Tuna Deluxe Pizza

  • Pizza House
  • Soft, lumpy, bready
  • Tuna
  • Chewy crust pizza dough
  • 2-3 days
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Tuna Deluxe Pizza

Usage: People know that the most famous cuisine from Italy is pizza, who in this world doesn't know or like "Pizza" that is so delicious with various toppings and melted cheese. In some parts of the country such as in America calling pizza is one of the fast foods, but in other side country pizza is said not to be included in junk food, because it is still made by hand; one of them is Pizza House, which produces pizza using the traditional method, starting from the process of making dough to baking.

Pizza House produces various types of pizza, starting from meat, vegetarian, and seafood. So, for you fish lovers, you must try the Tuna Deluxe Pizza, made with their special secret recipe, which is very delicious. Tuna pizza is an easy food to enjoy, you just need to wait for the pizza to be delivered after that open the box seal, take a slice, and put it on a plate; it will be more delicious if you eat it immediately while it is still hot.

You can serve tuna pizza together with chili sauce or tomato sauce, eating it together with the sauce will give you a variety of flavors. Especially for those of you who like spicy; You can dip it with chili sauce. Pizza is not a food that is only liked by teenagers or children, but almost all ages like pizza, which they can enjoy when gathering with family, friends, workmates, celebrating important days etc.

Packaging: Tuna pizza is packaged safely and neatly using good quality and thick cardboard in the shape of a square, designed according to the size of the pizza. furthermore, Pizza House specifically illustrates the packaging like a postcard in green and orange, against the background of the usual cardboard color. The pizza box will be sealed so it doesn't spill. as the result, clients do not need to worry when they want to order pizza.

The box sizes used in the tuna pizza packaging are divided into three types, namely the first is regular (9 inches), large (12 inches), and extra-large (15 inches).

Storage Instruction: It is recommended to directly consume the tuna pizza. However, if not eaten directly; Store it in the refrigerator (1°C - 4°C / 33.8 °F – 39.2°F) so it can last for 2-3 days.

Tuna Pizza Overview

As is known, Pizza House has issued 12 variants of which there are three types of pizza (meat, seafood, and vegetarian). one of the seafood variants is Tuna Deluxe Pizza, with their family secret recipe the pizza made by their hands is very delicious and tempting; with the pizza crust dough that is chewy, and the outside is crunchy it still gives a very soft texture in every bite. moreover, there are various kinds of toppings provided (onion, pineapple, green pepper, tuna, double cheese, and mayonnaise); the toppings given are not stingy. Thus, making people who eat tuna pizza can feel the various flavors in their mouths, also the cheese melts when eaten hot.

In addition, JJ international Venture Sdn Bhd offers various sizes of tuna pizza, namely regular (9" [inches]) size for personal which is equivalent to four slices, large (12" [inches]) divided into six slices can be eaten by 1-2 people, and the last extra-large (15" [inches]) cut into eight slices suitable for serving 2-3 people. Customers can also customize the crust by choosing between Original Hand-Tossed, Pizza House Crust, or Thin N Crunchy; moreover, they can also add extra cheese to their tuna pizza to make it more melted and delicious.

About Pizza House (JJ International Venture Sdn Bhd)

JJ International Venture Sdn Bhd
has been around for more than five years now, they established Pizza House because they wanted to serve the deliciousness of their homemade pizza made with a secret recipe to local people as well as residents of other countries. Due to their traditional manufacturing process and use of high-quality fresh ingredients, the pizzas sold to customers are no less delicious than the originals in Italy; and of course, this pizza is Muslim-friendly.

Pizza house offers 12 kinds of pizza menu to the public, from the type of meat there are Beef Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken Delight Pizza, Spicy Chicken Delight Pizza, Bolognese Pizza, and Ohana Deluxe Pizza. while for vegetarians you can try Vege Craver Pizza. For seafood lovers, they also provide Tuna Delight Pizza to try. However, JJ International Venture Sdn Bhd not only produce salty and savory food for its customers, but they also have pizza that gives a sweet taste, namely Banana Maple Pizza.

Tuna Pizza's List Of Ingredients & Specification(s)


Tuna Pizza's Ingredients List & Customizations


 Tuna Pizza’s Ingredients


 Green Pepper








 Double Cheese




Pizza Size Choice:

·       Regular (9 inches)

·       Large (12 inches)

·       Extra-Large (15 inches)


Pizza Crust Choice:

·       Original Hand-Tossed

·       Pizza House Crust

·       Thin N Crunchy



(+) Extra Cheese


- Soft, lumpy, and bready texture of pizza
- Tuna Pizza with chewy crust pizza dough
- Gives a flavorful tuna taste
- Ready-To-Eat
- Packed in a cardboard box
- Can last for 2-3 days
- Made in Malaysia

Important Instruction(s): Store in the refrigerator at a temperature of 1°C - 4°C / 33.8 °F – 39.2°F to maintain the shelf life of the tuna pizza (can last 2-3 days).

Instructions For Other Ways to Enjoy Tuna Pizza:

  1. 1) Eat directly while still warm is the best because the cheese is still melted.
  2. 2) Can be dipped in chili sauce or tomato sauce to taste a variety of flavors in every bite.
  3. 3) Serve your pizza with soft drinks is a very suitable package.

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