Zoey’s Natural Organic Chicken Powder (with Iodized Organic Sea Salt) - 60g

  • Zoey’s Natural
  • Superfine
  • 230 x 190 x 430 mm
  • 60g x 40 packs per Carton
  • 60 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Zoey’s Natural Organic Chicken Powder (with Iodized Organic Sea Salt) - 60g

Usage Instruction: Are you a restaurant owner, caterer, or event organiser looking to enhance the flavours of your dishes? Look no further than Zoey’s Natural Organic Chicken Powder! Specially crafted to provide a hearty and nutrient-rich chicken flavour, this versatile chicken seasoning powder can elevate the taste of your culinary creations, making them a hit among your customers and guests. Here's an alternative set of usage instructions:

  1. Gather the ingredients for your recipe, including the organic chicken powder.

  2. While preparing your recipe, determine the amount of organic chicken powder needed basing on your taste preferences and the quantity of the dish. As a general guideline, use approximately 1 teaspoon of healthy chicken seasoning for every 250ml (1 cup) of liquid or as desired.

  3. You also can sprinkle the organic chicken powder directly into your cooking pot or pan. If your recipe requires water or another liquid, you can add the organic chicken stock to the liquid before incorporating it into your dish.

  4. Stir well to ensure the organic chicken powder is evenly distributed throughout the dish.

  5. Continue following your recipe's instructions, cooking the dish as directed.

  6. Taste the dish as it cooks and adjust the seasoning if needed. You can add salt, pepper, herbs, or spices to complement the flavours.

  7. Once your dish is cooked and ready to serve, enjoy the delicious flavors imparted by the organic chicken powder.

Certification(s) & Mentioning(s): To earn their clients' trust, Zoey's Natural takes great pride in their credentials and assertions that can be independently verified. For the following reasons, you can have faith in the organic chicken powder product:

  1. Halal JAKIM certified: As a product certified as Halal by JAKIM, Zoey's Natural organic chicken powder is a great choice for halal-conscious consumers. For Muslim clients, organic chicken broth can be safely included in their diets and used to prepare meals for their families, friends, and cafe customers.

  2. HACCP Certificate: Zoey's Natural is HACCP certified, so you know they take all the necessary precautions to ensure your organic chicken powder products are safe to eat. Thanks to this accreditation, the company can now confidently say that its organic chicken stock powder completely satisfies all industry requirements.

  3. GMP Certification: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) are used to produce organic chicken powder. The law mandated that all aspects of superfood powder production, including ingredients, methods, packaging, labelling, and distribution, adhere to exacting standards.

  4. Lab Test & SGS Certified: Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) provides product certification services for a wide variety of goods, both consumer and commercial. The SGS analysis confirmed that the organic chicken powder met all quality standards. The testing results showed that the healthy chicken seasoning contained no artificial ingredients, no heavy metals and was verified to be an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

  5. Certified Organic Chicken Breast: Zoey's Natural takes pride in providing high-quality culinary products from the finest organic ingredients. When it comes to their chicken seasoning powder, they go the extra mile by using the certified organic chicken breast as the primary ingredient.

  6. No Added MSG: Zoey's Natural believes in providing customers with flavourful culinary products and is mindful of their health and well-being. One of the ways the company demonstrates this commitment is by ensuring that its organic chicken powder is free from added MSG.

  7. No Added Preservatives: By excluding preservatives, Zoey's Natural ensures that its organic chicken powder retains its natural flavour and nutritional value. This commitment to using only pure, organic ingredients allows customers to enjoy the authentic taste of chicken breast in their culinary creations while meeting their dietary preferences or restrictions.

  8. No Added Additives: Whether you are a health-conscious consumer, a chef seeking high-quality ingredients, or a business owner committed to offering clean and transparent food options, Zoey's Natural organic chicken powder without added additives is an excellent choice. It empowers you to create flavourful and wholesome dishes while focusing on natural and pure ingredients.

Packaging Information: The organic chicken powder comes in a compact and convenient container that is lightweight and easy to transport. The container also prevents the chicken seasoning powder from being exposed to air and moisture, maintaining its quality and freshness. The sealed packaging keeps the chicken stock powder fresh, so consumers may enjoy it longer without sacrificing quality. 

Then, the convenient packaging can be quickly opened, resealed, and divided into smaller servings, all of which help to cut down on waste. The organic chicken powder is packaged so that its natural flavours, nutrients, and scent are preserved, giving the consumer an authentic taste of organic cooked chicken in every dish. 

In order to assist all customers in determining the appropriate quantity of organic chicken powder to order, the following information has been provided:

1 packet 60gram (2.116oz)

1 carton 40 packet

Storage Information: Maintaining the stock's freshness and quality over time requires careful preservation of the organic chicken powder. Some rules to live by are as follows:

Find a cold, dry spot in your fridge or pantry to keep the organic chicken stock powder. Powder might lose quality if exposed to heat and humidity. So, keep the organic chicken powder away from heat sources like ovens, stoves, and microwaves.

Avoid exposing the organic chicken powder to direct sunlight since it may hasten its spoilage and diminish its taste. Protect the organic chicken bone broth product from light by storing it in dark places like a pantry or cupboard.

Organic Chicken Powder Overview

Indulge in our organic chicken powder's exceptional taste and wholesome goodness, crafted with care and expertise. Made exclusively from certified organic chicken breast, each batch of our chicken seasoning powder undergoes a meticulous simmering process over low heat for 12 hours, ensuring the preservation of essential nutrients.

Packed with key nutrients like iron, zinc, iodine, and protein, Zoey’s Natural organic chicken powder is a natural powerhouse that supports immune health, growth, and development. Rest easy, knowing you're providing your body with the nourishment it craves.

Experience convenience like never before! You can whip up a simple and hearty meal with our organic chicken powder in seconds. Our powder is easy to incorporate into your favorite dishes, whether at home, in the office, or on the go. Organic chicken stock is the perfect solution for those seeking a delicious and nutritious meal option, even with a busy lifestyle.

Our organic chicken powder contains nothing but natural components, which we delight greatly. No artificial sweeteners, flavours, or colours were used in its production. You can trust that every spoonful is as tasty and nutritious as a homemade delight. We believe in providing you with a chicken powder product that nourishes your body without compromising quality.

Zoey’s Natural organic chicken powder is versatile and pairs perfectly with various recipes. From savory soups to delectable stir-fries, our healthy chicken seasoning adds a rich and authentic chicken flavor that elevates any dish. Let your creativity soar as you explore our chicken seasoning powder's countless culinary possibilities.

From antibiotic-free chicken to the comforting aroma of chicken broth, our organic chicken powder captures the essence of homemade goodness. Zoey’s Natural chicken seasoning powder caters to various dietary preferences and requirements and is gluten-free, low sodium, and made with care. It's perfect for those seeking a healthy, flavorful option that aligns with their health goals.

With Zoey’s Natural organic chicken powder, your culinary adventures become even more exciting. Explore various recipes, from delectable baked chicken to mouthwatering marinades. Let your taste buds dance with delight as you uncover new flavors and elevate your cooking.

Organic Chicken Powder Specification

  1. The organic chicken powder is suitable for 12+ months of kids.
  2. Chicken seasoning powder that is approved by Dietitians & nutritionists.
  3. No added msg, no added additives, no added preservatives.
  4. The protein powder is made with certified organic chicken breast.
  5. Antibiotic-free chicken seasoning powder.
  6. Organic chicken broth that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Organic Chicken Powder Ingredients: Organically Farm Chicken Breast, Cameron Leek, Australia Celery, Garlic, Onion, Iodised Organic Sea Salt

Chicken Seasoning Powder Benefits: Organic chicken powder's high protein content and other vital nutrients like iron, zinc, and iodine support a strong immune system and regular growth and development in children.

  1. Iodine is essential for controlling metabolism and ensuring appropriate development, especially in the brain.
  2. Muscle tissue requires protein for repair and growth.
  3. Iron assists our bodies in making red blood cells, which move oxygen through the body.
  4. Increased rates of development and metabolism can be supported by zinc.

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