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Product details of Tunas Mekar Graphics Copier Service - A3 & A4

Usage: We take pride in offering excellent printing solutions at our copier service for a range of requirements. For academic or training purposes, you may need flyers, art cards, stickers, or even book printing. We can take care of that. When it comes to printing, we recognize the value of producing results that closely resemble the digital form. To ensure that the colors, details, and general appearance of your prints closely resemble the original design, we employ cutting-edge printing technology and methods for our copier service. We aim to ensure that our copier service exceeds your expectations by creating visually attractive and high-quality printings.

We provide copying services in addition to the printing service to meet your needs. Our copying equipment is prepared to perform the work quickly and precisely, whether you need to create many copies of any printed material, crucial papers, or training manuals. Hence, if you are a business or corporation that needs printing and copier services, don’t hesitate to contact us for animation designing and printing of your advertisement, sales and other needs.

Location: Our copier services are based in Seri Iskandar, Perak. If you are concerned regarding deliveries of the services you wish to apply for, please inquire further with our customer service.

Materials: Tunas Mekar Graphics uses several types of printing materials to ensure that the copier service provided offers a great print quality in terms of color accuracy, sharpness and smoothness.

  1. 70gsm simili paper: Simili paper is a coated paper that has a smooth texture and glossy surface. Printing sharp and colorful images for catalogues, posters, flyers, and many more are some notable uses for this type of paper. Albeit more expensive than normal paper, the quality difference is massive and worth it nonetheless with its more vibrant and appealing visuals. Since we use 70gsm simili papers, we ensure the price is affordable.

  2. 230gsm art card: The coated paper used in the art cards has a higher weight and thicker construction, making it ideal for printing and crafting as it is sturdy, durable, and allows for excellent print quality.

Certification(s) & Mentioning(s): Tunas Mekar Graphics ensures the following qualities for their copier service.

  1. Fresh Ideas: We look to offer fresh and original designs that are attention-grabbing to give your printed material readers maintain interest in the information you wish to relay to them.

  2. Immersive: Our copier services ensure an immersive experience, allowing the visual appeal of our design to take you into another world of vibrant and enjoyable colors.

  3. Efficient: We vow to provide great service quality for our copier service in addition to the product itself, so you need not be worried that your products may not be ready before the deadline as long as you provide a reasonable time for us to prepare.

  4. Affordable: While maintaining high-quality prints using high-quality jet printers and printing materials, our prices are affordable in accordance with the excellence of quality that we offer.

Copier Service Overview

Copier services began to emerge in the 50s where they slowly developed until the 70s. During that period, photocopiers were done using electrostatic technologies. The first commercial photocopier was introduced in the 60s by Xerox Corporation while high-speed dot matrix printers were introduced in the 70s. Later development brought better image quality, faster printing times as well as colored printing in the disco era of the 80s. The following decade saw printing becoming more affordable through Hewlett-Packard printers and colored printing becoming increasingly accessible to the public. However, the 2000s saw that printer and copier services were no longer exclusive to paper, as synthetic materials were increasing in relevance alongside better image quality, color accuracy, and printing speeds.

We use jet ink printers for our copier service, which are renowned for their capacity to generate crisp and colorful prints, to achieve remarkable quality. These printers produce high-quality photos and text thanks to their exceptional resolution and accurate color reproduction. Your products will look and feel more professional because of the smoothness of our printing, which also adds a professional touch. We have the know-how and tools for copier service, making it reliable for you to trust us to provide great outcomes in book printing for educational or training needs. Whether it's a textbook, workbook, or instruction manual, we are aware of how important clear, readable content and excellent printing are. Our staff makes sure that every page is accurately replicated, resulting in the best reading and learning experience possible. At our copier service, we are dedicated to offering outstanding printing solutions that satisfy your unique needs. We mix accuracy, quality, and efficiency to produce remarkable results that create a lasting impact on anything from flyers and art cards to stickers and books. Our copier service quality also benefits from maintenance and repairs of our equipment routinely from specialized technicians. In addition to our printer and copier service, poster, banners, and stickers production is also available. So, contact us for more information regarding the details of how our services work.

About Tunas Mekar Graphics

With a decade of experience since our establishment, our team of specialists brings a fresh and imaginative approach to design, ensuring that your printed materials hogs the spotlights of its viewers. Located in Seri Iskandar, Perak, we are committed to delivering cost-effective and punctual services that meet your needs. We look forward for the opportunity to serve and exceed your expectations.

Copier Service Specifications

- Origin: Seri Iskandar, Perak, Malaysia
- Sizes Available: A4 and A3
- Materials:

  1. 70gsm simili paper
  2. 230gsm art card

- Features

  1. Quick process
  2. Affordable
  3. Fresh and immersive designs

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Tunas Mekar Graphics

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