Zoey’s Natural Baby Rainbow Crackers - 60g - 15 Bottles

  • Zoey’s Natural
  • Crispy
  • Made from real fruits and veggies.
  • 230 x 190 x 430 mm
  • 60g x 15 bottles per Carton
  • 60 Gram
  • 6 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Zoey’s Natural Baby Rainbow Crackers - 60g - 15 Bottles

Usage: Are you looking for a healthy and delectable snack choice for your child? Try Zoey's Natural Rainbow Crackers instead! Our uniquely created crackers are created with your baby's palate and dietary requirements in mind.

These wonderful rainbow crackers are created with premium ingredients and are a riot of color. For a crispy texture that is simple for little hands to grip and consume, they are delicately cooked. Snack time is transformed into an experience full of flavor and joy with Baby Rainbow Crackers!

Are you unsure of how to include these delicious crackers in your child's daily routine? The deliciousness of rainbow crackers may be enjoyed in a variety of ways. With these adaptable snacks, you can encourage your child's creative endeavors and exploration of different flavors. Here are some recommendations:

  1. On-the-Go Snacking: These crackers are ideal for on-the-go snacking while your infant is having a busy day. Put them in your lunchbox or diaper bag for a simple and handy snack that you can take with you everywhere you go.

  2. Dip and Munch: Pair Zoey's Natural Baby Rainbow Crackers with your child's preferred dips or spreads to help develop their fine motor skills. These crackers are the ideal vehicle for kids to try new flavors, whether it's a rich yogurt dip or a delectable fruit puree.

  3. Colorful Crumbs: Crushed rainbow crackers can be used as colored crumbs in fruit or vegetable purees. The multicolored crumbs provide a pleasing crunch and visual appeal to your baby's meals, making them an intriguing sensory experience.

  4. Tiny Sandwiches: Make creative mini sandwiches with rainbow crackers as the base. After adding a thin layer of cream cheese or mashed avocado, add some thinly sliced fruits or vegetables. It's a delightful and healthy take on traditional sandwiches.

A lovely and adaptable snack that will thrill your child's taste buds is Zoey's Natural Baby Rainbow Crackers. Try them out and see how your baby discovers new tastes, textures, and hues. Snack time is transformed into an exciting time of discovery and enjoyment with rainbow crackers!

Certifications: Since its founding in 2017, Zoey's Food Supply Sdn Bhd has committed itself to making the highest-quality baby food products. Honors and credentials attest to their commitment to creating newborn foods of the highest quality and level of security.

  1. Halal certification from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM): JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) is conducting an audit of Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd together with other businesses selling food goods. They undertook audits of their resource management, manufacturing methods, working conditions, handling of product shipments, and other areas to make sure they are Halal and acceptable for Muslim dining. Since they were judged acceptable for Muslim eating and passed the audit in every way, their items acquired the Halal certification.

  2. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI) Certified: A business must pass many audits to obtain the MeSTI accreditation. Prior to that, they will need the accreditation for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which is now challenging to maintain. This is crucial since the production facility must adhere to the company's excellent practices. The accountable staff is expected to follow the guidelines established by the accountable authority after attending a seminar on the GMP award. • They will be required to adhere to a rigid schedule, maintain high levels of cleanliness, and carry out other duties. Companies must then maintain the requirement that they adhere to the defined criteria for a continuous period of 12 months before getting the GMP award. Before receiving the MeSTI certificate, the firm must next provide the required papers to the appropriate authorities and wait for an audit. This certification guarantees that the company upholds moral standards, and that Malaysia is where its headquarters are located.


  1. Dream Factory Startup Contest Champion 2019
  2. Consumer’s Choice Award 2021/2022
  3. Natural Health Reader’s Choice Award 2021
  4. The 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs 2021
  5. SIDEC TOP EC Merchant Awards 2021
  6. BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Awards 2022
  7. JCI Women Entrepreneur Awards 2022

Storage Instructions: To preserve the quality and freshness of rainbow crackers, proper storage is essential. The following are the recommended storage guidelines:

1) Avoid Heat, Moisture, and Direct Sunlight: Avoid exposing the crackers to heat, moisture, or direct sunlight. Exposure to these elements may alter the product's flavor and texture.

2) Seal the Packaging: Make care to tightly reseal the box after each usage. This helps keep the crackers fresh and prevents them from going rotten.

3) Avoid Freezing: You shouldn't freeze rainbow crackers. The texture might change, and the quality can decline when something is frozen. They should ideally be kept at room temperature.

4) Check the Expiration Date: Always look at the crackers' box to see when they're supposed to be eaten up. By doing this, you can be sure that your kid will get the most out of them.

You can keep rainbow crackers fresh and available for your child to enjoy at any time according to these storage guidelines. Keep in mind that proper preservation keeps their delectable flavor and crispy texture intact. With proper storage, your baby can enjoy these rainbow crackers for up to 6 months if they barely eat them.

Packaging Information: The rainbow crackers are packed in a transparent and soft cylinder container. The idea behind using a clear and cylindrical shaped container is to ensure that the crackers inside do not easily get crushed during shipping and to attract people to buy due to the colorful crackers. It is also easier to store as the cylindrical shaped container is slim and does not take up much space. On the front of the packaging, there is a label that provides all the necessary information such as the brand, the type of cracker, the logo, which age it is suitable for, and  the nutritional value. There is no minimum order for the product, contact the seller and negotiate on the quantity you require.

Rainbow Crackers Overview

As parents, we are constantly seeking delicious and nutritional snacks to promote our kids' growth and development. You need to look no further than Zoey's Natural Baby Rainbow Crackers, a delicious treat made with your baby's health in mind. These crackers are not only bursting with vibrant hues, but they are also packed with essential nutrients to promote your baby's healthy development.

Baby food has come a long way over the years. From the early days of homemade purees to the introduction of professionally created baby meals, parents have always sought out quick fixes that are nutritious and beneficial for their infants. Crackers are a popular choice for infant snacks since they are convenient, versatile, delicious, and healthy.

The finest care and attention to detail are used in the creation of rainbow crackers. These crackers, which are made with premium ingredients, have a pleasing combination of flavors and textures that will appeal to your baby's palate. They are specifically cooked to provide a crunchy texture that little hands can easily handle and eat.

The nutritional profile of rainbow crackers is one of their main advantages. They are carefully designed to offer the vital nutrients required for your baby's growth. These crackers include nourishing nutrients and a considerable amount of fiber, supporting a healthy digestive system. They also include vital vitamins and minerals that support general growth.

Additionally, rainbow crackers are devoid of added sugars, preservatives, and synthetic ingredients. By doing this, you can be confident that your kid is receiving a healthy, natural snack choice devoid of pointless additions or potentially dangerous substances. As parents, we know how important it is to provide our children with the finest nourishment possible, and these crackers do just that.

In addition to being a healthy option, rainbow crackers are also practical for parents. They are perfect for bringing in your baby's lunchbox or for on-the-go snacking due to their individually packaged portions. These crackers are an easy and simple way to feed and satiate your baby when out and about running errands or going on family adventures.

A delicious snack choice that combines nutrition, flavor, and convenience is rainbow crackers. These healthy pleasures have become a popular option for parents looking for a balanced and delectable snack for their children thanks to a long history of baby meals and the evolution of crackers for newborns. Rainbow crackers are a tasty way to promote your baby's growth and development thanks to their brilliant colors, crispy texture, and carefully chosen ingredients. By selecting rainbow crackers, you may start a delightful adventure that you and your child will both like.

About Zoey Food Supply Sdn Bhd

The reputable company Zoey's Food Supply Sdn Bhd is committed to offering top-notch culinary products, with a focus on baby food. They are renowned for their dedication to excellence, creativity, and client satisfaction. Zoey's Food Supply specializes in producing scrumptious alternatives, from sauces and pastes to ready-to-cook meals and condiments, with a vast choice of food products that satisfy varied gourmet needs. To assure the highest standards of product quality and safety, they place a great priority on the use of premium ingredients and stringent quality control methods. They regularly experiment with new flavors and recipes thanks to their commitment to innovation, keeping up with gastronomic fads, and catering to shifting customer tastes. Zoey's Food Supply prioritizes consumer feedback and always enhances its goods to meet and surpass expectations. Their success in both local and foreign markets is a result of their expertise, and they aggressively form alliances with retail chains, food service providers, and distributors to widen their market. The amazing food that Zoey's Food Supply Sdn Bhd offers delights taste buds and improves dining experiences for clients throughout the world.

Rainbow Crackers' Specifications

- Brand Name:
Zoey’s Natural
- Texture: Crispy
- Feature: Made from Real Fruits and Veggies
- Dimension: 230 x 190 x 430 mm
- Packaging: 60g x 15 Bottles per Carton
- Net Weight/Unit: 60 Grams
- Shelf Life: 6 Months
- Country of Origin: Malaysia


  1. Dragonfruit
  2. Avocado
  3. Banana
  4. Carrot
  5. Passion Fruit
  6. Blackcurrant
  7. Mix Berries
  8. Starch

Ideally Used:

  1. Perfect on-the-go snack for your baby.
  2. Ideal snack for their snack time.
  3. Perfect for when your baby is in their teething phase, ass it provides soothing relief.
  4. Serve alongside pureed fruits or vegetables as complementary addition to meals.

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  • Malaysia
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