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Product details of Frozen Fish Fillet

Usage: If you are looking for a healthy way to cook your fillet, we have the recipe you have been looking for! Once you have received our Frozen Fish Fillet, defrost the fillet for about one night before cooking it the next morning. If you forget to take out the Frozen Fish Fillet from your freezer, you can take it out in the morning and soak it in a basin full of tap water and let the fillet thaw for about two hours. Do not open the plastic while defrosting the fillet. Just let the plastic soak together inside the tap water.

Cooking the fillet inside an air fryer is one of the healthy ways to cook your fillet. No deep fry was needed and it only took around ten minutes to fully cook the fillet. Once the fish fillet has gone soft, wash the fillet with clean water. Remove all the dirt on the fish, place it on a plate and use a kitchen tissue to absorb water. Make sure the fillet are fully dry, then proceed with adding seasoning.

For seasoning, you can choose any seasoning you want to your liking. If you do not know what to do, you can follow our easy and tasty instructions. Make sure the fish fillet are fully dry, and then sprinkle some garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper and a little bit of oil in each fillet. Garlic makes the fillet smell good while paprika and pepper make the fillet taste a little bit spicy. Paprika can also make the fillet look a little bit red to make it look expensive. Salt is for the fillet to taste a little bit salty instead of tasteless. You can sprinkle all these ingredients to your liking, for example, if you like your fish to taste a little bit salty, add more salt to the fillet and vice versa.

Rub the ingredient thoroughly and place the fillet inside the air fryer. You can preheat your air fryer to obtain a crisp edge fillet. Air fry the fish fillet for ten minutes using a 400-degree temperature. While waiting for the fillet to be cooked, cut a lemon into 4 pieces. Once the fillet is cooked, squeeze the lemon juice on top of the fillet. This adds a sour taste to your fish. If you do not like sour, you can just ignore the steps. Eating air-fried fish with rice is delicious too!

Certification(s) and Award(s):

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Following the guideline provided by JAKIM, Segamat Frozen Food Trading Sdn Bhd have always supplied halal frozen food to every part of the world. We want to be your first choice of halal frozen food supplier and would like to dominate halal supply in the country. By following the rules to achieve a halal certificate, we ensure our customers that our frozen food followed every guideline to obtain a halal certification. 

  2. MeSTI Certification: The Ministry of Health (MOH) prioritize hygienic food from the supplier. This certificate shows that Segamat Frozen Food Sdn Bhd is able to supply hygienic food to every market. Customers can now rest assured as our frozen food has gone through a strict system in checking food hygiene and food safety. 

Packaging: Customers are welcome to order at least one (1) x 20 feet container (height: 2.5908m), (width: 2.9m) and (length: 2.44m). It can fit around 25,000kg (about 55115.5 lb) in one container.

However, customers can still negotiate with our supplier to order at least one (1) x pallet (following USA standard pallet sizes which are 101.6cm (about 3.33 feet) x 121.9cm (about 4 feet) and 106.7cm (about 3.5 feet) x 106.7cm) as a trial selling point and LCL (Less than Container-Load).

Shipping: We will use specific packaging to wrap your Frozen Fish Fillet from any damage or harm during the shipping process. Aluminium foil, freezer paper, plastic containers and plastic freezer bags will be used in order to maintain the fish fillet. It will come as a frozen fillet thus, using appropriate packaging will slow down the defrost process. Make sure to quickly store the fillet inside your freezer once you received the packaging. Worry not as our agent will help you by providing the best-quality packaging to ensure your Frozen Fish Fillet will not turn bad, smelly and rotten during the shipment process. We follow our packaging guidelines strictly in order to receive positive feedback from our customers. 

Storage Instruction(s): Storing your Frozen Fish Fillet correctly may save your fillet from becoming rotten and smelly. The idle temperature to store your frozen food should be -18 degrees. Make sure to wrap your fish fillet properly before putting it in the freezer. Use a sealed plastic container or sealed plastic wrapper to wrap the fish. You can also put a label on the plastic. For example, the date you received the fish. By doing this, at least you know when you should cook the fish before it went expired. If you follow the steps correctly, you can enjoy your fillet for more than two weeks without worry! 

If you do not have a freezer, use high-quality aluminium foil to wrap the fish. The aluminium foil prevents the fish from defrosting fastly. Make sure to wrap the fillet properly and enjoy the fillet for up to a few days. If you did not store the Frozen Fish Fillet properly, it will take only 48 hours (two days) to fully defrost. This is suitable for customers who cook lots of salmon in one go. If you only cook one fillet per day, it is better to store your fillet inside a freezer. 

Frozen Fish Fillet Overview

Finding fresh fish might be difficult nowadays. People are now busy with work thus they did not have the time to go to a market or supermarket. Do not worry as Segamat Frozen Food Trading Sdn Bhd do the work for you! You can order our halal Frozen Fish Fillet while sitting in your office. Not only that, you can store the fish for up to two weeks without worry.

Besides that, cooking these fish fillets would not take more than 10 minutes. Follow our instructions above on how to cook the fish in a healthy way. You can even do other things while waiting for the fillet to be fully cooked. As simple as ABC, we at Segamat Frozen Food Trading Sdn Bhd want to give the best solution to everyone out there on how to find halal frozen food as well as saving your time from going to a market just for the fish to be sold out.

Quickly inquire us now and get your own various type of Frozen Fish Fillet!

Frozen Fish Fillet Specification(s)

Usage instructions:

1. Defrost the fillet for about one night before cooking it in the morning.
2. If forgot to take out the fillet, soak the fillet in a basin full of tap water and let it defrost for two hours.
3. Do not open the plastic while defrosting the fillet.

Cooking instructions (healthy way to cook your fish fillet):

1. Use a kitchen tissue to absorb the remaining water.
2. Make sure the fillet is dry, then sprinkle garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper and a little bit of olive oil on the fish.
3. Rub the ingredients thoroughly.
4. Preheat your air fryer to obtain a crisp edge fillet.
5. Put the fillet inside the air fryer. Make sure not to overload your air fryer.
6. Air fry your fish fillet for 10 minutes using a 400-degree temperature.
7. Once finished, use a spatula or spoon to scoop out the fillet and your fish is ready to eat.
8. Can add on with rice or to your liking.

Storage instructions:

1. Idle temperature for the freezer is -18 degrees.
2. Wrap the fish fillet properly before storing it inside the freezer.
3. Use a sealed plastic container or wrapper to store the fish.
4. You can also put a label on the plastic, for example, the date received or the expired date.
5. Use high-quality aluminium foil to wrap the fillet if you have no freezer.
6. Aluminium foil can store the fish for up to a few days before completely defrosting.

Other specifications:

1. Product of Malaysia.
2. Halal Frozen Fish Fillet.
3. We offer different types of fish such as Tenggiri, Jenahak, Bawal Hitam, Cencaru, Ikan Keli, Siakap, Dory fish, Butter fish fillet, Tilapia Fillet, Salmon and Kembong.
4. Shelf life is up to two weeks only.

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