Water Kefir Pomegranate Soft Drink

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  • 24.7 x 18.3 x 16.6 cm
  • 400g x 12 Bottles per Carton, 100 Cartons / Pallet, 2000 Cartons / 20ft Container
  • 6 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Water Kefir Pomegranate Soft Drink

UsageWhen it comes to practicing a healthy diet, it is very important to ensure intake of all the important nutrients and food groups, all in a balanced ratio and quantity. But that’s not all that is needed. Without proper gut health to ensure that your digestive system is functioning smoothly, even the most nutritious foods can be eaten in vain, as your body will not effectively absorb nutrients while eliminating waste.

This is where probiotics and prebiotics can help. As dietary products that promote healthy gut flora and result in improved digestive health, they are much sought after by those who are health conscious. With the help of probiotics, severe digestive issues like constipation or diahorrea can be easily averted, bringing you back to good health. Across the market, probiotics and prebiotics are available in the form of supplements, foods, or even beverages.

And in the category of beverages, Daily Probio Trading is here to stand out from the rest with its new Pomegranate Fizzy Drink. There is no aeration involved here as you would find in sodas or sparkling water. Rather, the fizzy texture of this probiotic beverage comes from the fermentation of grains of kefir, a cultured milk-based substance that forms a popular part of the diet of many people throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia thanks to its taste and health benefits.

To enjoy the benefits of Daily Probio Trading’s Pomegranate Fizzy Drink, the steps are simple:

1) Immediately after receiving your order of Pomegranate Fizzy Drink, you are advised to refrigerate it for at least an hour before consuming.
2) You are encouraged to drink the probiotic beverage on an empty stomach, before meals instead of after. This will allow maximum benefits to your digestive system.
3) When ready to drink, simply break the seal, unscrew the cap, and enjoy.
4) Due to the probiotic nature of the beverage, be sure to finish an opened bottle within 24 hours.

With this routine in mind, you will surely be able to enjoy various foods as part of a healthy diet, all while your digestive system does its part with the help of a probiotic juice as well!

Certifications & Mentions:

  1. Hazard Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification: Daily Probio Trading has been certified by the Institute of Quality Malaysia (IQM) as adhering to HACCP standards. This indicates that every step of production, packaging, and shipment of Pomegranate Fizzy Drink is free of physical, chemical, or biological hazards that may affect our staff or the quality and safety of the probiotic soft drink before it arrives in your hands for you to enjoy.

  2. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification: Daily Probio Trading has also been certified by the IQM as adhereing to the GMP.  Not only is the probiotic beverage certified as safe, but the GMP confirms that the manufacturing process can maintain consistency and quality at all times. This proves that every bottle of Pomegranate Fizzy Drink you take will be as tasty and healthy as the first.

  3. No Artificial Additions: Every bottle of Daily Probio Trading’s probiotic beverages is free of artificial sugar, preservatives, and flavoring. All that is included are plant-based ingredients such as organic cane sugar for a sweet taste, and water kefir grains. With each bottle of Pomegranate Fizzy Drink, you are tasting only the most natural bounty that serves to cultivate your health.

  4. Gluten and Caffeine-Free: People experiencing celiac and similar conditions need not worry! All of Daily Probio Trading’s products are free of gluten, and you can enjoy each one without trouble. Similarly, all probiotic soft drinks made by us are absent of caffeine, improving their ability to promote a healthy sleep cycle to help you wake up fitter and stronger than the night before.

PackagingDaily Probio Trading’s Pomegranate Fizzy Drink is packaged in individual plastic bottles with 400ml of volume each. Each shipping carton box will contain 12 bottles, at a volume of 24.7 x 18.3 x 16.6 cm (9.7 x 7.2 x 6.5 inches). Your order will then be shipped at a rate of 100 cartons per pallet, and a maximum capacity of 2000 cartons per 20ft container. However, a less-than-container load (LCL) is negotiable to a minimum of 200 cartons per order.

Storage InstructionsDue to the components of this probiotic juice, you are advised to store your order of Pomegranate Fizzy Drink in a refrigerated container away from heat and light while awaiting consumption. Kept sealed under these conditions, the Pomegranate Fizzy Drink can have a shelf life of up to 6 months. Once opened, however, this probiotic soft drink should be finished within 24 hours.

Overview of Pomegranate Fizzy Drink

Within the health food market, so-called “functional beverages” such as teas, energy drinks, or mixed fruit juices have become increasingly popular, touting various health benefits that come from special ingredients or formulas. Even after you pay the often inflated prices for them, you may still not see benefits that match up with what they claim.

But there’s nothing to worry about with Daily Probio Trading and our line of kefir fruit drinks. It is well known that dairy drinks ranging from plain milk to probiotic yogurt drinks such as chobani all provide marked benefits to the digestive system when taken as part of a balanced diet. To this end, we have combined the healthy and tasteful traditional beverage kefir with a range of fresh, natural fruit juices, all packaged in kid friendly bottles that anyone can enjoy.

Our choice of pomegranate juice, in particular, is based on the benefits that this sour-sweet fruit can provide as well:

 Benefits of Pomegranate Fizzy Juice Ingredients


·       Great source of calcium

·       Probiotic benefits

·       Inhibits growth of harmful bacteria

 Pomegranate juice

·       Antioxidant properties

·       Reduces insulin resistance

·       Full of vitamin C

Conceived using the most natural forms of traditional ingredients with proven benefits, Daily Probio Trading brings only the best for your digestive health, and our Pomegranate Fizzy Drink is no exception.

Do note that as we have added organic cane sugar for flavor, diabetics and other consumers who are sensitive towards sugar should use our Pomegranate Fizzy Drink with caution.

Specifications of Pomegranate Fizzy Drink

- Probiotic fermented beverage manufactured in Petaling Jaya
- Combination of kefir grains and fresh pomegranate juice
- Is not sugar free, diabetics should use caution

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Water Kefir Grains, Organic Cane Sugar, Pomegranate 

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