Zoey’s Natural Seaweed Sesame Chicken Floss - 150g

  • Zoey’s Natural
  • Added with seaweed and sesame for extra depth of flavour and aroma
  • 330 x 210 x 530 mm
  • 150g x 24 bottles per Carton
  • 150 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Zoey’s Natural Seaweed Sesame Chicken Floss - 150g

Usage: Zoey’s Natural’s seaweed chicken floss can be used to enhance the flavour and texture of a variety of meals with rice being a primary choice among users of different ages. The fluffy and aromatic rice typically complements the savoury and somewhat crispy texture of the floss, producing a pleasant flavour contrast. Another delectable option is to stuff sandwiches or wraps with this savoury sesame seeds-filled chicken floss. The soft bread or tortilla combined with the tasty and somewhat chewy flossed chicken can produce a filling and enjoyable lunch or quick snack anytime, anywhere.

Zoey’s Natural’s chicken floss can also be sprinkled on top of salads or incorporated into stir-fries to give a layer of umami flavour and a delicious crunch or quite simply, eaten on its own as a quick and easy snack, or mixed with nuts, seeds, or dried fruits to make a tasty and nutritious trail mix. Whether you're searching for a versatile topping, a filling for sandwiches, or a snack on its own, Zoey’s Natural’s chicken floss has a plethora of uses that will elevate your meals and satisfy your taste senses.

Certifications & Mentionings: Zoey's Natural as a pioneering brand takes great pride in its verified claims and accreditations in order to gain the trust of its customers and has obtained the following certifications and implements the subsequent mentionings as part of its work ethics.

  1. Halal JAKIM certified: JAKIM has recognised Zoey's Natural seaweed and sesame chicken floss as Halal, making it a perfect choice for halal-conscious buyers. Customers who follow rigorous halal criteria can be confident that their chicken floss condiment can be included in their meals.

  2. MeSTI certified: In terms of operation management and maintenance, Zoey's Natural's savoury, non-GMO chicken floss has been recognised as having met all of the required hygienic requirements enforced by local laws and authorities.

  3. Without MSG: Zoey's Natural is dedicated to offering a wholesome snacking experience by prioritising the usage of natural ingredients and farm chicken in the chicken floss to further enhance taste and nutritional value. 

  4. Consumer's Choice Award 2021/2022: Zoey's Natural has also won the Consumer's Choice Award 2021/2022 for its exceptional flavour, quality, and customer service, especially in the manufacturing and the creation of the salty chicken floss shavings, as the product itself has continued to exceed consumer expectations.

  5. Natural Health Reader's Choice Award 2021: Zoey's Natural sesame and seaweed chicken floss has received the Natural Health Reader's Choice Award 2021 for its commitment to providing a delightful and healthful snack. 

  6. BabyTalk Readers' Choice Award 2022: The BabyTalk Readers' Choice Award 2022 was given to Zoey's Natural as a brand, a manufacturer of nutritional snacks such as savoury chicken floss, for exceeding the parents' taste, quality, and convenience expectations. The company appreciates the compliments and intends to continue developing solutions that enable families to spend more time together.

  7. JCI Women Entrepreneur Award 2022: The JCI Women Entrepreneur Award 2022 has been given to female company owners and thus this award recognises Zoey's Natural chicken floss's great leadership, vision, and contributions. It exemplifies the business world and demonstrates the company's commitment to quality.

Packaging: Each of Zoey's Natural chicken floss is delicately packed inside individual plastic bottles with removable metal lids that can be unscrewed.

1 bottle

150g (5.29oz)

1 carton

24 bottles

Storage: To prevent moisture from entering, our dry chicken floss should be stored in a resealable bag. Moisture can soften the floss and cause it to lose its sharp texture. Furthermore, the savoury chicken floss should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources. This will assist to preserve its flavour and keep it from deteriorating.

Chicken Floss Overview

Seaweed chicken floss is a popular and tasty cuisine dish that originated in Asia, specifically in Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. It is essentially dry and shredded chicken flesh that has been seasoned and fried to produce a tasty and savoury flavour. Zoey's Natural’s seaweed chicken floss is a fan favourite and can be used as a garnish or filler in a variety of meals, bringing umami flavour and pleasant texture. 

Traditional chicken floss can be traced back to traditional Chinese cuisine, where it was first created with pork. Because of its leaner and healthier profile, chicken has become a preferred alternative throughout time. The infamous texture of chicken floss is made by cooking the meat until cooked, shredding it into thin bits, and then stir-frying it with spices, seasonings, and sometimes seaweed for extra flavour.

The high protein content of this condiment is one of its key nutritional benefits. As known to all, chicken is a lean source of protein, which is necessary for tissue development and repair, immune function support, and the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and nails. Incorporating protein-rich foods into your diet, such as our seaweed-based chicken floss, can help you achieve your daily protein requirements while also keeping you full for longer periods of time.

In addition to protein, Zoey's Natural’s chicken floss contains vitamins and minerals. It is high in B vitamins, including niacin, riboflavin, and vitamin B6, which are essential for energy production, brain function, and red blood cell development. It also contains minerals including iron, zinc, and selenium, which are required for a variety of biological processes such as oxygen transport, immunological support, and antioxidant defence.

Another advantage of consuming a product like our chicken floss is that it has less fat than other forms of floss. Chicken has a lower fat content than pork or beef, making it a better choice for people managing their fat consumption. By using chicken floss, you can enjoy the taste and texture of floss without sacrificing your dietary goals.

In short, Zoey's Natural’s chicken floss made from seaweed and sesame seeds is a versatile component that may be used in a variety of cuisines. It can be sprinkled on top of rice, noodles, or cereal, and can also be used as a filler in sandwiches, buns, or pastries for a savoury boost. 

About Zoey's Food Supply Sdn Bhd

Jamie Lim founded Zoey's Homemade in 2017, named after her daughter Zoey, with the purpose of focusing on both the children's and baby food industries. Working with a crew of 'Mommy Chefs' to create kid-friendly food made from natural ingredients, the institution is open 24 hours a day to provide busy parents with a practical, time-saving, and nutritional lunch choice.

Zoey's Homemade has grown from a home kitchen to a small factory in five years thanks to Jamie and her team, who are constantly upgrading and developing in order to become Malaysia's first children's healthy frozen food brand with a revenue of approximately RM2 million.

Chicken Floss Specifications

  1. Net weight of 150g (5.29oz)
  2. Shelf life of 1 year
  3. Kid-friendly product
  4. Fully homemade ingredients
  5. Without any additives or preservatives
  6. Without any MSG
  7. Ready for immediate consumption
  8. Works well with porridges and sandwiches

Ingredients: Fresh farm chicken meat, seaweed, sesame seeds, soy sauce, fish sauce, chicken powder, oil, sugar, salt and spices

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