Zoey’s Natural Organic Chicken Powder (No Added Salt) - 55g

  • Zoey’s Natural
  • Superfine
  • Our organic chicken powder is made with certified organic chicken breast.
  • 230 x 190 x 430 mm
  • 55g x 40 packs per Carton
  • 55 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Zoey’s Natural Organic Chicken Powder (No Added Salt) - 55g

Usage: The organic chicken powder hallmark of Zoey Food Supply Sdn Bhd features a superfine powder. It also comes with a certified organic chicken breast and a function allowing for speedy processing by adding chilled or hot fluids. Using this Zoey's Natural product, the manner in which can you make the tastiest foods with an excellent relish? Dust a tablespoon on the surface of prepared meals to improve the flavour and provide nutrition. Blend well with baby food, broth, cereal or oats. After using the chicken powder, it is set to eat anytime you desire.
Isn't it a long way away from the difficult path? Nevertheless, you can gain fame with your new meal using this organic chicken powder to broaden your knowledge. As beginnings, serve anchovies breakfast cereal, chicken masala, chicken katsu with carbonara pasta, and various other creative options.
Certification: To authenticate the importance, blandness, and characteristics of the item's merchandise, Zoey Food Supply Sdn Bhd picked Halal consistency from JAKIM bodies:
  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Possessing a JAKIM halal accreditation is equivalent to meeting outstanding leadership criteria. Maintaining a halal label indicates that the item you are selling is of excellent artistry. As a result, if you operate a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in the food service sector, you must possess a halal licence. Aside from that, the primary goal of halal endorsement is to safeguard the belief system, which frequently results in misunderstanding and creates a negative impression among Muslims. Not every dish that lacks a halal certification is haram. Foods containing pork lipids, regardless of trace amounts, will continue to be haram. After you grasp the significance of halal licencing in company operations, you can start creating proper halal procedures. JAKIM has determined that Zoey Food Supply Sdn Bhd's natural organic chicken powder adheres to Sharia law, making it suitable for expenditure by Muslims internationally.
Packaging: Zoey Food Supply Sdn Bhd designed this 55g (1.94 oz) bag of organic chicken powder to alleviate every individual's fears about prospective divergence. This practical item measures 230 x 190 x 430 mm (9.06 x 7.48 x 16.93 inch) and comes in a carton of 40 packets weighing 55g (1.94 ounces). Do you want to make an effort to introduce the world to this beautiful chicken powder you keep in your bags as you leave? You need not be concerned; the mass of the packaging isn't going to engulf you.
Shelf Life: The principal feature of any meal, drink, or another item that individuals living on the outermost layer of the planet can ingest is meant to be its beginning position duration. This is done to safeguard the well-being of everybody from devouring things that are currently past their use-by date and keep all of the customers they serve safe from deadly infections. This organic chicken powder is required to have an expiration date. Zoey's Natural products have a maintenance lifespan of 12 months or a full year.
Because this organic chicken powder has a long shelf life, the expiry date may be shortened if the user fails to take sufficient care of it. This is decided by your decision to keep the goods and store them.
Storage Instruction: Zoey Food Supply Sdn Bhd has prepared this organic chicken powder in a recyclable bag. Is it OK to leave this product outdoors in the packaging without properly storing it? Inevitably, it is not covered, given that pests can devour the packaging, revealing it and rendering it unsafe for cooking.
Consequently, what is a beautiful way of guaranteeing that this organic chicken powder remains of the finest standard before it is made and enjoyed by someone you care about? This chicken powder deserves to be kept in a cold, dry area away from heat. Preferably store the delivery in a waterproof receptacle in a gloomy orderly environment after unpacking it.

Zoey’s Natural Organic Chicken Powder Overview

Dehydrated beef or chicken broth was available in the seventeenth century, according to English culinary author Anne Blencowe, who deceased in 1718 and abroad from as far back as 1735. Several French caterers (Lefesse, Massué, and Martin) tried to trademark chicken bouillon powder and pills in the first decade of the nineteenth century. Still, they were denied due to an absence of inventiveness. In 1831, Nicolas Appert suggested a similar desiccated bouillon.
The transportable soup was a dried cuisine famous in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was the forerunner to beef extraction, bouillon cubes, and commercially dried meals. It's sometimes referred to as pouch soup or calf adhesive. It is related to the French dish glace de viande. It was frequently a favourite of sailors and adventurers since it could be stored for a period of time. It was a source of hearty and healthful food in this environment.
In accordance to the 1881 Household Cyclopedia, the handheld broth was "extremely helpful to confidential households, because simply placing one of the pancakes into a pot with approximately one quart of boiling water and a pinch of salt, a container with excellent stew could have prepared within a matter of minutes."
Our certified homemade chicken stock powder is prepared from chicken breast. To maintain the nutritional value, all of the components are cooked at low temperatures for 12 hours. It is organically high in essential vitamins and minerals, including protein, iron, and zinc, which are also required for immunological well-being, advancement, and maturation. This organic chicken powder can prepare an effortless and substantial dinner in moments. It also happens to be convenient to transport! This food item is produced entirely with organic components with no additional sugar, additives, synthetic dyeing or flavouring. It tastes and is as healthful as homemade. You may rest confident that your child will receive adequate nutrition.

About Zoey Food Supply Sdn Bhd

Jamie Lim launched Zoey's Homemade in 2017, naming the brand following her little girl Zoey and concentrating on the two separate kids and infant grocery stores. Zoey's Homemade has been entirely dedicated to the [3 NO's]. Promises - Zero Extra MSG, Zero ADDITIVES, Zero PRESERVATIVES. Collaborating with an assortment of "Mommy Chefs" to develop suitable for children cuisine prepared from raw materials, providing mummies and daddies with hectic schedules with a practical, quick, easy, and healthy option.
Throughout the course of a five-year period, Zoey's Homemade has grown from an apartment kitchen to a modest business. Jamie and her collaborators are continually improving and inventing to become Malaysia's premier young people's nutritious homemade frozen food Malaysian business, focused on the internet industry and producing over RM2 million by 2021!

Zoey’s Natural Organic Chicken Powder Specifications:

  1. This item has Zoey’s Natural brand term
  2. It is awarded with JAKIM Halal cert
  3. The density is in a form of superfine particle
  4. Highlight: Our organic chicken powder is prepared with organic chicken breast
  5. Weight: 55g (1.94 oz)
  6. Dimension: 230 x 190 x 430 mm (9.06 x 7.48 x 16.93 inch)
  7. Packging: 55g (1.94 oz) x 40 packets for every carton made
  8. It can endure until 12 months or a year long
  9. It is made by Zoey Food Supply Sdn Bjd based in Malaysia

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Organically Farm Chicken Breast


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