classic treat? Why not try out Smoocht’s vegan chocolate ice cream. It is different than other regular ice creams sold in the market. Let us show you the reasons for it. Firstly, this frozen dessert is made from our very own signature formulation which does not use any dairy products such as milk or cream. Instead, we used organic brown rice for the base of sweet confection. In addition, we added natural and pure ingredients into the mixture which eventually form the perfect vegan chocolate ice cream. It is suitable to be served in a dessert, a confectionery or even a gelato store.

Here are a few ways that you can utilize as a guide when you want to consume the vegan chocolate ice cream:

  1. Open the packaging of the product.
  2. Simply use an ice cream scooper or a spoon, to scoop out the creamy frozen dessert.
  3. Scoop the desired amount of the gelato into a bowl.
  4. You can now eat it just as it is or even add some syrup or sprinkles.

Certification(s) & Mentioning(s): Smoocht (M) Sdn Bhd is dedicated to their business, here are a few certifications and quality values, to prove the efforts that they have made in creating their brand and products:

  1. MUIS Halal CertificationThe lactose-free frozen goods from Smoocht including the vegan chocolate ice cream have been certified with the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) as an indication that it has complied with the principles of the Singapore Muis Halal Quality Management System. Therefore, Muslim customers would be able to consume the sweet dessert.

  2. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) CertificationIt is required for any food or beverage products to be certified with the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) certification. This also applies to Smoocht’s vegan chocolate ice cream, and we made sure to obtain it.

  3. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification: As a responsible manufacturing company, we have also acquired the good manufacturing practices (GMP) certification as the vegan chocolate ice cream has been manufactured with proper processes in the manufacturing facility.

  4. Listed In Singapore Book Of RecordsWe are also proud to be listed in Singapore Book of Records as the very first vegan non-dairy ice cream in Asia which is a huge recognition for us as a company.

  5. Vegetarian-FriendlyThe highlight of the vegan chocolate ice cream is that it is a vegetarian-friendly food product that can be consumed by people who are vegetarians or even vegans.

  6. Organic Ingredients: Another unique point of our vegan chocolate ice cream is that it has been created with organic ingredients as we used organic crystal brown rice and organic cane juice for it.

  7. For Lactose-Intolerant: People who are lactose-intolerant can now enjoy the plant-based frozen dessert without worrying about lactose or dairy as the vegan chocolate ice cream is free from it.

  8. No Preservatives ComponentsThere are no preservatives or harmful ingredients in the vegan chocolate ice cream. Also, it is free from artificial flavours, dyes, and colouring, making it a completely natural product.

  9. White Sugar-FreeThe vegan chocolate ice cream is made with organic evaporated cane juice instead of white-sugar, making it a white-sugar free product that you would still be able to enjoy the taste of sweetness from it.

  10. Low In CaloriesIt is low in calories, there is only 80-160 calories in each scoop of the vegan chocolate ice cream, it is considered as one-third fewer calories and less than 5% fat compared to other regular frozen desserts. A healthier choice that can be considered by the customers.

  11. Non-GMOOther than that, the vegan chocolate ice cream is a non-GMO product which means that are no genetically modified organisms in the chocolate flavoured gelato. To ensure that the customer experience the delightful confection's natural goodness, we only used natural and organic ingredients.

  12. Low Glycemic-Index (GI)The glycemic index for our vegan chocolate ice cream is low which means that it has less calories per serving and less sugar overall 

  13. Evaporated Sugar Cane JuiceEvaporated sugar cane juice is used as a substitution for sugar in the formulation of the vegan chocolate ice cream, enabling the consumers to still taste the sweetness from the gelato when they are indulging it.

Packaging InformationSustainable practices are being implemented by Smoocht as we used recyclable and environmentally friendly materials for the packaging of the vegan chocolate ice cream. The customers can take advantage of that fact and reuse or recycle the packaging, to cut down on waste. Here is a table that displays our product's whole packaging:


Evaporated Sugar Cane Juice, Brown Rice Milk

Packaging Design

Tubs, Pints & Cups


4.5kg (158.7oz) x 4 per carton

36.7 x 34.2 x 28.1cm (14.45 x 13.46 x 11.06in) per carton


450g (15.8oz) x 24 pints per carton

40.6 x 30.6 x 22.5cm (15.98 x 12.05 x 8.86in) per carton


80g (2.8oz) x 96 cups per carton

43.3 x 28.8 x 21.8cm (17.05 x 11.34 x 8.58in) per carton

Minimum Order

1x pallet or 1x 20 ft container or negotiable for loose container service with 1 pallet

Storage Information
The vegan chocolate ice cream is a fast-moving consumer good (FMCG) with a shelf-life of two years or 24 months. It is recommended to keep it cool, by storing it in the freezer. Do note that it will stay fresh for around two months after being opened and placed in the freezer.

Overview of Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

The vegan chocolate ice cream by the brand of Smoocht is just as good as other typical ice creams if not better as it is made with premium ingredients and has such rich flavour of chocolate. In Smoocht, it is also known as chocolate French kiss which is a fun nickname that is given by us, to describe the soft and sweet frozen dessert. Since, it is made from plant-based ingredients, consumers who are a vegetarian or a vegan can eat the vegetarian-friendly food. Moreover, people of all age from children to adults can indulge the vegan chocolate ice cream. It is such a treat that can be experienced by all. The flavour is a classic choice that could end up being your favourite one. Other than that, there are also other popular options of flavours such as strawberry and vanilla. These three flavours are considered as the top choices for the confection desserts. If you are curious of our vegan chocolate ice cream, go ahead and make your purchase for it now.

About Smoocht (M) Sdn Bhd

Smoocht (M) Sdn Bhd has been in the business for more than 20 years. Throughout their long journey in the business, they have able to make a history when they were featured in the Singapore Book of Records for being the first company to introduce brown rice-based gelato in Asia. They are experts in both retail and the creation of frozen items, which would include the vegan chocolate ice cream. Given that their staff members are committed, to give the clients the greatest products possible, they might even be a good inspiration to other existing businesses. Smoocht (M) Sdn Bhd is currently working hard to develop new business opportunities so that their successful entrepreneurial adventure will continue in the future.

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream Specifications

- Brand: Smoocht
- Rich and creamy texture and flavour
- Made from high-quality ingredients
- Uses evaporate sugar cane juice
- Low glycemic-index (GI)
- Lactose-free
- Free from additives
- No harmful chemicals
- No artificial dyes
- Less fat and less calories
- Suitable to be consumed by vegans
- Certified by: JAKIM-Halal, MUIS-Halal, HACCP

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