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Product details of Mah Staz Sublimation T Shirt Printing

Usage: When it comes to business, Sublimation T Shirt Printing can be important for several reasons. For sports teams, for example, imagine a fine vibrant print on a plain blue and green cricket jersey that displays its details for eyes to savor. Jersey numbers and names printed through custom t shirt printing also aren’t as easily torn off as heat-transferred vinyl which is generally seen on them.

For music learning centers, the instructors and students can have the full logo displayed on the shirts’ front and back, being proud that their talents are enhanced and developed by the prided music school. It can also help to distinguish old and new students.

Furthermore, events would also be useful to have Sublimation T Shirt Printing, especially to differentiate official attendees, the event managers, and staff, as well as making prized shirts for activity winners amongst other things. Displaying them on posters can also help attract attendees.

Location: We only provide our Sublimation T Shirt Printing in Peninsular Malaysia. The details of your order can be acquired with our customer service team for the minimum order amount, the price quotation, the design, the estimated order preparation time, and the delivery details.

Certification(s) And mentioning(s): We ensure that the sublimation t shirt printing we provide and produce features the following quality, as it is important to our customers that they receive satisfactory services.

  1. Neat and Quality Stitching: We chose high-quality T-shirts with well-constructed seams and quality and tidy stitching to ensure neat and quality stitching on sublimation T-shirts. The combination of these aspects, with attention to detail and strong quality control procedures, will result in T-shirts that demonstrate professionalism and longevity, boosting the overall aesthetic and durability of the sublimation printed products.

Sublimation T Shirt Printing Overview

During Sublimation T Shirt Printing, the ink used is in a gaseous state. Commonly, wet and dry inks are used to add printing to an object, but sublimation is different. Sublimation is an endothermic process where a material changes its property or state from gas to solid, skipping the vaporization process where the gas turns into liquid. The following are the 6 steps to sublimation t-shirt printing. The first step to Sublimation T Shirt Printing is preparing the desired design or artwork on a computer using graphic design software which can range anything from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and many more depending on other needs and preferences of the designer. Then, the design is horizontally flipped before the next step, if we decide not to flip the design, the final product will be horizontally facing the wrong way per the design. Then, using gaseous ink, the design prepared digitally will then be transferred or printed into a paper made of materials specific for sublimation. The gaseous ink used has a very important property for t shirt dye printing which is the ability to sublimate from gas immediately to solid. This ensures that the printing quality will eventually be clean, sharp, and not smeared.

The printed sublimation paper is then placed face-down onto the T-shirt, with the design in direct contact with the fabric, for the transferring process. They are tightly joined to maintain perfect alignment during the transfer process. The next step involves a heat press for heat transfer of the design. The sandwiched T-shirt and sublimation paper are placed inside a heat press machine. The fabric and paper combination is subjected to high temperatures and pressure in the heat press. The heat converts the sublimation ink to a gas (sublimate), and the pressure allows the gas to penetrate the fabric's surface. As the sandwich is heat pressed, the ink transitions from a solid to a gas, it permeates the fabric fibers and becomes embedded within them. The heat press guarantees that the ink remains in close touch with the cloth for an extended time, allowing the sublimation process to take place properly.

Lastly, in the sublimation t shirt printing, the shirt is removed and left to cool down, revealing the designed art printed into the shirt semi-permanently. A high-quality sublimation process would be able to withhold its printed design for an extended period given that the product is taken care of appropriately. Furthermore, it should be accurate to the digital design, and our staff would ensure that it is also perfectly aligned as intended, offering you a professional and top-notch service experience that we offer exclusive to our customers. Shirts that are suitable for sublimation printing include polyester t-shirts and sports jerseys. Shirts like polo shirts, which are made of cotton, are not ideal for sublimation as the ink could not penetrate and transfer itself into the material. Other than shirts, a lot of items also use sublimation for printing custom designs onto them. This includes mugs, keycaps, coasters, phone cases, and many more.

About Mahz Star Sdn Bhd

We are a digital printing service provider that has been established since 2018. We look to provide affordable and high-quality heat press, silkscreen printing and sublimation t shirt printing, printings for banners, bunting, and stickers as well as custom print polyester drawstring bags.

Sublimation T Shirt Printing Specifications

- Location Available: Peninsular Malaysia
- Features

  1. High-quality sublimation
  2. Neat and quality stitching

- Compatibility

  1. Sports jerseys
  2. Polyester shirts

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