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Product details of Wild Mint-Flavoured Syrup

Usage: Vision Beverage Manufacture produces a new variant of its flavored syrup series; For those of you who are lovers of unique drinks and like to try new things, you are required to try this wild mint syrup which gives a sweet taste and a cold sensation from the spearmint which gives freshness.

This WildMint Flavored Syrup is very easy to serve. First, take a bottle of wild mint, open the seal around the lid, and then turn it to the left until it opens, and your wild mint syrup is ready for creation.

In fact, this mint syrup has a lot of ways to serve, you can create it into a cocktail, lemonade, or mix it with soda and fruit punches. Here will show you step by step to serve one of the drink creations, namely Mild Mint Soda, as follows:

1. Prepare one of your favorite glasses and fill it with ice cubes to taste
2. Take your wild mint syrup and pour it over the ice cubes (20ml [milliliters] / 0.68 fl oz [fluid ounces])
3. Top the soda water (180ml [milliliters] / 6.09 fl oz [fluid ounces]) into it and stir gently with a spoon
4. Add lemon/lime slices and mint leaves to garnish
5. Your Mild Mint Soda is ready to enjoy.

There are many more drink creations that you can make using this concentrate; usually widely used in cafes, restaurants, and others that serve as one of the beverages on the menu. This drink is the most popular among teenagers and adults.

Certification(s): Flavored syrup series products produced by Vision Beverage Manufacture Sdn Bhd have been registered and recognized globally for safety in their consumption and shipment to various foreign countries.

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Syrup with a wild mint flavor is processed with plant-based ingredients that are far from the use of materials that are prohibited in Islam. JAKIM as the agency formed to improve the welfare of the Muslim community certifies that the products produced by Ottimo are safe for consumption by the Islamic Community.
  2. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification: Vision Beverage Manufacture has produced various flavors of concentrate by providing consistency in the quality of the resulting product; because of the organizational structure, division of tasks, and the manufacturing process is organized. Therefore, the Ministry of Health Malaysia gave GMP certificates to Ottimo

  3. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification: MOH has given a HACCP certificate to the Vision Beverage factory which has been proven that the use of materials in the manufacturing process is safe from hazardous materials. So that people do not need to worry or be afraid to consume it.

  4. ISO-22000-Certified: Wild mint syrup has obtained international certification, namely ISO 22000 which states that this product has high quality, uses harmless ingredients so that it is safe for consumption by people around the world, and can be easily traded overseas.

Packaging: Wild Mint Flavor Syrup has a liquid and thick form; so, it is packaged in a glass bottle which is opaque (0.7L [liters] / 0.74 qt [quarts]), but you can still see the color of the syrup from the outside and uses a metal bottle cap. The packaging done by Vision Beverage Manufacturing Sdn Bhd looks classy and eye-catching to buy. The final touch of the packaging process is sealing so that the product can reach consumers safely.

Storage Instruction(s): It would be better to store it in a dry place at room temperature (18°C - 20°C / 64.4°F - 68°F) and away from sun exposure so that the wild mint syrup quality does not change. don't forget to close the bottle again after opening so that it is not contaminated by bacteria or swarmed by many ants; if possible, after pouring the concentrate, wipe the end of the bottle with a tissue before closing it so as not to cause mold growth around it.

In addition, you can also store it in the refrigerator (0°C – 4°C / 32°F – 39.2°F), so your wild mint syrup will last much longer than storage at room temperature.

Wild Mint Syrup Overview

(Wild) Mint Syrup is one of the 17 flavors of the syrup series released by Ottimo. It has a thick texture and a perfect balance of sweet taste when enjoyed, and also gives the freshness of the mint leaves when drinking it.

Furthermore, the syrup can be created into various types of contemporary drinks, such as lemonade, cocktails, mixed with fruit, and sparkling water. So, this product is widely used by entrepreneurs to start their beverage businesses. This mint syrup has been packaged in a glass bottle that can contain up to 0.7L [liters] / 70cl (0.74 qt [quarts]).

About Vision Beverage Manufacture Sdn Bhd

Additional information for you about Vision Beverages Manufacture Sdn Bhd is a factory that sells various types of drinks and variants ranging from Coffee Series, Non-Coffee Series, Tea Series, Premium Series, Cafe Ottimo Frappe Series, Ottimo Sachets Series, and Ottimo Flavored Syrup Series.

From the establishment of this industry in 2010 until now, Ottimo has released 17 different flavors for its series syrup, such as Apple, Butterscotch, Caramel, Lemon Tea, Lemonade, Lemongrass, Lychee, Mango, Mix Berry, Orange, Pandan, Peach Pineapple, Roasted Hazelnut, Roses, Strawberry, and WildMint. Of the various flavors, they certainly give different and interesting flavors, but the use of ingredients in the processing is guaranteed to use high quality and original ingredients. Because the products provided are very tasty and have many choices, Vision Beverage Manufacturing has a very large demand and sales; until it reached the first position as a beverage distributor in Malaysia.

Wild Mint Syrup Specification(s)

- 100% Natural Ingredients
- Fresh Mint Leaves
- Has a viscous texture
- Sweetness taste
- Gives a cool sensation from the spearmint
- Packed in a glass bottle (0.7L [liters] / 70cl (0.74 qt [quarts]))
- Can last for 1 year of storage
- Made in Malaysia

Important Instruction(s): Do not forget to close the bottle again after use and store it in a high place (table) so that it cannot be reached by ants.

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