G&M Toasted Coconut Paste | Kerisik Kelapa - 500g

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  • 100% fresh old coconut
  • 500 Gram
  • 9-12Months
  • Malaysia

Product details of G&M Toasted Coconut Paste | Kerisik Kelapa - 500g

Usage: Do you own a traditional dish restaurant or catering somewhere in the Malay Archipelago countries of either Malaysia, Indonesia, or Singapore? The rendang dishes are likely sought after there. Not sure what rendang is? Rendang is spiced, stewed meat in a coconut milk concoction. The locals' taste buds are remarkable in recognizing the toasted coconut paste's presence in the food. Local Malay dishes mostly go well with toasted coconut paste to enhance the flavor of the cuisines. With the G&M Toasted Coconut Paste, you too can now cook an explosively flavorful rendang just like the taste of Malaysia. If you wish to try making your own rendang with toasted coconut paste, here is a simple hack to unseal the packaging safely:

  1. Tear open the packaging of G&M Toasted Coconut Paste.
  2. Take out a spoonful or two.
  3. Put it into the desired cooking.
  4. Store the residue unrefrigerated in another container or tie the packaging.

You may add a cup of toasted coconut paste to another dish (around 85g or 3oz), like chicken curry and beef rendang, for a mouth-watering experience.

Certification(s) & Mentionings:

  1. JAKIM’s Halal Certificate: As a company operating in Malaysia, G&M Coconut Industry Sdn Bhd pays attention to the needs of its targeted customer and the demographic factor of the country, which comprises almost three-fourths of Muslims. Per the professed Islamic faith, a JAKIM's Halal certification is needed in their food and beverage intake to ensure the products are halal as mandated by Shariah. The company obtains its Halal certificate for its toasted coconut paste as JAKIM's authority has assured that the ingredients are of halal resources and produced hygienically. The toasted coconut paste by G&M is undoubtedly safe for use.

  2. No artificial additives: All the products of coconut food by G&M Coconut Industry Sdn Bhd undergo a natural process free of additives. The company purposely excludes additives to maintain the authentic taste and aroma of toasted coconut paste to keep it natural. It is aligned with the company's goal to produce a high-quality product that will be renowned globally.

Packaging: The company employs vacuum packaging to be sold to consumers as it maximizes the volume of the toasted coconut paste that can be filled in the container. By doing so, the consumer can cut the packaging and quickly put the toasted coconut paste in their cooking. Furthermore, vacuum plastic bag offers benefits like preserving product for 3 to 5 time longer, and the cost is also affordable. The toasted coconut paste by G&M Coconut comes in 500g (17.64 oz) weight. This packaging that comes in medium size is ideal for cooking in large quantities like restaurants or catering as it saves the hassle of transferring the leftover toasted coconut paste into another container for storage purposes.

Storage Instructions: The sealed and unopened G&M Toasted Coconut Paste can last between 9 to 12 months (a year). The purpose of choosing old fresh coconut is because it contains a lot of oil, which retains the freshness of toasted coconut paste. Keep the toasted coconut paste away from direct sunlight.

Toasted Coconut Paste Overview:

Toasted coconut paste is a condiment widely used in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore's households. Toasted coconut paste is also known as "coconut butter" because when the toasted coconut is pounded in a mortar, the oil is released and turned into an oily paste that resembles coconut butter. Before machinery to produce toasted coconut paste was invented, the older generations would make it homemade. It is not cooking but instead prep work, which is more uncomplicated than cooking.
Just a few simple steps are required to make a perfect toasted coconut paste that gives a nutty flavor to it. Firstly, the old coconut will be used to grate; the secret to a more oily toasted coconut paste is choosing an old coconut as it has more oil. Next, fry the freshly ground coconut until it turns brown. Be careful not to overcook it! This is where the name 'toasted coconut paste' came from, as it is fried into a brown color. Hold on! That is not the last step yet. In order to turn the toasted coconut into a paste form, it must be pestled in a mortar until it turns into a shiny and oily texture. There you go, a homemade toasted coconut paste is ready to be served. Perhaps, the most challenging part of making a homemade toasted coconut paste is ensuring the fried coconut does not fly away from the mortar; and, of course, the aching arm of pounding the coconut for as long as the oil has yet to appear. 
Sure, there are only minimal steps to produce a nutty aromatic toasted coconut paste, but it sounds like pounding them will take forever; because it really is. Don't worry; G&M Coconut has got you covered! With more than 20 years of doing business for coconut products, G&M Coconut Industry Sdn Bhd runs a factory to manufacture a lot of toasted coconut paste for you. What does G&M Toasted Coconut Paste have in common with the homemade one? Rest assured, G&M Toasted Coconut Paste is not made with leftover coconut from making coconut milk, contrary to the practice of the majority of producers. The company is aware that that practice will leave the toasted coconut paste with a bland aftertaste. G&M Coconut does not incorporate additives in its manufacturing as well as only uses fresh coconut. With the original taste of toasted coconut paste, everyone can now cook the delightful thickened curry dish independently.

About G&M Coconut Industry Sdn Bhd:

From a direct-to-consumer business for almost a decade, from 2001 until 2007, G&M Coconut Industry Sdn Bhd is now a wholesaler. G&M Coconut Industry Sdn Bhd specializes in processing coconut food with no added artificial additives. Initially, the company's factory was located in Sg Besar, Selangor. In May 2019, they relocated to Perak, specifically to Teluk Intan, Hutan Melintang. As a company with a clear vision to become renowned globally, they only deliver high-quality products at a reasonable price to the markets. Their product lines consist of fresh and frozen coconut milk and toasted coconut paste, the widely used ingredient in Malaysia's cuisine.

Toasted Coconut Paste Specifications:

  1. 100% made from fresh old coconut which contains more oil
  2. 500g (17.64 oz) net weight per pack
  3. Consumption in between 9 to 12months
  4. Produced in Malaysia



1.               Rendang

2.     Fried coconut

3.               Coconut butter

4.          Shredded coconut

5.               Cooking

6.               Fresh

7.               Brown

8.               Ground


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